by Hugo Tanaka

On 06.22.21

Jack Daniel’s cake is a very common theme among drink lovers. Also, who doesn’t like a good meeting with friends. Is not it? So, see 70 ideas from this cake to celebrate. Plus, you’ll learn how to make your own cake from the world’s most famous whiskey.

70 photos of Jack Daniel’s cake to party

The ideas for a Jack Daniel’s cake are almost endless. With so many options, it’s hard to choose just one. So see 70 whiskey-themed cake ideas that everyone knows.

1. Do you already know Jack Daniel’s cake?

Fine Flower Cakes

2. This theme has been increasingly common


3. And the cake can have the most diverse forms

Lara’s delights

4. For example, a Jack Daniel’s cake with a cake topper

Ana Paula Leodoro

5. Or a cover that imitates a barrel

Victor Oliver Cakes

6. The black color of the label is usually predominant in the decoration

Brena Maranhão

7. The fake ice must not be missing

Ana Flávia Souza

8. After all, it’s a whiskey cake

Rafaela Polo Confectionery

9. Fake ice is perfect because it doesn’t melt and is edible

Elaine Cristina

10. And they can spice up a simple Jack Daniel’s cake

Neide Cruz

11. The honoree’s name deserves special attention

Fernanda Luz Confeitaria

12. The whiskey label is the protagonist

n.creative design

13. It is also possible to present other variations of the drink

Sweet confectionery

14. Or a bottle for every decade

Martin Cakes

15. Why not a Jack Daniel’s Cake Bucket?

Martin Cakes

16. American paste coating leaves a smooth finish

Dolce Glacê By Amanda Menezes

17. Rice paper, on the other hand, has a presentation faithful to the original

Diana Roberta/Confectioner

18. Also, the decor can be more minimalist

Bruna Marinoni Sweet Artisan

19. And a small cake also pleases everyone

Isabela Avila Chocolatier

20. After all, a mini cake is very charming

𝓓𝓸𝓷𝓪 𝓭𝓸 𝓟𝓮𝓭𝓪ç𝓸 ®

21. Do you know the history of Jack Daniel’s whiskey?

Unique Cakes Boutique

22. It has been produced since the year 1876

Jessica Victor

23. In addition, whiskey bears the nickname of the distillery’s founder

La Doceria by Andrea Melo

24. The original name of the founder is Jasper Newton Daniel

Made of Sugar

25. The distillery is headquartered in Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA.

sweets luh

26. This whiskey is one of the most sold in the world

Andrea Alonso

27. Furthermore, its label is unmistakable

Delights from Gi Dzingeleski

28. As well as its characteristic rectangular bottle

Erica Sweets parties

29. Among whiskeys, it is classified as Tennessee Whiskey

mr. pastry shop

30. This is due to its characteristic form of distillation

Joyce Fidelis Confectionery

31. Also, it is known as Old number 7


32. That is, the old number seven.

Kamila Rael Sweets

33. For these and other reasons, this whiskey is the favorite of many people


34. So it’s even a birthday party theme

Ítalo Ornelas

35. Jack Daniel’s Whipped Cream Cake is a classic

Sweetcake Ana Carolina

36. And it can have several variations

Strabon cake and sweets

37. So, Jack Daniel’s women’s cake can also be made

Cakes & delights workshop

38. After all, all adults can enjoy a good whiskey

Crislany Kessia

39. Including its various variations

Sweet confectionery

40. For example, in green apple flavor

Elisangela Santos

41. The important thing is to celebrate the new age in style

Bruna Fernandes

42. In this way, choose a sensational cake

Luana Carvalho – Cake Designer

43. Jack Daniel’s square cake leaves nothing to be desired

Delbone Confectionery

44. This theme is a darling of birthdays

Gaby Cupcakes

45. Because it accepts many combinations

Pedacito – Juliana Maestri

46. ​​Be they style, format or flavors


47. So, call all your friends to the bar

Suellen Gourmet

48. Because good stories are made with friends

Sandra Borges

49. Did you know that until 2011 the Jack Daniel’s Distillery only produced one flavor?

Carol Gomes

50. The first variation of the drink was the honey version

Honey’s Cakes & Sweets

51. The barrel cake is all about Jack Daniel’s

Julie Pazuch | Cake Shop

52. This happens for several reasons

Bruna Fernandes

53. One of them is the fact that the drink is aged in barrels

Jessica Lopes Cakes and Sweets

54. Another is the fact that, during prohibition in the US, barrels stored whiskey


55. Not to mention the rustic look that has everything to do with this whiskey

Kitchen Zero19

56. Which fits very well with the characteristic shape of the bottle


57. However, other styles of cake are also welcome

House Dona Ju

58. The important thing is that the date is remarkable


59. Therefore, the cake must be special

Madame Gourmet

60. After all, every achievement must be celebrated

Studio El Shaday

61. Gold is very present because it contrasts with black

Eliete Bomfim

62. This highlights the cake theme

Katy’s cakes

63. Or for the birthday theme

pink cakes

64. This happens even if there is little gold

love in the shape of cakes

65. The white color also makes the decoration stand out

Girl Gifted Confectionery

66. However, the monochrome cake is also amazing

Paty Lion

67. After all, Jack Daniel’s cake will be very successful

Pedacito – Juliana Maestri

68. And it will please all the guests

mr. pastry shop

69. So your party will be unforgettable

Confectionery VCakes

70. So, like Jack Daniel, make it count.


With so many sensational ideas it makes you want to bake a cake like this right now. Is not it? So, see below how you can bake your Jack Daniel’s cake

How to Bake Jack Daniel’s Cake

Baking your own cake is a rewarding task. Therefore, mastering the techniques of confectionery is essential. This way, see five videos selected so that you can make your whiskey cake!

How to make fake ice

A whiskey-themed cake needs icing in the decor. However, for obvious reasons, it is not possible to use real ice when confectioning. That’s why the Cakes channel Josy Silva explains how to make fake ice. Thus, just use unflavored gelatin and follow the baker’s tips

How to decorate using airbrush

Sometimes the icing on the cake can turn sour. Especially if the dye is black. Therefore, the channel Sabor & Emoção with Katita Araujo teaches how to decorate a whiskey cake using an airbrush. This way, the coverage will not be bitter. Furthermore, it is possible to decorate using the Jack Daniel’s theme.

Jack Daniel’s cake without whipped cream

Whipped cream frosting can be difficult to pick up bright colors. However, working with American briefcase is laborious and complicated for those who are just starting out. In this way, the Confeitaria Sem Chantilly channel teaches a simple technique for confectioning the cake. In addition, the confectioner gives tips on how to use the 1M spout when decorating.

Whipped cream decoration on Jack Daniel’s cake

The Gabie Luz channel teaches how to decorate a cake using whipped cream. In addition, the decor is themed on Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Thus, in the video, the baker uses whipped cream, which is an easier and more resistant topping than the traditional whipped cream. Finally, she also gives tips on how to use the spatula and how to get perfect corners.

Jack Daniel’s decor made easy

Not everyone can do it using a spout or american paste. However, there is no problem with that. Thus, scrap cake decor can be a good option for those who are just starting out. In this way, the Mundo doce da Mari channel teaches how to bake a cake using the scrapcake technique.

The whiskey-themed cake has everything to do with another very common party theme: the bar. Also, in these cases, all the party asks for is a male birthday cake.