By Mariana Jati

On 07.07.21

Alice in Wonderland, a Lewis Carroll and Disney classic, lives in the imagination of thousands of children and adults around the world, so why not bet on a cake with this theme? Get inspired by the story of little Alice and the cakes below and guarantee a celebration full of magic:

60 pictures of Alice in Wonderland cake to celebrate her unbirthday

If you’re going to celebrate your unbirthday, birthday, birthday or whatever, an Alice in Wonderland cake is a great choice. Check out the ideas below:

1. Alice in Wonderland has enchanted everyone since 1865

double confectionery

2. And it’s a very recurrent theme, especially at children’s parties

Gisele Duarte

3. And who wouldn’t fall in love with a completely new world?

secret garden bakes

4. Even more so with so many charismatic characters?

sayo cake

5. You can decorate your cake with cute cookies

Ana lino

6. Or bet on good old American pasta

laíze braga

7. Whipped cream never goes out of style

baked by holly

8. And you can even mix the options

ton Caprice

9. The paper topper transforms any simple cake

made of sugar

10. With the American paste, it is possible to create amazing models

Vanessa aqui

11. Regardless of the size of your cake

nanny fonseca

12. Decorating with American paste is a success

alex alvino & wong yok

13. A fun and modern idea at the same time

sylvia rivas

14. With twice as many treats


15. And a passionate simplicity

confectionery recorder

16. Edible decor is always fun

sweet by shuku

17. For those looking for a less traditional cake

Dlicious sweets

18. The most common colors in this theme are pink and blue

clear cake

19. And the elements and characters of the story are present in the decoration

happy cakes by eytel

20. Like the white rabbit and the talking doorknob


21. Teapot and cup cannot be missed at tea time

notre gateau

22. In this cake, the teapot even gains a prominent place


23. Who doesn’t love simple decor?

Rafaela muce

24. This topper is a beautiful option and goes beyond the obvious

kelly would you do

25. Who said that this theme cannot be contemporary?

Afternoon tea

26. Alice in Wonderland cake with top is a charm

cocoa and vanilla

27. The English classic is also a classic of the messengers

Andrea Miranda Cakes

28. A fun and different idea for your celebration

suziane furtaque

29. Alice’s love of story is not just childish

perfect creations

30. Any fan would fall in love with a cake like this

casper artistry

31. Paper toppers are always welcome

by carol sierra

32. Just like the balloon decorations!


33. A Cake or the Cheshire Cat

laysia adryane

34. The 1-year Alice in Wonderland cake is lovely

clouds in slices

35. The gradient adds even more charm to the decor

Gabriela Moreira

36. Tall cakes give more room for decoration

mirlla sour

37. And the drip cake effect is fabulous

kath’s cake

38. But of course a more traditional cake has its charm

aurora cakes

39. I’m even sorry to cut a piece!

sweet fabee

40. To celebrate the Mesversário with a lot of cuteness

sweet sketch

41. Artificial flowers complete the decoration well


42. You can even use a doll when decorating your cake

perfect creations

43. Blue can never be lacking!

good bear bakes

44. Whipped cream and whipped cream are good choices for simple cakes

sweet delights

45. A little shine doesn’t hurt anyone


46. ​​Glitter looks beautiful in dark colors

duda sweets

47. A cake in this theme doesn’t have to be childish

all sweet

48. There are many options when decorating

aurora cakes

49. The Alice in Wonderland cake asks for delicacy

ju martins confectionery

50. And it looks beautiful with paper toppers to complete

creative affection cake

51. The perfect cake for your unbirthday!

sweet barn bakery

52. The delicacy of this cake delights anyone

divine delight

53. A small cake doesn’t have to be boring, does it?

Christiane almeida

54. The paper topper is a good option for those who want to save money

nelly magellan

55. The success of messesy cakes

Giselle Duarte

56. Hatter’s top hat looks amazing as a top ornament

vania elihimas

57. The Queen of Hearts also makes great decorations

good sweet

58. Of the simplest cakes

ju sweets

59. Even those full of details

gourmet maricotas

60. Surely there is one who will steal your heart!


Will you be able to choose just one Alice in Wonderland cake for your party? The tutorials for baking beautiful cakes below can help you in this quest.

How to Bake an Alice in Wonderland Cake

To celebrate, give or sell, the Alice in Wonderland theme cake is a good choice for any age group. With the videos below you will learn how to reproduce amazing beautiful ones like these at home! Check out:

Alice in Wonderland messenger cake

Lewis Carroll’s story is a darling theme of messenger celebrations because of its playful look. In the video above you learn how to bake this very fluffy cake and with beautiful paper toppers.

How to bake Alice cake with whipped cream

To this day, whipped cream is one of the most used options when confectioning decorated cakes, and no wonder! In this video you follow the step-by-step instructions for decorating a simple cake in the Alice in Wonderland theme, all in whipped cream.

Alice’s Garden Cake Tutorial

If you want a different and delicate decoration for your cake, this video is perfect for you. Learn step by step to create a beautiful garden of whipped cream that will turn your candy table into a work of art!

Alice in Wonderland cake with American paste

Anyone who is passionate about American paste modeling will certainly fall in love with this tutorial. Check out the step by step and decorate an amazing cake full of details in an American paste.

Did you manage to choose just one cake? Also take the opportunity to discover these beautiful ideas for an Alice in Wonderland party that you will never forget!