The Christmas cake is a very different and cheerful model that makes the tables even more charming in this special season. Below we have selected charming models full of colors and details that will surprise you with their delicacy!

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80 photos of Christmas cake full of colors and charming details

Check out the very different models and decorated with characteristic elements for Christmas. From the simplest to the most elaborate, all are perfect to transform your table and give that special touch it deserves.

1. Prevailing green and red colors

2. And with charming characters

3. Like the friendly Santa Claus

4. Or the adorable snowman

5. The models are quite varied

6. And perfect for celebrating different occasions

7. As baby messengers

8. Or the birthday of the greatest

9. From more traditional models

10. Children

11. It is possible to vary the way to decorate the cover

12. And to use the characters

13. Customizing each detail according to your taste

14. Including name and age of the birthday boy

15. Or Christmas messages

16. The models in blackmail vary widely the coverage

17. Finished with shine

18. With brick details

19. Or spatulate

20. Can merge beyond colors

21. Also the techniques used

22. The ones in American paste besides being beautiful

23. They have modeled characters

24. And trimmed details

25. Which can be distributed throughout the cake

26. Or concentrated at the top

27. From more delicate models

28. To the most extravagant

29. The cake is highlighted by two details

30. The colors used

31. And the decorative elements

32. Green and red are used a lot

33. Because they are the main tones of Christmas

34. Just like the traditional white and gold

35. But if you like different proposals

36. Vary on the palette

37. Keeping the delicacy suggested by the theme

38. Use different colors on each floor

39. Or merge into one

40. Varying the shade of the same color

41. And daring in creativity

42. The characters make the cake more playful

43. And they can be used in a variety of ways

44. Like a delicate crib

45. Or a fun Christmas couple

46. ​​Santa Claus is guaranteed a place in most cakes

47. And it has really fun versions

48. Surrounded by gifts

49. And always very cheerful

50. It may be accompanied by Christmas trees

51. Or your companion Mrs. Claus

52. Choose from modeled options

53. Which has a more realistic effect

54. Or the paper ones

55. Which have a more handmade finish

56. And very creative models

57. Christmas balls are welcome

58. And can be used throughout the cake

59. In a decorative way

60. Or edible

61. Christmas trees also gain space

62. Giving the cake a special touch

63. Usually arranged at the top

64. Emphasize the whole

65. And they complement other details

66. Caprice in combinations

67. Especially in children’s models

68. That have a more playful concept

69. Including even the favorite characters of the little ones

70. Whichever model you choose

71. Always prioritize quality

72. Be coverage

73. Stationery

74. Or clipping and modeling

75. It’s the details that make the difference

76. Making it spectacular

77. And perfect for such a special date

78. Of the simplest

79. To the most different

80. Everyone will make the celebration even better

Take care in choosing the color and don’t leave out the good old man! You can use the elements on the top, around the cake, or on both. Use your taste and creativity to choose the best model.

How to Make Christmas Theme Cake

We have separated creative tutorials that will teach you how to make your Christmas theme cake at home. With affordable items and simple techniques, you will be amazed at the result.

Golden cake with glitter application

This tutorial brings a technique widely used in more eye-catching cakes, which is the application of golden glitter. In addition to being very characteristic of the theme, the result is charming.

Cake decorated with Kit Kat

Learn how to assemble and decorate your cake by finishing the icing with delicious Kit Kat bars. Finally, learn how to make a beautiful Christmas tree using chocolate and dye in a very creative way.

Cake in green and red chantinho

Using the most common technique for decorating cakes in blackmail, learn to create a beautiful model that includes the completion of delicate toppers made of paper.

Cake decorated with dehydrated pears

Charming, this simple model gets a very special touch with dehydrated pears painted in green and red that look like leaves. Check out how to apply and finish the cake using the correct technique.

There are several ways to decorate your Christmas party in a creative and different way. Whether using Christmas ornaments on the table or small details around the house, your party is even more beautiful when the Christmas cake is used to complement the set.