by Hugo Tanaka

On 08.22.21

The silver wedding cake is a key element in the celebration of 25 years of union between two people. For being a quarter of a century, this date should be celebrated in style. Next, check out amazing models of this cake and also learn how to make your own to celebrate 25 years of love.

70 Silver Wedding Cake photos that ooze elegance and sophistication

When celebrating the anniversary of a relationship, it’s important to do something special. After all, each year with a loved one is very significant. When it comes to 25 years together, it’s a life built together. So, there’s nothing better than celebrating in style. So see 70 silver wedding cake ideas to renew the passion.

1. The silver wedding cake is beyond special

Shuellen Teixeira

2. The honored couple has lived together for 25 years

Amanda Souto

3. And deserves to celebrate the union

Nessa’s candy store

4. The years that have passed symbolize a life together

Laysia Adryane

5. Which was marked by great times together

Mica Confectionery

6. That’s why the occasion deserves a cake as special as the union

Bia Paixão Cakes

7. For this, some elements are very important


8. As the couple’s initials, which can be part of the decoration

Debora Pereira

9. The same goes for the age of marriage

Bellí Sweets

10. Shine makes the candy table stand out

Fê Pacheco Patisserie

11. Silver wedding cake with cake top is charming

Nalva/Lerrona Cakes

12. Combine with flowers to make the decor more sophisticated

Gaby Colombo Confectionery

13. Or bet on a nice spatulate job

Golden Sweets and Treats

14. Silver is the hue that most deserves to be on the cake

Candy and Art by Aline Richter

15. Even if it’s in the details

Adriana Guanais-Bolos e Affines

16. And they will help you remember the couple’s story

Glaucia Caroline

17. A silver wedding cake with whipped cream is a classic

Lena’s Sweets💗

18. Besides being super tasty

Rodrigo Viana – Cakes and Sweets

19. It allows for infinite decorations

Delicious Sao Luis | Amanda

20. A few drops of coloring can transform the cake

Vanderléa – Cakes

21. If you prefer, you can do something more relaxed

Art’smil | Carla Lima

22. Or something more classic

Naty Dancona | themed cakes

23. How about a delicate dressed cake?

Kali Sweets

24. A small round cake is great for intimate parties

Kidelícia Confectionery

25. A double-decker cake serves many guests.

Deize Barbosa

26. Another option is a silver wedding cake with whipped cream


27. The ingredient is much easier to work with than whipped cream

Samia Peres

28. And it lasts much longer out of the fridge

Delicia’rt Sweets and Savory

29. Perfect for places with higher temperatures

fairy hands confectionery

30. American paste leaves the cake with a unique finish

Laudijane Lira-Arte in Sugar

31. 25 years of marriage is a real milestone in the couple’s history

anecake and brownies

32. So there’s nothing better than declaring love again, right?

Duda Cakes

33. Renewing wedding vows is a good alternative


34. This will make the couple feel renewed for years to come.

Lyane Cakes

35. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate

Rose Coelho Cake Designer

36. Just remind the loved one how special these years were

AW Handmade Confectionery

37. If you want to be daring, create a big surprise

kitchen dalusia

38. And surprise all the guests

LoLi Custom

39. The cake with natural flowers is very elegant

Claudia Campos de Oliveira

40. Just like paper flowers


41. Flowers can represent the beauty of a relationship

Rita De Cassia Lima de Souza

42. The life the couple built together

Qsejafesta / Cristina Matias

43. Or even all the difficulties overcome by the couple

Milena Oliveira

44. The wedding silver also has its symbology

Sweet Nana Cakes and Sweets

45. It represents a lasting and enduring love

Rai’s Cakes

46. ​​Plus, it has its own glow.

Teka Lindoso sweets

47. In other words, silver is a precious and valuable metal

Zú Cakes – Cakes and Sweets!❤

48. Just like the relationship of the honored couple

Bia Brandão Cakes

49. The silver wedding cake should be romantic

Anna, Clara and Gemma

50. Some hearts help to complement the decor

Macarena’s Gourmet

51. If you want to save, bet on paper toppers

Cris’s sweets

52. The result is beautiful

Karen Bianca Cakes and Sweets

53. And it’s possible to celebrate with all the style and happiness in the world


54. Don’t skimp on charm and decor

Brunette’s delicacies

55. What matters is the couple’s happiness

Nate sweet and savory

56. Remember the good times over the 25 years of marriage

Viviane Rezende

57. Celebrate a lot with family and friends

Gluttony Mania

58. 25 years require a lot of dialogue and understanding

zuleide of oliveira da silva

59. Which resulted in mutual growth


60. What helped a lot in building an important relationship

Cake Emporium – Rubiane Dias

61. And that brought together many more people than just the couple

Daniela Alves

62. A Silver Wedding May Inspire Other Close Couples

July Correa

63. Especially young people in love


64. 25 years can seem long

sugar heaven

65. But next to the loved one, they seem like minutes

Mari sweets

66. All this time makes the couple an example to those close to them

sweet secret

67. True models of understanding, companionship and unity

Tati’S. cakes

68. Love overcomes any obstacle

Gouveia Help

69. And it makes life lighter


70. So celebrate this date a lot!

Rozana Biazuti

With so many sensational ideas, it’s easy to choose how your silver wedding anniversary cake will be. Besides, being able to bake your own cake makes the occasion even more special. Read on to check out tutorials.

How to Bake a Silver Wedding Cake

When making a cake, it’s important to get the dough right and make a special decoration. Check out how to make your own silver wedding cake:

square silver wedding cake

The Confeitando com Daniela Bolos channel teaches how to decorate a silver cake. This color is often used in silver wedding celebrations. See in the tutorial how to use the spout to make the cake look beautiful.

Silver Wedding Cachepot Cake

The cachepot cake is a very versatile technique that makes it possible to combine two colors to have a wonderful result. Thus, the Isaque do Bolo channel teaches how to use the cachepot cake technique for silver weddings. Watch the video for tips on getting the hue right and how to make a nice finish.

Silver wedding cake with whipped cream

An effect that has gained a lot of space in the bakery is the glow cake. This technique makes the cake even more prominent. In the video, learn how to do this effect using whipped cream and a pastry tip. The result is amazing!

Silver cake with airbrush

Some shades are not easy to achieve with dye alone. In addition, mixing with whipped cream or whipped cream can make the shine lose. In certain cases, the airbrush may be the best option. In this video, see how to bake a silver cake using the airbrush. Press play as the video is filled with tips.

Whether to celebrate with friends and family or just between the couple, the ideal is for it to be an unforgettable celebration, as it was throughout the couple’s period! Enjoy and see exciting heart cake ideas.