By Hugo Tanaka


Power Rangers cake is a wonderful idea. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a Megazord waiting for them? However, it is possible to have a cake with the theme of this incredible program. After all, with so many versions, it is impossible not to fall in love with the most famous Rangers in the universe. So, we selected wonderful ideas and also how to make a cake with this theme.

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70 Power Rangers cake photos to morph your party

Everyone has that series or design that has a right place in their hearts. Surely the Power Rangers are one of those cases. After all, this program appeals from the little ones to the big ones. So we selected 70 cake ideas with this amazing theme. That way, your party will make Rita Repulsa jealous. Check out:

1. Are you looking for a Power Rangers cake?

Micá Confectionery

2. It can be for the youngest

Shuellen Teixeira

3. Or for any age

jennifer lopes

4. In addition, they can be colored

Mama Cocoa

5. For example, a red Power Rangers cake

Divino Cocoa Delight

6. And it can be decorated with the favorite zord

Pâmela Silva Cakes

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7. Or have the Rangers of the generation you like best

Dra Formiga – Confectionery

8. Have you ever thought about a golden Power Rangers cake?


9. However, the red Power Rangers cake is a classic

Ana Carolina Sweetcake

10. But you can abuse creativity


11. And lavish on the colors

Amanda Silva Cake Design

12. Speaking of colors, golden details stand out

Bela Maria Cakes

13. How about some decorations with blackmail?

Gessika Rocha Cakes

14. For example, it is possible to join blue and red

Kell Arts & Crafts

15. Make a galaxy decoration

Mother And Child

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16. Even create a sensational gradient

Di Chocolate

17. See how you can have an amazing color pattern

Sweet Maria Confectionery

18. A Power Rangers cake with white whipped cream is classic

Sweet temptation

19. And even a simple Power Rangers cake is possible

Guria Confectioner

20. How about a Power Rangers cake with American paste?

Gabriel Locachevic Andriolo

21. He can be with his favorite Ranger

Lu Chocolates

22. Or with all of them

Erica Leme – Erica Sweets

23. Are we going to see Power Ranger cake with cake topper?

Aline Cristina

24. It is possible to represent the city that will be saved

Petit Caramello

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25. Place all Rangers as it is difficult to choose only one


26. Enjoy the space of the square Power Rangers cake

Sweet Passion Confectionery

27. Bet on the colors

Maricota Trufas & Cia

28. To represent each hero

Gabi’s delights

29. This pink Power Rangers cake looks wonderful

Gourmet Sweet Minchios

30. And the blue Power Rangers cake also wants its space

Sabrina Cakes

31. In addition, the birthday boy’s name deserves to be highlighted


32. As well as your new age

Cris Carvalho

33. So it doesn’t matter how many Rangers are on the cake

Weaving Memories

34. Nor how it will be decorated

Praliné Arte y Azúcar – CAKES

35. Power Rangers please all generations

Guilherme Carneiro

36. And they deserve this honor

Cakes Da Bella

37. So your party will be filled with fun

Cristina Gommes – Confectionery

38. And of course, with a beautiful cake it is easy to surprise the guests

Delicias da Silvinha

39. Who says you don’t have a girl’s Power Rangers cake?


40. If it is difficult to choose, make a cake with two themes


41. The same goes for colors

Dayane Cabral

42. After all, the more colorful the better

Dulce Tentación

43. Invest in decoration

Chef Ryan_Cake Design

44. Don’t skimp on the details


45. Because they make a difference

Pampering of Mima

46. ​​And they will transform your party into an unforgettable event

Rafa Guedes Confectionery

47. Be a decoration made with American paste

Ana Amélia

48. Even something simpler

Fernanda Perfect

49. Don’t skimp on creativity

Ane Pinheiro

50. And it doesn’t matter your age

LoLa Sweets and Salted Snacks

51. Or the style of your cake

Gran Doces

52. There is only one thing you should take into account

Deli’s Gourmet Sweets

53. Your Power Rangers cake must have your face

Jbm confectionery with love!

54. Because you deserve a beautiful celebration!

DaPri – Cakes

55. After all, Power Rangers have the strength…

Atelier Delicau

56. Power Rangers are heroes

Maria Docinho Confectionery

57. So if the Universe (or your party) needs help

Cioccolatini di Ana Carolina

58. Call the Power Rangers

Crys Cakes

59. They were chosen to fight evil

Bruna Bueno

60. Each has a personality

Tayna Sucre Confeitaria

61. But for sure, with them your party is guaranteed

Mini Cocoa – Confectionery

62. In addition, the decorations can be the most varied

Monalisa Yane

63. Just like the characters at the top

Jana Cakes

64. It is also possible to give texture to the decoration

Mk Pies

65. And finish with glitter to give it an extra charm

JL Gourmet

66. Don’t forget cupcakes for your party

Bianca’s Cupcakes

67. After all, every birthday must be incredible

Honey Sweetnesses

68. So be creative

Amanda Barbieri

69. Because the Power Rangers cake deserves a respectable decoration

Cakes and Cooks by Lisa

70. And of course, it will elevate the decor of your incredible party


With so many ideas, it’s hard not to want to make the cake itself, isn’t it? So, see the selected videos. Thus, it will be possible to morph an ordinary cake into one with a Power Rangers theme.

How to Make Power Rangers Cake

If you read “Power Rangers are strong, Power Rangers are heroes” in the rhythm of the song, you are old enough to touch the oven. So, to make a confection of the Power Rangers, we selected some videos on this subject. Follow:

Power Rangers decoration on square cake

This type of cake is ideal for those who want to take a little risk in the kitchen. In addition, it is also for those people who do not have much ease in the confectionery. Thus, the channel Confectioning with Daniela Bolos, teaches how to decorate a cake with brigadeiro. At the end, she puts on Power Rangers themed tops.

Power Rangers cachepot cake

Cachepot cakes are very versatile. In addition, they are becoming more and more popular. So it is never too late to learn how to decorate a cake like this. Why not combine the useful with the pleasant? So, in addition to learning a new decor, you will also decorate the Power Rangers.

Power Rangers cake with blackmail

The whipped cream is a coverage option that is easier to work with than the whipped cream. Therefore, it is very popular with people who work in confectionery. Watch the video and see how to decorate the Power Rangers using this cover.

Colorful Power Rangers cake

Colors are the trademark of these heroes. So, watch the tutorial to learn how to make a colorful decoration. In it, you will check all the tips to create a mixture of colors very smooth and with great finish.

Power Rangers have been in the air since the 1990s. So it’s no wonder they’re popular with generations. Thus, a cake with this theme, can please all ages. Another idea that appeals to everyone is the Dragon Ball cake.