By Hugo Tanaka

On 10.04.21

Dragon Ball cake is a great idea for those who want to have a different party. This Japanese animation was part of the childhood of several people. Therefore, we have selected beautiful photos of this cake that you will love. In addition, we have selected videos that teach how to decorate this type of candy. Check out!

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60 Dragon Ball cake photos that will please the Sayajins to the androids

Some drawings marked the lives of many people. For example, the entire Dragon Ball franchise, so many people want a cake with this theme. With that, you can be sure that it will be easier to collect all the dragon balls than to decide who will receive the first piece of the cake. Check out!

1. The Dragon Ball cake will make your party unforgettable

Deah’s Sweetnesses

2. This cake can remind you of your childhood

Julio Max Cakes

3. Girls can also have their Dragon Ball cake

Andreza Galrão

4. Dragon balls can be made with cake and whipped cream

Tchocomel by Débora Pereira

5. Use the dragon balls to bring the American paste Shen Long

Cakes by Robin

6. The topping of the entire Dragon Ball cake can be made with American paste

Camila Poli

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7. But she can also be a blackmailer, to please everyone

Náira Campanharo

8. This Goku cake will make even the Saiyans hungry

Anelyse Martins

9. And this gradient decor does not disappoint any Dragon Ball Z character


10. This Goku will protect your cake so that no guest can skip the line

Decorate more Cake

11. This decoration with cachepô and metallic blue is perfect

Sweet Kingdom Confectionery

12. But, if you want, you can also invert the color pattern

Walex | Luxury custom

13. A mesversary cake can also be decorated with whipped cream

Camila Machado

14. This cake will go well with any party

Bolim Bolão

15. You can use rice paper to avoid mistakes

Marcela Guedes Cakes

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16. Your Dragon Ball cake can be decorated with a Goku doll

Vera Silva

17. Decorating with rice paper and whipped cream is always a safe choice

Marcela Guedes Cakes

18. A naked cake is a simple solution, but it oozes beauty

Ganache Confeitaria By Andrea

19. Another great idea is to make the square cake for easy decoration

Homemade Bru

20. Your guests will raise their hands to make Genki Dama and expect a slice of this cake

Pielice Confeitaria

21. This square Dragon Ball cake features some iconic characters


22. In the meantime, decorating with American paste is always a good idea

Bake My Day | Cakes and candies

23. You can sense the sweetness and success of this square cake from Goku

Sweet Charm

24. This Dragon Ball cake uses Goku’s cloud as a theme

Cynthia’s delights

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25. The KitKat cake is a simple idea and one that is always successful

Jessica Dauinheimer da Silva

26. This one already has some versions of Goku Super Saiyan

Sweet Life – Uberaba / MG

27. Another simple idea is to make acetate cakes

Personalized Rainbow

28. This type of Dragon Ball cake is very versatile

Nat Gois Handmade Cake

29. Anyone who wants can take a chance on a simpler American paste decoration

Marimi Atelier de Doces

30. A wide spread of whipped cream leaves everyone impressed

Confectionery Erivania

31. Customizing the rice paper will make each cake unique

Sweetness of Andressa Sena

32. And don’t forget to put all your favorite characters in the decor

Sabrina P. Confectionery

33. You can make your favorite character using paste

Aline Gonzaga | Personalized Cakes and Sweets

34. And then abuse the details

coronas cakes

35. But a smaller decor leaves nothing to be desired

Olga Werner

36. That way, some cakes can have a lot of details


37. Others, slightly less

Full of Stuffing

38. After all, there is no shortage of incredible ideas


39. And the important thing is that the guests know what the theme of the party is

Laura Montella

40. This Dragon Ball cake, for sure, was the star of the event

Sâmia Peres

41. For those who like details, this could be the perfect cake

Palace Of Cakes

42. A square Dragon Ball cake can also have a lot of details

Cida Araujo

43. If the party has a lot of guests, make a big cake

Delights of the Jú

44. But if the guests are few, make a mini-ball

Sweet cake

45. Gradient coverings are always successful


46. ​​Dragon Ball cake is also a girl thing

Josy Montijo Artisan Cakes

47. Two favorite characters? Smoothly

Ray Cakes and Party Kits

48. In addition, double cakes are ideal for people sharing a birthday

Confectionery Gift Girl

49. A black cover highlights details

Esy Lukresy

50. The blue of this American briefcase highlighted the dragon’s spheres

Sweet Space by Susana Marzullo

51. Here, a cake for the father and daughter who share the birthday

Vitória Silva Cake Toppers

52. Even Krillin deserves to have a themed cake

Renata Cake Designer

53. These cakes please the little ones and the big ones

Dani Freitas

54. Even a lot of big guys like the Dragon Ball cake

Dayse Bertoldo

55. All ages and all decorations are covered

Temptation Cakes and Sweets

56. Naked cake is for the more serious

Paim Cake

57. Chantinho coverage also appeals to older people

Lu Fernandes – Cakes / Sweets

58. In addition to this decoration, the cachepô cake is also the favorite of the big ones

Nanu Cakes

59. After all, there are no limits to liking the theme

Nanu Cakes

60. This type of cake is for all ages

Fabi Cakes

Now it’s easy to decide what the cake for your next party will be. Just don’t forget to eat like Goku after fighting Freeza.

How to Make a Dragon Ball Cake

Learning how to make a Dragon Ball cake is easier than it looks. We have selected four videos for you to choose what type of decoration you will make on your cake. Check out!

How to use the 1M nozzle to decorate the cake

Lorena Gontijo gives several tips on how to decorate a cake using the 1M spout. To do this, you can make a small layer of whipped cream before using the nozzle. In addition, Lorena explains that it is important to pay attention to the amendment of the coverage.

Dragon Ball Super Cake

New generations don’t like the old version of Dragon Ball. Therefore, one of the themes that children ask for is Dragon Ball Super. In this video, you will learn how to make a beautiful decoration with this theme.

Dragon Ball Square Cake

For those who do not have a ballerina shape at home, it is much more practical to decorate a square cake. Therefore, confectioner Bruna Ferreira explains how to decorate a square cake with the Dragon Ball theme. For this, she gives tips on how to prepare the whipped cream to reach the ideal tone.

Dragon Ball themed cachepô cake

Nobody disagrees that the cake with cachepô decoration is beautiful. Thus, the confectioner Bruna Santoski shows how to decorate a beautiful cachepô cake with the Dragon Ball theme.

There is no shortage of incredible ideas for your event, right? For another party, you can try to make a Superman cake!