Cinderella is one of Disney's most admired princesses for girls (and moms). Overcoming generations, animation is a great theme suggestion for children's events. Here are dozens of Cinderella cake designs to complete the party with charm and refinement. Also, check out videos showing how to make yours!

65 Royal Cinderella Cakes

Blue predominates the decoration of the party inspired by the sweet princess of Disney, so the cake also usually has this color. Get inspired with various candies to create yours and rock your celebration!

1. Cinderella is a great Disney classic

Patricia Correia

2. And enchants girls so much

Maíra Gonçalves

3. How about moms

Laurita Siqueira

4. That's why it's a popular theme to celebrate birthdays.

Melissa Santos Sweets Gourmet

5. Mesversaries

Paula and Nê Cakes

6. And even parties of 15 years!

Ana Benedita

7. There are several models of cakes

Su Delights and Confectionery

8. Like the round classics

Flávia Felícia

9. Or the squares

Sonia's Diner

10. There are the simplest candies

Regina Ramos Cake

11. Small

Sugar Yarn

12. And with few decoration elements

Laurita Handmade Confectionery

13. And Bigger Others

Yuri Cakes

14. And more extravagant

Mayane lamb

15. Like this amazing Cinderella luxury cake!

Le Petit Space Parties

16. Blue is the most chosen color when composing the candy

Bbzão Brownie

17. Can be complemented with other colors

Yasmin Ribeiro Confectionery

18. Like pink

Party House

19. White

Ju Tubandt

20. And golden

Biscuit Rita Machado

21. A multi-color palette is also a great choice.

D Mary Cakes and Sweets

22. And it fits in very well with the theme

Priscila Cayres

23. Since it refers to the princess's dress when being transformed for prom

Thais Portugal Cakes and Sweets

24. And speaking of her, include Cinderella in the cake

Rose Silk Tree

25. But you can also choose models without it

Giselle Cakes

26. Using only symbols that refer to the Disney princess

Dona Deja Cakes

27. Like the crown

La Dolce Vida

28. The carriage

Sweet childhood

29. Watch

André Cakes

30. Or the crystal slipper

Confectionary Marias

31. Wasn't this blue Cinderella cake amazing?

Isabella Azevedo

32. Butterflies

Di Chocolate

33. And flowers decorate with charm

Luzia Nila Lavanhole F Alves

34. And delicacy

SB Cakes and Sweets

35. Clocks marking almost midnight

Lolô Delights

36. And the castles are all about the theme of the party!

Milla Confectionery

37. Create a 1 floor cake

Ana Flávia Andrade

38. A 2-story Cinderella Cake

Pampering Pampering

39. From 3

Amelia Araújo

40. Or as many as you want!

Cakes Rental

41. Bet on a Cinderella cake with blackmail

Lu Cakes

42. Or with a lot of whipped cream

Higor Rocha

43. We guarantee that guests will love!

Sweet Sensations

44. Pearls Finish With Elegance

Miriam Bridges Confectionery

45. A true sweet castle!

Sheyla Sweetness

46. ​​Turn the princess's dress into a cake

Vivy Cakes

47. And don't forget to include the friendly helpers!

Rachel Pelegrino

48. Fake cakes are great for those looking to save money!

Cake fake

49. Beautiful Cinderella Square Cake

Rachel Arruda

50. Drooling

Malu Bunny

51. And ties end with exquisite!

Sweet Art

52. Cinderella cake with top makes the model more interesting

Lolô Delights

53. And decorated

Michele Costa

54. Include toppers both on top

Sweet taste

55. How much on the sides of the cake

Elaine Vaccari

56. Minimalist and amazing!

CDM Paradise Sweet

57. The gradient effect made the candy very beautiful

Gulosa Cakes Confectionery

58. Delicious Cinderella Cake with Whipped Cream

Silvia Martins

59. Be creative

Creative touch

60. And let your imagination flow!

Ariana Tortelote

61. Cinderella topped cake brought more color to the candy

Candy Atelier

62. And it's a pretty easy decorative item.

Rosi France

63. And practical to do

Neidi Lamb

64. Lace made candy even more delicate

Giovanna Favarati

65. Perfect sync between pink and blue!

Nick cake

Mouth-watering, isn't it? Now that you have been inspired by so many ideas on how to decorate your Cinderella cake, watch the following videos that will show you the step by step to make yours!

How to Make Cinderella Cake

Making a cake can be easy, but when decorating it always makes you nervous, doesn't it? Check out some ideas on how to make this part without fear to finish your sweet with great taste!

Cinderella cake easy to make

To start our selection of videos, we've brought you a tutorial that teaches you the easiest way to make and decorate Cinderella's cake. You will not need much skill to have a simple and beautiful cake that will delight your guests.

2-story Cinderella Cake

See and delight yourself with this tutorial that will show you how to make a two-tiered cake with a lot of icing. Get different nozzles to make and create beautiful compositions!

Cinderella Cake with Doll

How about making a tasty cake shaped like Cinderella's dress? Although it seems a bit complicated and time consuming to make, the effort will be worth it! Before putting the doll inside the cake, clean the toy well!

Cinderella cake with frills

The frills are all about this amazing theme! And thinking about it, we brought this video with step by step that will show you how to make yours with this technique that will make your cake look beautiful. Finish with custom toppers!

Cinderella Square Cake

The square template is suitable for parties with more guests. So we selected the video that will explain how to decorate your cake in this format. The rice paper gives personality to the sweet and the golden tone finishes with elegance.

Decorate your cake according to the decoration of the place. After all, candy is part of the party! Now that you've come up with some ideas on how to make your Cinderella cake, grab the ingredients and get your hands on it! And speaking of princesses, how about taking a quick look at princess cake suggestions that are worthy of royalty?


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