Your birthday is coming and your wallet is half empty? But you still don't want to let this date go blank? So check out this rich story where we've put together dozens of amazing and tasteful simple birthday decoration ideas that fit your budget!

Making use of recycled materials, as well as those other items that are easily found in stationery for a very low price, all decoration suggestions require, above all, a lot of creativity! From the decorative panel to the cake table, flower arrangement, balloon bow, paper rosettes and small ornaments, here's how to create a little-spending party that will be a complete success! Come on?

1. Little flags

Thousand Leaves Holidays

The flags are great adornments to complement the decoration of the decorative panel as well as the cake table skirt. Make the ornament with different materials such as newspaper, colored paper or even fabric.

2. Flower Arrangements

Bliss events

The flower arrangements give all the charm to the birthday composition, as well as adding more color to the environment. Bet on real flowers to give the space pleasant scents, but you can also decorate with artificial ones.

3. Personalized bottles

Julia Queiroz Events

Personalize the party's plastic bottles or cups with colorful satin ribbons, spray paints or appliques such as beads or pearls, and add even more personality to your birthday decor!

4. Paper Rosettes

Evie Almeida

In addition to being very practical to make, paper rosettes will add more color to your panel. For production, you only need cardstock, scissors, white or double-sided glue, ruler and pencil!

5. Little Riding Hood

Thousand Leaves Holidays

How about making the traditional birthday party hood yourself using satin ribbons and cardstock? You can use the item or even to spice up the decor of the place!

6. Crepe paper curtain

TAC – All Things

Create an amazing and charming decorative panel with a curtain of crepe paper strips of various colors. Like the little hats and all the other decorations, always harmonize with the theme of the event.

7. Tulle Table Skirt

Atelier Scene

The table is not very beautiful or does not match the space? Create a tulle table skirt that is easy to make, as well as being economical and enhancing the decoration with exquisite, light and beautiful!

8. Fabric Table Skirt

Mommy Party Decor

Or, aside from the tulle, you can take that pretty fabric you've been keeping in the closet and turn it into a beautiful table skirt. Complement the piece with a few small appliques such as pearls or even paper rosettes.

9. Crepe Paper Flowers

Party paper

Crepe paper flowers can be used in various ways to decorate a simple birthday party and can be made in various sizes and colors. The result is an even more beautiful and decorated space.

10. Paper Flowers

Thousand Leaves Holidays

Paper flowers, which can be made in different shapes, are perfect to complement a decorative panel with charm, color and, of course, great beauty! The option is perfect to spice up simple birthday parties.

11. Tissue Paper Flowers

Michelle Inkley Organizer

Just like crepe paper flowers, you can also make this decorative item with tissue paper that provides an even more delicate and feminine look. Make use of different shades in harmony to compose the flower arrangement.

12. Paper Ties

Bonfa's Stuff

Ties made with colored paper are great alternatives to simple birthday decorations for men. They can be placed either on the wall, on the cake table or on the party's own sweets.

13. Pompon

Confetti Studio

The pompom, besides being easy to produce and not requiring many materials, is ideal to add more color to the party composition. The element can be made with crepe paper, satin ribbons or even with scraps of fabric.

14. Wool Pompom

Art and Souvenirs

Another way to make a pompom is the traditional model made with wool. You can create a chain with this cute and graceful item to decorate the cake table or panel of your birthday party.

15. Deconstructed Balloon Bow

Making the party

Balloons are indispensable when decorating a birthday party, be it simple or luxurious. Call your friends and fill various colored balloons of different sizes to form a beautiful bow and enhance the decoration of the place.

16. Paper Butterfly

Bonfa's Stuff

Like paper ties, butterflies are a cost-effective, practical, and easy-to-make alternative to enhancing the arrangement of a children's or women's party. Look for molds ready to make the item.

