Fluminense is one of the biggest teams in the state of Rio de Janeiro and has fans spread across the country in almost 120 years of history. And for a Flu fan, nothing better than celebrating with a cake from the heart team, isn’t it? Check out 70 Fluminense cake ideas to complete any tricolor celebration:

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70 photos of Fluminense cake that will make fans happy

In team colors, with the coat of arms, mascots or more minimalist: there are many possible options when it comes to Fluminense cake. So put on your shirt and choose the cake that suits you and your party.

1. Fluminense is a team from Rio de Janeiro founded in 1902

la sweet deli

2. Since then, the team has accumulated titles and fans

Fernanda light confectionery

3. As football is a national passion, it doesn’t just stay on the pitch


4. And even ended up on birthday cakes!

silvana silveira

5. Nothing like a heart team cake to celebrate, is it?

vic with chic c

6. The passion for Fluminense has no gender

Elaine cakes

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7. Much less age!

8. How about a cake with the classic mascot?

sweet light cakes and sweets

9. There are those who like a lot of brightness

Natasha b. confectionery

10. And who prefers something more discreet

gourmet princess

11. What cannot be missing is the team’s coat of arms

made of sugar

12. And the colors of your shirt


13. There’s no way not to love

aline sweets

14. The theme of the party can spread to the sweets

john nunes

15. The month-old cakes also get in the way

rosalia sacchi

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16. And prove that the love for Fluminense comes from birth

suelen carvalho

17. The little ones will love it!

flower flavor

18. A Fluminense cake full of details

thamires costa cakes

19. A good gradient makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

veronica costa sweets

20. Paper toppers are a great alternative

star cakes

21. Besides being cheap and easy to make

sweetness of the gown

22. Paper toppers complement any cake

sweet divo

23. And they make everything more special

help baptist confectionery

24. An elegant alternative for football fans

Elaine Ferreira

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25. The perfect touch of modernity

marina carvalho confectionery

26. A topic like this can also be sensitive

little piece of heaven

27. There are cake options for all styles!

ana fernandes cakes

28. A beautiful combination of colors


29. Gold gives an unparalleled charm

hand full confectioner

30. American paste is widely used in confectionery

mange cakes

31. And it allows beautiful works, like this cake from Fluminense

sweetness delights

32. Perfect for those who love shine

angelica fonseca

33. Bladders look amazing as a cake topper

sweet gastronomy

34. Cartola couldn’t be left out of the party, could he?

delights of rai

35. Elegance and sobriety

divine delight

36. There is no one who does not make their mouth water

there at bistro da mari

37. Only red, green and white for minimalist

atelier talita saldanha

38. A little sparkle is always welcome

miss bee cakes

39. Gold accents are very elegant

Beatriz Portela Patisserrie

40. Color can appear on the paper topper

maria’s cakes

41. Or even as glitter on the cake

gabi medeiros

42. For those who are passionate about tricolor and chocolate

sweet docin

43. The perfect cake for a double fan

sweet taste

44. Attention to detail makes all the difference

larissa bisewski

45. For those who wear the team jersey

rose silveira de paiva

46. ​​A pair of cakes for a special table

sweet liven

47. The spatulated effect is quite successful

valéria’s sweets

48. And it still makes the cake super stylish

karla valença

49. Every Fluminense fan would love a cake like this

gourmet maria

50. Rice paper never goes out of style

dani sweets

51. Exquisite beak work

sweet dream

52. Always tricolor!

tati cakes

53. A fun and modern idea

sayô cake

54. The love for your team deserves to be expressed

Julia cavour

55. Even on your birthday cake

matheus oliveira atelier

56. This cake will leave guests drooling

Fernanda fair

57. The perfect cake for fans of any age

delights of Ciça

58. Nothing better than combining the cake with the sweets

rose silveira de paiva

59. Rice paper is a great ally in confectionery

magic board

60. In addition to being a classic in cake decorating

Sandra’s cakes

61. How about covering the cake with a printed acetate?

aunty’s delight

62. A round cake from Fluminense is missing from your party

Fernanda light confectionery

63. The American paste is great for decorating cakes

lene araujo

64. With it you can create cute models

Fatima Lima

65. You can make beautiful cakes

betinha souto

66. And still create details that will make all the difference

juju cake

67. All of this regardless of the size of the cake

renata veiga cake designer

68. And always with the colors of the heart team!

Joao Vitor

69. Regardless of the style chosen

mila candy

70. Certainly your Fluminense cake will be a success!


The variety is so great that it is even difficult to choose a single cake, isn’t it? If you like to get your hands dirty, also take the opportunity to learn how to make different cake models from Fluminense.

How to make Fluminense cake

Whether to complete a celebration at home or to sell, making cakes is always a fun and different experience. Learn from the tutorials below to prepare beautiful Flu cakes to brighten a fan’s day:

How to make Fluminense cake with whipped cream

Whipped cream is one of the most common toppings in cake preparation, and this one in Fluminense colors was amazing! Follow the step by step in the video to play at home without errors.

Fluminense square cake

For those who like a traditional cake, this video is perfect! Rice paper is a classic, and with the colors of Flu, this cake is even more amazing.

How to make Fluminense cake with shine

A touch of sparkle never hurts, does it? The golden splashes add a special touch to this beautiful cake that you can reproduce at home.

Fluminense cake on rice paper

How about covering your whole cake with rice paper? In this video you follow the step by step for this fun technique that has a beautiful final result!

Were you able to choose your cake? If you need more ideas, check out these gorgeous soccer cake options!