by Hugo Tanaka

On July 26, 21

Celebrating the beginning of a new decade is always special. So, nothing better than having a party to match. And birthday party will only be complete if there is a decent cake, in addition to a beautiful decoration. So, see 50 photos and how to bake an amazing 50th birthday cake.

80 photos of 50 years cake to celebrate the new decade

It’s not every day that someone celebrates half a century of great experience and incredible experiences. Is not it? Therefore, this celebration must be up to it! To find out which cake is right for you, check out 80 50-year-old cake ideas that will delight you.

1. Are you looking for a 50-year cake

Ana Almeida Cakes

2. To celebrate the arrival of the new age

Vanessa Araújo

3. And please all the party guests?

Ana Dantas 🌻 Flores de Papel

4. What is not lacking for you is option, come check it out!

candy delights

5. The 50th birthday cake with flowers is a super-elegant option

ale icing

6. And the cake topper to symbolize age cannot be missing

Ganache Studio

7. This same tip applies to the name of the person being honored

Kingdom Sweet Confectionery

8. The decor with American paste is a charm on its own

Monica Mello

9. Entering the new decade must be a fact to be much celebrated

Renata Machado Confectionery

10. That means many years of experience


11. And lots of happy memories

Bolim Cakes

12. Want to check out 50 year old women’s cake options?


13. This selection will take your breath away!

Gabriel Ribeiro cake designer

14. More striking than a golden cake, it’s almost impossible

Bia Paixão Cakes

15. This tone is very present in these celebrations

Ana Almeida Cakes

16. Decor can be full of positive words

Ana Brazilian

17. Or have the name and new age highlighted

Lucinha’s Cakes | Confectionery

18. The rose gold tone has gained more and more space

Araújo Confectionery

19. Now, a miniature of the birthday girl on top of the cake will make it complete

Rafaela Pereira

20. And it will make the cake the center of attention at the party

Almeida cupcake

21. As the idea is to celebrate a new age, this cake is very versatile

CarameLú | Cakes and candies

22. Any decoration theme is valid

white lady

23. For example, a nacked cake with fruit for the most classic

sweet confectionery

24. Or the baloon cake, which has more and more fans

CarameLú | Cakes and candies

25. Musical taste can also appear when decorating the cake

Bruna Bentes | confectionery

26. Pastel shades are ideal for the most basic people

Confectionery Art Confectionery

27. Textures, on the other hand, draw more attention

Ligia Pimentel Confectionery

28. This also goes for the sparkles

Bia Freire

29. Fifty years old whipped cream cake is a timeless classic

Daniele Lima

30. This coverage can be done using several different techniques


31. One of them is the watercolor cake, which is popular everywhere

Mrs. Mika – Mikaelle Borlot

32. The wave cake leaves the whipped cream with a sensational texture

Mica Confectionery

33. The cachepô cake, on the other hand, creates a very modern decoration

I want bis confectionery

34. Making gradients when baking can be a great idea

alexcya cakes and sweets

35. With it, it is possible to give the desired highlight to your cake

Viviane Rezende

36. And draw even more attention to the top of the cake

Marina Flag Sweets

37. Bet on contrasts for an incredible result

Zuzu’s cakes

38. Don’t forget to pay special attention to detail

Ana Brazilian

39. The little things will make all the difference in the final result


40. These details differentiate the common cake from the perfect cake

Rosy Oliveira 🍰 Confectionery

41. Let’s talk about 50-year-old men’s cake?


42. Decoration is also very versatile in these cases

I want Candy

43. It is possible to play with the different shades

Bi’s candy store

44. Making a beautiful color gradient

Read Nery Cakes

45. Or a gradient with different shades of the same color

candy cream

46. ​​The top of the cake can present the birthday person’s personal taste

Ivana Simões

47. Even if this taste is in the details

LG Brigaderia Gourmet

48. Combining gold and black can give an amazing result

Lucinha’s Cakes | Confectionery

49. The same goes for the union of black and white


50. However, blue is the predominant hue in the choices

Soraia Sweets