17. Decorative Frames

White mans

Complement the panel of your party with various decorative frames that address the chosen theme! If you do not have much skill in drawing or collage, print some templates ready to compose the pictures.

18. Flasher

Mommy Party Decor

Rescue the Christmas lights and use them to complement the composition of your party! Depending on how much you have at home, it is worth making a flashing curtain for a supercharm and glamorous event or hanging on the table skirt.

19. Clothesline

Mommy Party Decor

Gather the best photos of you and moments with the guests who will be attending your party and create a small clothesline with these images. Put it in a place where people can look and remember the old days.

20. Beehives

Fiorella Creative Parties

Made with crepe paper, the incredible beehives are very easy to make and the materials needed to produce this adornment have a low price on the market. Create in many sizes and colors!

21. Colored Ribbons

Fiorella Creative Parties

Do you know those bits of ribbons, fabric and lace left over from something you did? How about using them and creating a beautiful curtain of various colors and textures that will give more vividness to your decor? The result will be beautiful!

22. Pinwheels

Silvia Rossato

Paper pinwheels and barbecue sticks are a simple, beautiful and inexpensive children's party decoration option. In addition, you can create the element in various colors and sizes.

23. Decorative Glass Bottles

Party paper

Being a sustainable option and at the same time bringing elegance to the space, decorative glass bottles can serve as a table centerpiece and souvenir for guests.

24. Balloon Inside Balloon

Vanessa Ambiel

Contrary to popular belief, placing small balloons inside a large transparent balloon is quite easy and the result is amazing, especially if you use bladders of various colors. Include some ornaments in the rope!

25. Enamel decorative cups

Confetti Studio

Glazes are great for decorating glass cups and bowls, as are the simplest plastic ones. Choose one that contains a lot of brilliance or a more vibrant color to highlight the item and complement the table.

26. Confetti

Candy Beauty

Make use of confetti for table decoration for your birthday party. You can buy them ready in a store, or you can use dry leaves and punch them with a punch, making it a sustainable alternative.

27. Toys

Fernanda Jahjah Fesas and Ateliê

Does your child want a cartoon or movie to be the theme of his birthday party? Then decorate the space and table of the cake with the toys that represent the chosen theme and give more personality to the event!

28. Paper Ball Curtain

Julia Queiroz Events

As a simple and inexpensive birthday decoration option, the paper ball curtain can be made of cardstock or any other thicker paper. Create a colorful and harmonic composition.

29. Chain of Pans

Improvised Design

Use the leftover muffins, cupcakes or chips to create a beautiful and colorful chain to decorate the cake table or decorative panel of your birthday party!

30. Balloon ceiling

White mans

Whether for a children's party, women's or men's party, balloons are essential items when decorating the environment for the celebration. And speaking of them, why not put them, with the help of two sides, on the ceiling?

31. Flag with name

Bliss events

Add the birthday boy's name to the flags to make the party even more complete! You can use a thicker pen or paper that will contrast with flags to make the name.

32. Embellishment for straws

Bonfa's Stuff

Make little props for straws that have to do with your birthday party theme. In addition to using colored paper, you can also create small bow ties made of satin ribbon to adorn the item.

33. Balloon painted with a pen

Improvised Design Improvised Design

Personalized balloons can be quite expensive and, to get away from these high prices, you can customize them yourself to your birthday theme with colored pens.

34. Small crepe paper flowers

Evie Almeida

Like custom balloons, flowers can cost more. And, in order not to give that charm that only flowers give, make them with crepe paper and decorate the party table.

35. Blackboard

Thousand Leaves Holidays

Use a chalkboard to welcome guests, as well as announce the theme of the party or just enter the birthday boy's name and new age. Plus, you can use it for your friends to leave a message.

Party paper

This craft technique can also be used to compose the arrangement of a simple birthday party by requiring low cost materials. Decorate the event table or panel with a string art made by you!

