by Hugo Tanaka

On 06.07.21

Grêmio’s cake is a great idea. After all, with just one cake it is possible to honor your favorite team and also the person celebrating the birthday. So, check out some amazing decorating ideas for the Grêmio cake.

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70 Grêmio cake photos that will make everyone happy

The team’s anthem says that it is possible to go after Grêmio even if you go on foot. However, with a cake from this team, this is not necessary. After all, the cakes will be amazing and will be right in front of you. So, see 70 wonderful cake ideas from the biggest tricolor in Rio Grande do Sul for you to fall in love:

1. Are you thinking of a Grêmio cake?

popping up ideas

2. Honoring the team of the heart is a great idea

Gourmet blackberry sweets

3. Even more if he is one of the top clubs in the country

4. After all, who doesn’t know the Tricolor Gaucho?

chocolate drop

5. Grêmio cake must be special

Dani Confectionery 💕

6. As special as the three times the team conquered America

K gourmet sweets

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7. The Grêmio cake with whipped cream will be a hit at your party

Nella Cakes

8. Add shiny decor to stand out more

Personalized Cakes and Sweets

9. Don’t forget the birthday boy’s name and age

sweets from heaven

10. Grêmio round cake is a classic

Baby Sugar Confectionery

11. It is possible to add the team mascot to the Grêmio cake top

Ana Paula Santos

12. The gradient cake is gaining more and more space

I lived sweet

13. Choose the three team colors


14. And blend well to create an amazing effect

Cris Cake ®

15. If you want, put a balloon with the birthday boy’s name

Foz do Iguaçu Stuffed Cakes

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16. Or leave your favorite uniform highlighted at the top

Angele Cakes Confectionery

17. The team’s coat of arms also represents the theme well.

Baby Sugar Confectionery

18. After all, Grêmio deserves an incredible cake


19. With fun decor

Gabimar Bakery

20. Simple yet delicious

DomDoSky ®️

21. Use the toppers you like best

Maiara Suedekum

22. To create a beautiful tribute

Rauen Cakes

23. How about a square Grêmio cake?

Gisa Delícias and Co.

24. Whipped cream is easy to work with and makes great decorations


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25. Are you going for a Grêmio cake with an American spread?


26. This ingredient can be in a specific corner of the cake

Cla confectionery

27. But whipped cream is classic at parties


28. Because it leaves an impeccable finish

Letícia Amorim Doces Gourmet

29. Be with the pastry tip


30. Or a spatulate effect

Sweet Kiss @brunacs20

31. The whipped cream is tasty and versatile


32. Grêmio cake is perfect for all ages and genders


33. Represent the Tricolor Musketeer in the decoration

Sweets of Go

34. After all, he is the team mascot

Secret Doce Toledo PR

35. And it’s just as important as the titles and the uniform


36. The cake can recreate a football scene

Simone Barros Cake

37. For practicality, invest in Grêmio rice paper

Everything Sweet – Handmade Sweets

38. If you want something different, wear gold as it matches the team colors

Sweets of Go

39. Spray painting makes Grêmio cake a charm

art cake

40. But with few details it is possible to create a beautiful cake

Simone Barros Cake

41. The important thing is to unleash creativity

Jordana Ribeiro Cakes and Sweets

42. Do you love chocolate? Look how cool this option is

LA DULCE LOLA delights

43. Toppers really turn the cake

Jessica Dauinheimer da Silva

44. In addition to making everything more economical

Sweet love

45. Speaking of saving money, the decor can be minimalist


46. ​​And with just a few highlights

Paty’s sweet kitchen

47. That way your Grêmio cake will be a success at your party


48. Look how beautiful this option


49. Simple, tasty and within the team’s theme

Aline Amorim

50. There is no age to love the tricolor gaucho

daia cakes

51. Because the team wins the oldest

Rô’s candy store

52. And even the very young children

Angele Cakes Confectionery

53. So it’s a great idea for special celebrations

Samari | Sweets and Coffee

54. Like birthdays that celebrate another year of life


55. Choose a striking cake


56. And win over guests with this beautiful tribute

Viviane Cakes Confectionery

57. Go for the Grêmio cake elements


58. To represent a passion that comes from the cradle

Flor de Liz • Cakes and sweets

59. Don’t forget the sweets

Clenia Caetano

60. A cake like this will be featured on the candy table

Francine Pich

61. How about some glitter? It looks amazing!

Ana Queiroz

62. There are so many options that it’s hard to choose just one


63. Since it is impossible to resist the Grêmio cake

Lu Sweet and Savory Pies

64. Because the color blue is present at the party

sweet choice

65. Makes the decor much more cheerful

Paula’s cakes

66. And it represents the team colors well

Rosimere W. de Farias

67. So invest in the details of your cake

morgana sweets

68. For him to win over his guests


69. And make your birthday so much more special

Graham cakes

70. Because Grêmio’s cake is perfect for champions like you!

GD Boleria

How many wonderful ideas, isn’t it? You even want to bake your own cake, right? So, keep reading and see some tutorials to venture into the bakery.

How to make Grêmio cake

Decorating a cake can be a relaxing job. That’s because it requires concentration and patience. So, to help you in this process, check out some videos below for you to learn how to bake a Tricolor Gaucho cake:

Grêmio cake with spatula

The Paris Cake Designer channel teaches you how to decorate a Grêmio cake using a shower nozzle and spatula. Also, learn to make a gradient from white to blue and create fake grass to complete the decoration.

Guild cake with rice paper

Rice paper decorations are simple, practical and always successful during the holidays. Therefore, the decoration possibilities are endless. Watch the video and see how to decorate your cake using rice paper.

Guild cake with a spout

The Choco Real channel teaches how to decorate a cake using a spout. See in the video how the 1M nozzle and leaf nozzle create an incredible effect, in addition to leaving a flawless finish.

Guild cake with whipped cream

Have you thought about drawing the Grêmio symbol with your own hands? The Tudo Confeitaria channel video teaches you how to make this on your cake. Also, check out the tips on how to dye the whipped cream to make the cake in the team colors.

Grêmio’s cake is perfect for the team’s fans. But if you want to know other ideas, check out some beautiful football-themed cake templates to increase your repertoire.