51. The decor with two sober colors is elegant

Lilopes Confectionery

52. Just as the marbled cake is pure sophistication

Luciana França Cake Designer

53. The 50-year-old cake with men’s cake top is essential

Sweets Charms

54. And it can have elements like noodles

Vanessa Araújo

55. The important thing is that the birthday person is happy


56. The 50 years open the doors to many more years of experiences and stories

Cris Ferreira

57. All these lived experiences are celebrated on this day

Caroline Confectionery

58. And it will only be the beginning for a new era of life

Ali Cakes & Sweets

59. That’s why it’s good to be surrounded by special people

Caroline Oliveira

60. Abuse gold to celebrate a lot

Deise’s candy

61. The fanatical fan can honor the team of the heart


62. Or the favorite superhero

Eliene Marques Confectionery

63. Netflix addicts will be very happy with this tribute.


64. Male drip cake oozes juiciness

a sweet gift

65. Anyone who likes to innovate should bet on concrete cake

official_food flavors

66. A more classic decor can also be a way out

Ale Moraes Workshop

67. How about a simple 50-year cake?

Lindinalva Almeida

68. Simplicity helps highlight other elements

BárbaraGCakes confectionery

69. The kitkat cake is a great example of a simple 50 year cake

little piece of love

70. A 50-year-old square cake always goes well

JuCampos Cakes & Sweets.

71. For those who are more traditional, it’s worth betting on a rustic cake

Decorated Cakes | lizard/SE

72. A bow tie in the decor may reflect the birthday boy’s style

Cleo Delicias Gourmet

73. Don’t forget the naked cake which is simple and sophisticated


74. The honoree’s favorite color cannot be missing from the decoration

Alessandra Melo

75. Textures will make all the difference in your celebration

Jacque Arapiraca

76. It is also possible to honor the profession of the loved one

odilaine werner

77. Double-decker cakes are perfect for a party with lots of guests

Juliana Rocha

78. A small 50-year-old cake is good for an intimate party.

Marcela Santos

79. Therefore, on this special date, only one thing matters…

Sandra Borges

80. …enter the new decade in style and on the right foot

Ana Lídia Cabral

With so many amazing ideas, it makes you want to celebrate the same age every year. So, no one would have to hesitate to choose their own cake. Besides, there’s nothing better than celebrating your new age by making your own cake. How about learning how to bake your 50th birthday cake?

How to bake a 50 year cake

Baking a birthday cake is a very rewarding task. After all, this day is full of special meanings. Seeing a cake decorated by your own hands being the center of attention at a party is a unique feeling. To share this feeling, see the selected videos.

50 years square cake

The square cake is almost a national heritage. No wonder it can always be used at parties. In this video, the Art na Confeitaria channel teaches how to decorate a cake using a pastry tip and whipped cream. In addition, the baker also teaches you how to make a very special cake topper.

Golden cake with spray

The golden tones are perfect in the decoration of a cake. Especially when the idea is to celebrate someone’s fiftieth birthday. However, this colorant may not look as glossy if mixed directly into the topping. This can be solved using a sprayer. See how to do it with the video of the baker Joseanne Sol.

Golden and red 50th birthday cake

Confectioner Daniela Bolos teaches how to decorate a 50-year-old cake with a very special color combination. The colors chosen are gold and red. Contrast will work great and will make the cake stand out. For this, the baker uses the spout and white and red whipped cream to decorate. The golden painting is up to the sprayer.

How to use cake spray

Many 50 year cake decorations use spray. This is because the gold is much more alive if this technique is applied. However, it is necessary to be very careful not to spoil the entire decoration. To learn how to use this utensil, see the Angel Cakes baker’s tutorial.

To celebrate a new age, it’s already a tradition to have a cake. However, when celebrating a new decade, there is nothing fairer than having a cake that is more than special. When this decade symbolizes even more, for being half a century, nothing better than baking a golden cake.