37. Folding

Thousand Leaves Holidays

Folders decorate any type of party with any theme, just be creative and have a little patience to make them. Use paper boats to support sweets, candies and other treats!

38. Fair boxes

Polka Dot Holidays

Fair boxes serve as a support for sweeties and adornments as well as decoration for a simple but beautiful and more natural looking party. You can even paint the boxes to give more color.

Fiorella Creative Parties

Tricotin is a handcrafted method often used for decorating children's rooms, but this does not prevent them from using at birthday parties! In addition to forming drawings, you can make letters or numbers with this beautiful technique.

40. Dried flowers and leaves

Emily Kay

Gather dried leaves and flowers from your garden and decorate the table or around the place for a more natural and beautiful atmosphere. Just be careful not to use those that have a bad smell!

41. Candy Stand

World party

Indispensable when organizing the sweets and snacks, the support can be made at home and very economically and simply, just having cups, plates and hot glue! Finish with spray paint to finish the piece on a whim!

42. Balloon Panel

Cristina Nice Party

Another easy and economical option is to form a panel with balloons only. To do this, use double-sided tape to stick to the wall and secure tightly so that you don't get loose during your party. You can even form designs and shapes using various colors.

43. Picture Frame

Bonne party

Picture frames of the birthday boy also decorate the party. Choose the best and most memorable moments of your life to decorate the main table, as well as a beautiful support for the image.

44. Paper Chain

Paper Party Scrap

A very traditional item in St. John's party decorations, paper chains can also adorn birthday parties of any age. In addition to newspaper, you can do with cardstock and various colors and textures.

45. Pastry Cakes

Party paper

If you don't want to buy birthday candy pans, you can make a cup yourself using paper and scissors. The item is ideal for a simple and very charming birthday decoration.

46. ​​Lamps

Celebrating Bethlehem

You certainly have or know someone who has an LED light at home. The piece lately is widely found in simple party decorations where it gives a more modern and beautiful look to the cake table.

47. Paper Star Chain

Evie Almeida

In addition to star chain made of colored paper, you can make hearts, ice cream, clouds, sun or numbers by simply creating something that has to do with the theme chosen to make up your birthday party.

48. Balloon with tulle

Boutique Balloons Melbourne

Fill the balloon and cover it with a piece of tulle and finish it with a satin ribbon and you will have a simple yet elegant and charming element to enhance the arrangement of your venue.

49. Picture Frames

Making the party

For a simple yet chic party, make use of picture frames of various sizes to complement your decorative panel. Paint them with the help of a paint spray and finish with flowers or other appliqués.

50. Pallet Board

Making the party

Pallet panels have been big protagonists at birthday parties. Can be purchased at low prices, the element gives balance in a simple and colorful decoration through its natural tone.

51. Carpet

Gisella Alves

Enhance the location of your birthday party, male or female, with a rug you have in your home to provide a warm and comfortable feel to the environment, as well as a sense of well-being.

52. Furniture

The Matrioskas

Use your own furniture, such as a side table or small cupboards, or even those that have a grandmotherly retro footprint to support your cake and sweets.

53. Glass jars

Creative thinking

Make the most of it and customize the glass jars to make your birthday. You can use them as vases for flower arrangements and place them on the guest table or fill with candies and decorate the main table.

54. Dream catcher

Weaving Souvenirs

Make various dream filters in different sizes and colors at home to create a beautiful and amazing panel for your event! This decoration can make a simple children's party with a more upscale touch.

55. Streamers

The Matrioskas

As well as dream filters, you can also create delicate and beautiful streamers inspired by your birthday party theme to enhance the arrangement of the venue with charm and color.

56. Posters and plaques

Hobby Visual Creation

Posters and signs are a way to make the event even more fun! Select catchphrases, as well as some very clichéd phrases or song excerpts to compose the items and hand out to the guests.

57. Cake Topper


Just like for sweeties, you can even create a topper to spice up your birthday party cake. Make use of barbecue sticks, colored papers, small appliques and of course a lot of creativity!

