The sunflower is the flower of the moment. And, therefore, many are choosing as a theme for birthdays and even weddings! Next, check out dozens of lovely sunflower party ideas to get inspired and other videos with step by step teaching you how to create various decorative items to compose the venue! Come on?

70 sunflower party photos to brighten up the event

Symbol of happiness, the flower is perfect as a theme for celebrations, be it birthday or wedding! Get inspired by several sunflower party suggestions that are pure charm:

1. Yellow is the protagonist when decorating

Lory Decorations

2. And can be mixed with other colors

Folia Day Rentals

3. As white

ARJ Parties

4. Blue

Mylena Ávilla

5. Or black

Party Workshop

6. Which makes the composition more elegant

All Good Party

7. And sophisticated

Beautiful Collection

8. The theme can be used in any celebration

Pamela Andrade

9. It suits all ages

Mary Decorate

10. It can be a 15th birthday party

Create Parties

11. Or the 18 year old

Larissa Buffet

12. And weddings too!

D’cor With Love

13. You can decorate the place yourself

Marili Decorations

14. Creating these beautiful paper flowers

Decorate Castro Parties

15. Or a delicious sunflower cake!

KA Parties

16. Use natural flowers

Lu Filô Decorations and Parties

17. Artificial

Our Gift

18. Or made with cardboard paper!

Mini Decor With Style

19. The use of wood makes the arrangement lighter

Karla Costa

20. Cozy

Simara Balloons and Decoration

21. It's natural

Refinement Dreams Parties

22. Everything to do with this flowery theme!

Mimus and Parties

23. Make delicate sunflower-shaped supports for the sweets!

Simara Balloons and Decoration

24. You can create a simple sunflower party

Kaili Almeida Festas

25. With little adornment

Gil's Enchanted Cakes

26. Or a more complete party

Decorate with Milena

27. With a very neat decoration

João and Maria Decor

28. But, remember, the simple is also amazing

Cris and Duda Decor

29. Just like the sunflower!

Mini Decorations

30. Balloons cannot be left out!

Atelier of Dreams Decorations

31. Pay attention to details

NM Events

32. They will make the difference in the decoration

Drawing Parties

33. Making it more original

Dear Brodowski Date

34. And charming!

Lilia Life’s

35. If possible, make your party outdoors

Decor and Details Patilu

36. Or bring nature for your celebration

Heidy Decorations

37. How about a different color combination?

Alessandra Marques

38. So how does this option work?

Everything in the Box

39. With black and white there is no mistake!

Cristiny Basilio

40. The party can be done in various styles

Davi Events

41. More minimalist

Dona Felisberta

42. Rustic

Secret Garden Parties

43. Or very contemporary

Sweet for Love

44. The choice will depend on the personality of the birthday girl

Kaliane Medeiros

45. Match the furniture

Nanicos Eventos and Ceremonial

46. ​​And the themed candy stands

Refinement Dreams Parties

47. After all, they are part of the party

One Day Party

48. Who can be a mesversário


49. Or to celebrate the 50 springs

Studio3 Decor

50. Sunflower party favors can't be missing!

Josete Martins

51. Customize the cake

AP Decorations

52. And the sweets

Eh Pic Nic

53. To make the party even more beautiful

Sweet Girl Atelier

54. And sunny!

Javera Party Mommy

55. “I turn to where the sun turns”

Party Decor

56. The rug finishes the decor with more comfort

Decor Parts

57. Bet on homemade sunflower ornaments

Antonio Leitte

58. They are easy to do

Jackeline Andrade

59. Explore your creativity

Carnation and Cinnamon Parties

60. Use a panel to add personality to the party

Adonay Joyce Decorations

61. Leaving the most decorated place

Anivi Designer at Festa

62. And, of course, very happy!

Solange Mariano Parties

63. See how gold increases with elegance

Art and Cupcake

64. Don't forget to decorate the guests' table

Green apple

65. Take advantage of furniture drawers

Decorator Aline Albuquerque

66. And create a bright scene

Rich in Party Details

67. To celebrate any spring


68. The simple can be very beautiful


69. But, if you prefer, you can fill the party with flowers

3 Marias

70. To celebrate that day in the best possible way

Eh Pic Nic

One more beautiful than the other, isn't it? Now that you have been inspired by so many ideas, check out several videos that will show you how to make sunflower ornaments for your party!

How to make your sunflower party

Decorating the party is to be present in every detail, in addition to, of course, being a smart and creative way to save money. Watch the videos we've selected for you!

How to make a paper sunflower

To start our selection of videos, let's start with the one that will teach you how to make a beautiful sunflower to decorate panels, tables and chairs! And it is very easy to do, because the preparation requires few materials.

Sunflower party panel

The panel is one of the most important steps when decorating, because it is here that the photos are taken and the moment is immortalized. Therefore, we brought you the video that will show you step by step how the wall decoration was done.

Simple decoration for sunflower party

Taking advantage of the previous video, we brought you another tutorial that will show you how to make a panel with a balloon arch very easy to do. In addition to the panel, the video also gives valuable tips on how to decorate the table with lots of charm!

Easy sunflower party

The tutorial brings several pieces ideas to decorate your party! The decorative items are very easy to make and do not require much knowledge in crafts, just a little patience and creativity!

Party sunflower spending little

We know that renting a space for the party and ordering sweets, snacks and cake can be a bit expensive. Thinking about it, we brought the tutorial that will show several items to decorate the place and, best of all, spending very little!

Sunflower party favors and centerpieces

Make a small adornment to decorate the guests' table and the main table. In addition, the video also brings a souvenir idea for your sunflower party that is very simple and practical to make.

Easier than you imagined, isn't it? Now that you've been inspired by so many ideas, gather the ones you like best and start planning your party! How about checking out some ways to make a sunflower cake to make the table even more flowery?


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