by Gabriela Naomi

On 06.28.21

Bolofofos cake is an incredible option for your next children’s party. This animation is conquering children of all ages. After all, who can resist fun songs and charismatic characters? So, check out several ideas and then tutorials for decorating your Bolofofos cake.

65 pictures of Bolofofos cake that will conquer the kids

The cake is the main item on the candy table, so it needs to be impeccable! To help you choose the ideal one, see below models beyond creative cakes decorated with the Bolofofos gang:

1. Bolofofos’ cake exudes joy

confectionery marques

2. Because it’s very colorful and playful

Lily Monteiro

3. It will turn your party into a unique event

Ju Amorim

4. The Bolofofos animation has been successful

Larissa Guerra

5. With its charismatic characters

Monaliza Lima

6. And beyond cute

sweet lele confectionery

7. The gang is famous for singing upbeat songs

Ludmilla Albuquerque

8. And make the whole family dance

Panda Gourmet

9. So it’s the perfect theme for an anniversary

Cake Cath

10. Regardless of gender

Kassia Rodrigues

11. Or the age of the birthday boy

Ju sweets

12. Bolofofos cake can be simple

Malu Cakes

13. To do this, bet on white whipped cream

Rachel Coutinho

14. And of course, abuse the characters’ toppers

Juliana Vasconcelos

15. They can be decorated cookies

Letícia Sweets

16. Or on paper, to make the cake more economical

Stefani Kelly

17. Another hit is the Pink Bolofofos cake

Rosane Lessa

18. This color oozes delicacy

Mana Cakes

19. It looks even more beautiful with a touch of glitter

Clau’s delights

20. And blends perfectly with other shades

Manuela Coelho

21. If you are looking for a very light effect, add a little coloring

Duas Marias Cakes

22. As in this option, isn’t it cute?

Jandaya Souza

23. But a little vibrant pink doesn’t hurt anyone

Duas Marias Cakes

24. For those looking for more elaborate decorations

Myle Cakes

25. You need to choose the Bolofofos cake with American paste

Reino Branco Atelier do Açúcar

26. Because this ingredient allows you to faithfully represent the theme

Mila Cakes

27. Besides making everything more fun

Francisca Siqueira

28. And impress the guests

Thais Alves

29. Represent the whole gang

Ana Luna

30. With a simple but sophisticated decor

Raissa Alexandre

31. Or with more flashy elements

Carol Sucupira

32. The American folder allows infinite possibilities


33. And it provides a beautiful finish

sweet sea

34. The secret is to bet on the details

Nathalia Bonilla Festas RJ

35. How about highlighting your favorite character?

Lucilla’s Cupcakes

36. The hard part is choosing between so many cute characters

Caio’s Things Workshop

37. But if you want a wonderful and, at the same time, super delicious cake

Cinara Cake

38. The Bolofofos cake with whipped cream is ideal


39. In addition to the amazing taste

sweet drop of love

40. The whipped cream is very easy to work with

Deah’s sweets

41. You can use different spouts

Aparecida cakes

42. Make a beautiful spatulate cake


43. Of course, playing with colors

Pink Cake

44. That is, it is beautiful, practical and tasty

Nanda Ramos

45. Speaking of practicality…

Is Cake Candy

46. ​​Bolofofos square cake is all good

Juliana Marques

47. It is possible to abuse cake toppers

Joe Cakes

48. Give a perfect finish with the whipped cream

divine flavor

49. In addition to serving all guests well

Luanda Cakes and Sweets

50. It’s a true classic of Brazilian birthdays

Jessica Cakes

51. Have you chosen your favorite cake?

Mary’s sweets

52. With so many options, it’s almost impossible to choose just one

Tati’s delights

53. Think carefully about all the details

Creating Flavors

54. For your cake to look just the way you dreamed

Confectionery T

55. The fun is guaranteed for your party

sweet blackberries

56. Play the Cheese Bread Funk

Anas Emporium

57. And make everyone dance

Girls’ Sweets

58. So, unleash your creativity

Jandaya Souza

59. Play the animation very stylishly

Vanessa Balbi

60. Surprise your guests

Cakes and Sweets

61. And register beautiful photographs

Kinha’s food

62. Be with a simple cake

Nah Cakes

63. Or with a more complex decoration

Patricia Cristina

64. Your party will be marked in everyone’s memory

Sweet Guidance

65. After all, a spectacular cake from Bolofofos will be hard to forget!

Mother Owl Sweets

After so many wonderful models, I bet you felt like making your own cake. So, check out some quick and easy tutorials for baking right now!

How to make Bolofofos cake

Feel like venturing into the kitchen? See the following tutorials to become a real confectioner:

Colorful and easy Bolofofos cake

If you are new to the world of confectionery but want to impress your guests, this video is for you! In the tutorial, you will learn how to decorate in a simple and quick way using colored whipped cream. And to finish and represent the theme, complete the decoration with toppers. It’s so cute!

Bolofofos’ spatulate and pastel decor

Watch the video to see how to make an amazing spatulate decoration! This decoration model is on the rise and is very successful at parties. See the confectioner Isaque’s tips for dyeing whipped cream in pastel shades and how to give a beautiful finish to the cake. It’s unmissable!

Bolofofo cake with whipped cream

Using the whipped cream on the cake is guaranteed success! That’s because the ingredient is tasty and very easy to work with. Check out how to decorate the cake using the whipped cream in the video. Also, learn how to dye the grated coconut to complement your decor.

How to make a cake topper in Bolofofos theme

Throw yourself into the art world and represent the Bolofofos characters on a beautiful cake topper. This decoration complements any simple cake, besides being very economical. Press play and check out the step-by-step instructions to transform a CD and EVA into a beautiful decoration.

Bolofofos animation is a real passion among little ones. However, if you want more cake decorating ideas, check out these beautiful Dog Patrol cake options and have fun with this adventurous gang.