58. Sweet Topper

Hobby Visual Creation

Create little plates to decorate the sweets on the table. A more relaxed idea is to make the item with the birthday boy's face and make a small birthday hat with colored paper. It will be super fun!

59. Serpentine

By Connie

Widely used in Carnival, the streamer can also decorate a birthday. At low cost, the element can be purchased in various shades and even a colorful curtain can be made with this material for the event panel.

60. Fake Cake

Tatiana Alves Workshop

The fake cake is an alternative for those looking to decorate the table well and spend little. Can be made with Styrofoam, cardboard, fabric, EVA among many other materials, the item will make the place look more beautiful and colorful.

60. Hula Hoop

Pop With Style

Buy a hula hoop and wrap around a thicker satin ribbon or fabric. Then attach some balloons or create paper flowers to fix on the item and you will have a beautiful element to decorate the wall.

62. Balloon with confetti

Balloon Blasters

Insert multiple confetti of various colors and sizes into a transparent balloon! In addition to the traditional round shape, you can still cut to form hearts that will make the composition more delicate and feminine.

63. Balloon Butterfly

Victoria Hudgins

Ideal for birthdays for small children, balloon butterflies are very fast and practical to produce, but can also be made in various sizes and colors. Create small details using a pen.

64. Balloon with glitter

My Sister’s Suitcase

Apply white glue to the balloon when it is full and then dip it into a glittering container such as glitter, glitter and sequins. The item will give a more elegant look to the composition of the space.

65. Circular fan of paper

Victoria Hudgins

Using colored paper or crepe, the circular fan is a half rosette. Like the image, arrange two or more colors that harmonize with each other to give the place even more liveliness and relaxation.

66. Bottles

Light decorations

Beer bottles are perfect options to decorate a birthday party, especially when the theme is something related to the pub. Use the bottles as flower pots and decorate the guest table!

67. String Balls


Make balls of string to hang around the space where the birthday party will take place. Make the decorative item in various sizes and colors to make the composition very colorful and fun!

68. Bladder panel

Oh happy day

Long bladders, also called straws, can serve many purposes when decorating an environment, such as creating a panel of different lengths. Twist them a little for a zigzag look.

69. Painted cutlery


How about giving more color to the plastic cutlery? Color the fork, knife and spoon with the help of a brush and a specific paint for this material. Do not paint the part that will contact your mouth.

70. Tablecloth

The House That Lars Built

Choose a tablecloth wisely and prefer light designs so that you can then decorate the space with colorful balloons and other more vibrant items. If you don't have a nice towel, replace it with a TNT.

71. Glass with glitter


Decorate the cups, whether plastic or glass, with a lot of glitter! To fix even more and not have the problem of having your hand full of shine, apply a layer of white glue over it.

72. Tulle pompom

Gabi Gonçalves

They can be made in very small or very large sizes, tulle pompoms will complement feminine and children's birthday party decorations with charm and grace. Bet in pastel colors to make the delicate item!

73. Candles

Spread Parties

Delicate candles will complete the decoration of your simple birthday party with refinement. Select candlesticks and brackets that harmonize with the rest of the arrangement, as well as be careful not to place near flowers, balloons or papers.

74. Signs

Godmother Pampering

Signs can be made of cardboard boxes, fabrics, crepe paper flowers, glitter, appliqués and other materials. In addition to letters, you can even make numbers to complement the arrangement of the venue.

75. Wall of plates

The Subtle Revelry

Get those cardboard boxes that are super cheap to decorate the wall of your space! Paint them in various colors with a spray of paint and, when dry, make some collages that address the theme of your birthday.

Sensational and very authentic ideas, no? Select the inspirations you like best and start planning and running your birthday party! Invite some friends and family to help you produce the decorative elements to make up the cake table, panel, and the rest of the room. Remember: simple is not synonymous with bland!


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