Barbie's world spans several generations. And that's why it's the perfect theme to celebrate the birthday of girls (and women!). Therefore, Barbie's cake cannot be left out. With that in mind, we've put together dozens of ideas to inspire you and then step-by-step videos to learn how to make yours at home!

75 Barbie Cake Inspirations to Enchant

The pink world invades Barbie's party! And no different, this color is the most chosen when decorating the place and the cake! Check out several ideas to get you inspired:

1. Barbie has been around for decades

Alinne Souza

2. And always adapts to each generation that arrives

Lolô Petite Brigaderia

3. Winning Various Themes

Cintia Sweets Workshop

4. How to Barbie Princess

Divine Sweets

5. Barbie in Paris

Mother and Daughter Delights

6. Or Barbie Rocker

Leila Moreira Cakes

7. Barbie Party conquers girls (and moms) of all ages

Igor Freitas Cake

8. From mesversaries

Candy Station Confectionery

9. Even young adult parties

Patricia Celestino

10. Like this one here

Jack lima

11. Rose is the predominant color

Degs Cakes

12. But you can use other colors

Bia Cakes

13. How blue


14. That looks beautiful

Herika Marques

15. Or golden

Erika Tavares

16. And black

Alanna Dantas

17. That make any composition more elegant

Geize Lima Gourmet

18. And sophisticated

Hellen cake

19. The important thing is to match the decor

Roberta Sweets and Delights

20. After all, the cake is part of the party!

Michelle Coelho Heirs

21. Beyond Barbie's Whipped Cream Cake

Renata Coelho

22. You can also opt for a fake cake

A Touch of Love Workshop

23. Which is a cheaper option

Waleska Brier

24. And can be made with styrofoam base

Vane marques

25. Or cardboard

Mila Acosta

26. And it can be quite simple to do

Jailma Gomes

27. Just a little patience

Bianca Cupcakes

28. And a lot of creativity!

Juliana Souza

29. Look for symbols to decorate the cake

Dalen Ellen Confectionery

30. Like the famous silhouette

Renato Souza

31. Or Makeups

Ammora BollosAmmora Bollos

32. Also include flowers

Lui Confectionery

33. Butterflies

Cake Workshop

34. And stars that have everything to do with the theme!

Lidi cakes

35. You can do it in round model


36. Or a Barbie Square Cake

Jamara Araújo

37. That looks beautiful with a beautiful custom rice paper!

P.S. Delights

38. Turn Barbie herself into a cake

Magda Heredy Cakes

39. Creating the candy on her skirt part!

Edvania Cakes

40. Colorful options are also welcome!

Gio Cakes

41. Bet on a lot of brilliance

Confetti Village

42. To make the candy even more amazing

Bella Pan

43. And very glamorous

Bia Cakes

44. So is Barbie

Rejane Santos

45. Ruffles are also a great idea to decorate!

Paola Catunda

46. ​​Didn't Barbie's cake with American pasta look beautiful?

Camila Fonseca

47. Use the Barbies to garnish the candy!

Airas Cakes

48. Barbie at the pool party!

Irys Delights

49. You can make a simple Barbie Cake

Cocoa Brunette

50. From one floor only

Iris cakes

51. And with few embellishments

Sweet Butterflys

52. Or do something fancy

Dorothea Party

53. And with more floors

Dayana dalier

54. The choice will depend on the budget available for the party.

Brubs Delights

55. As well as the birthday girl's taste

Izabel Cakes Confectionery

56. The gradient effect makes any cake prettier

Stuffing Holidays

57. It's interesting

Ju Azevedo

58. Pink is pure charm!

Carol Delights Cake

59. Fairies inspired the theme

Confectionery Lomas

60. Already here are the ballerinas

Lu Custom Cakes

61. And in this one, the mermaids

Sweet Vivi

62. Wasn't the model amazing and delicate?

João Francisco

63. The three colors looked amazing together!

Eliane Lima

64. The candy set looks delicious!

Sirlane Araújo

65. Invest in Cake Topper

Sweet dream

66. Which makes him even more beautiful

Paper Making

67. And Custom

Confusing with Ale

68. Both on top of the cake

Keroláine Cassia

69. How much on the sides

Duster Cake

70. Decorate with pearls

Rosana Santos

71. To finish with greatness!

Cake love

72. Amazing fake model with a lot of brightness!

Evade Galindo

73. Beautiful Barbie Cake with Top

A Barbarian Sweet

74. The candy is elegant


75. Lilac and rose is a great combination!

Dira Confectionery

Pure charm! Now that you've been inspired by so many Barbie cake ideas, check out five videos that will show you the step by step to make a beautiful Barbie cake for your party!

How to make Barbie Cake

Thinking of making the home party cake to save a little money? But no ideas how to do it? Smoothly! Watch the videos we have selected for you with creative suggestions on how to make yours!

Barbie Square Cake

The square cake is a great idea for those who will receive more people. So we brought the video that will show you how to decorate your candy inspired by the fantastic world of Barbie in a very simple way. Personalized rice paper will make the cake even more beautiful!

Barbie's round cake

This video will explain how to decorate a round Barbie cake. With plenty of whipped cream to please all the guests, the sweet is pure flavor with the beautiful composition of frills and pink colors that is all about the theme!

Barbie Cake with American Paste

Learn how to make a beautiful Barbie cake with American paste that will delight all your guests. Although it seems a little trickier to make, the effort will be worth it! Just a little patience!

Barbie fake cake

Here's how to make your Barbie cake without spending too much and making the table look pretty! To make your fake cake, you will need Styrofoam bases, satin ribbon, decoration cord, instant glue, scissors, EVA among other materials.

Cake with Barbie Doll

The video will show how to make the famous cake with Barbie doll. A liquid gel was used to give the whipped cream a pink color, but you can also use other dyes to color the icing on the cake. Sanitize the doll well before inserting in the candy!

Whether fake or whipped, decorate the cake with the Barbie doll or other elements that match the theme and match the rest of the decor. Select the ideas you like best and get your hands dirty! And how is the decoration? How about giving creative ideas for your Barbie party?


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