The Dog Patrol delighted the children! It is a theme very chosen to celebrate the birthdays of shorties and, therefore, the cake Canine Patrol can not be left out. So here are dozens of ideas to get you inspired and then step-by-step videos to see how to make yours at home.

75 Canine Patrol Cakes to color your party

Get inspired by various creative Canine Patrol cake ideas to delight the birthday boy and all the guests. Take the ingredients and whip the whipped cream!

1. Animation conquered both boys

Micá Handmade Confectionery

2. How about girls

Miriam Bridges Confectionery

3. The drawing tells the story of dog heroes

Thata Cakes

4. And enchants through your friendly ones

The Fantastic Cakes Factory

5. And brave characters

Sweet of Life

6. Canine Patrol Cake is indispensable

Pamella N. Craft Confectionery

7. And therefore it must be done with great affection.

Lilianne Gois

8. And whim!

Sweet Sweet Studio

9. You can make a


10. Two

Lou Valente

11. Or three floors

Natália Queiroz

12. The important thing is that it fits your budget

Making dreams come true

13. And please the birthday boy

La Doces Itapeva

14. Highlight Your Favorite Patrolman

Jullye Brigadeira

15. Like Chase

Tatiana Barros Cake and Sweet

16. The Marshall

MeM Cakes

17. Or Skye

Love in the Pot

18. Which is perfect for celebrating girls birthday

Chocolathe Dessert

19. For more delicacy, decorate the cake with pastel colors!

Flávia Bardella

20. Yellow, blue and red are the colors that dominate the decoration.

Micá Handmade Confectionery

21. But that doesn't mean it's a rule

Jeez, what a cake

22. You can create in other colors.

Dona Ana Cakes

23. Like pink

Caramello Gourmet

24. Or white and blue

Kelly Cristina

25. The important thing is that it matches the decor

Loren Cakes

26. After all, the cake is part of the party!

Marilu Gourmet Sweets

27. Beautiful 2 story Canine Patrol Cake

Bruna Calazans

28. Gather all the characters

Ariana Tortelote

29. Or make the cake with only the symbols that refer to the animation.

Mirna junger

30. That looks beautiful too!

Flávia Mendonça Silva

31. Bet on a blackmail decor

Sweet Dreams Gourmet Dessert

32. Or a Whipped Canine Patrol Cake

Carla Chaves

33. Both are delicious

Jaqueline Storque

34. And they will be very successful among the guests!

Cake Architect

35. The shiny texture made the cake very charming

Thata Cakes

36. The square template is ideal for larger parties.

Ben Doceria

37. Or you can bet on the Round Canine Patrol Cake

Sabrina Bahia Cakes

38. That's a classic!

Recipe With Jana

39. The bladders made them look pretty

Confectionery Renata Machado

40. Just like cake toppers

Candy in pieces

41. Which are very practical to do

Poliana Campos

42. Just print


43. Or cut some colored leaves

Gabriela Favaro

44. Paste on a toothpick and stick in the cake

Rosane Lessa

45. The topper makes all the difference!

Deruci Sweets

46. ​​Goodies are guaranteed success!

Susana Marzullo

47. In addition to whipped cream

Milene Sweets

48. You can also opt for the fake cake

Cakes Farias

49. Which is an option for those looking to save money.

Cakes Profile

50. And it's practical to do at home

Lulu cakes

51. Just a little creativity!

Tatiana Marcal Workshop

52. Create authentic compositions

Help Gouveia

53. Colorful

PeA Decor

54. And very creative!

Vanessa Melquiades

55. Amazing 3-story Canine Patrol Cake

Paula Oliveira Cakes and Sweets

56. You can make a simple cake

Mary Barborsa Cake Designer

57. From one floor

Sweet Cocoa Gourmet

58. And with few details

Jane Rose Cakes

59. Or something bigger

Polyanna Rochely

60. And more worked

Micheli Valadares

61. But, remember, the simple is beautiful too!

Susana Marzullo

62. Delicious candy duo!

Dream My Confectionery

63. Dear Rubble is the protagonist of this cake

Turci cakes

64. Just like this one!

Tatiana Caregaro Events

65. The American Paste Makes It All Beautiful

Janine cakes

66. And the Canine Patrol icing cake makes everything more tasty!


67. Include elements that resemble animation


68. Like bones

Sweet delight

69. Collars

Anita Cakes

70. Scrooge

Manná Bakery

71. Or even the watchtower!

Sweetness of the Go

72. The Pink and Gold Canine Patrol Cake is a Charm

Sweet Confectionery

73. As well as blue with pink!

Hate Sweets

74. Match the cake stand with the candy!

Sweet Kitchen

75. Decorate both top and sides

Mila Cakes

Licking your lips, isn't it? Now that you've come up with so many ideas for your Canine Patrol cake, check out step-by-step videos that will teach you how to make yours!

How to Decorate Canine Patrol Cake

Have you invested a lot in decorating the party and don't have much money to order the cake at your local bakery? Then watch the tutorials that will show you the step by step to make amazing cakes at home!

2-storey Canine Patrol Cake

Make an amazing and tasty cake inspired by the animation of the moment! The video will explain the walkthrough of how to make your candy, as well as give you several tips to achieve a perfect and beautiful look! Whipped cream!

Canine Patrol Cake with American Paste

The American paste makes the cake look beautiful. So we brought the tutorial video that will teach you how to make the cake with this ingredient. The dog pot shape will make the decor even more interesting and fun!

Whipped Canine Patrol Cake

Whipped cream makes any cake really tasty, doesn't it? Therefore, we have selected the step by step how to make the cake with a lot of whipped cream that will conquer all your guests by taste! Use quality dyes to add color to the coating!

Canine Patrol Fake Cake

Looking to save a little more at the party? Then check out the step by step how to make a Styrofoam-based fake cake and bladders! Decorate the cake with cardstock or EVA and don't forget the Canine Patrol characters!

Pink Canine Patrol Cake

Will your daughter or niece celebrate the birthday with the Canine Patrol theme? How about creating a pink cake inspired by sweet and sweet Skye? Watch the tutorial video on how to decorate the pink cake with whipped cream and rice paper for the party!

The tutorials are not complicated to do, just a little cooking skills and creativity! Select the suggestions you like best and plan your Canine Patrol Cake! Enjoy it too and take a quick peek at more ideas for your Canine Patrol party!


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