Thinking of decorating the table of the guests of your birthday or wedding party? Or do you want suggestions for composing your dining room table? Then check out below dozens of table center ideas to make the composition even more charming and beautiful. And, right after, see where to buy yours and receive the item in the comfort of your home!

Centerpiece for dining room

Are you going to have dinner for friends? Or get the family together to celebrate a date? So take care in the composition of your table! Get inspired below with incredible suggestions:

1. Use artificial flowers and leaves to compose the arrangement

Table Paparice

2. That way, you won't have to worry about taking care of them

Daily 1303

3. Another idea is to create an arrangement with succulents

LG Space

4. That will make your table very beautiful!

Stoklar Decor

5. Towels are also a great option

Montse Fabregat

6. And finish the composition with charm

Cíntia Félix

7. And beauty!

Acássia Rodrigues M. Santos

8. Candles make the arrangement more delicate

JCZ Deco

9. And intimate

Alma Relax Aromatherapy

10. Sculptures are beautiful centerpieces!

Rogério Menin

11. Create an arrangement with your favorite flowers

Every Detail Matters

12. And get a beautiful vase to value them even more!

Art’s Flowers Ateliê

13. Beautiful and elegant combination!

JCZ Deco

14. Decorate according to your home decor


15. To create a harmonic composition

La Casa de Los Pepos

16. And without error!

Analía Laxague

17. The pieces give a more modern touch to the table

Joelma Decorations

18. The vase itself already decorates with a lot of charm!

Two 5 Four

19. Combine different materials

Mimos from Mô

20. To create beautiful contrasts with textures and colors!

El Atico

Gorgeous, isn't it? As for the dining room, you can also create a beautiful model for the living room. Now that you've been inspired with ideas for your environment, check out others to use at the wedding!

Wedding centerpiece

For the wedding, bet on arrangements with flowers, candles and crystals to complement the decoration with elegance. See ideas that will surprise your guests.

21. Bet with many flowers

FD Diseño Floral

22. Glass

Bride's Corner

23. And candles to compose your centerpiece

Noble Decor Uberaba Scenery

24. Wood is great for rustic weddings

Implement Renta

25. And finishes the decor with lots of charm

Happy Moments Cakes

26. The centerpiece must be high

Ale Miranda

27. Or lower

International Flora

28. In order not to disturb the guests

Martha Olguín

29. Tropical inspiration!


30. Leave a message of thanks with the decorative item

Lia and Taina

31. The mirror support makes the arrangement more sophisticated

Sausalito Space

32. Just like this crystal centerpiece

Real Lotus Flower

33. Get inspired by the bride's bouquet!

Entre Flores

34. Make a simpler arrangement

Floristería y Peluches

35. And small

MG Flores e Mobiliario

36. Or dare and create something big

Casa Flor de Loto

37. And exuberant!

La Gloria de Las Flores

38. Be careful when lighting the candles

Floral Mon Flowers and Decoration

39. Not to burn the flowers

Manzana Malva

40. Simple and delicate

Inain Decorations

Full of charm, these decorative items will create an even more intimate and beautiful atmosphere for your wedding. Finally, check out the following templates to compose the tables of your birthday guests!

Birthday centerpiece

An interesting idea for those who want to save money is to create a beautiful centerpiece that also serves as a souvenir for the guests to take to the end of the party. Check out the ideas we separated for you!

41. Balloons are indispensable when decorating a party


42. So it's a great material idea to make your centerpiece

My Balloon

43. Create your model according to the theme of the event

Mimos from Mô

44. Like this one from Frozen

What delicacy

45. Snoppy


46. ​​Minnie

Party At Home

47. Or the painted chicken

Due Creative Studio

48. After all, they are part of the party!

Decorate Your Party

49. Making your centerpiece can be quite inexpensive

Pap Tip Ferstas

50. Being able to use recyclable materials

Caroba Flower

51. Just have a little creativity

Juliana Peixoto

52. The party centerpiece is a great souvenir

Party Touch

53. Even more if they are little plants!

Allegra Eventos and Candy Bar

54. Glass and mirror are a perfect match!

Colon Art

55. Delicate children's table center

Tok and Decorate

56. You can create a simpler composition

Everything With Balloons

57. Or a more elaborate one

Manualidades Sol

58. This will depend on the budget available

RV Events

59. Wasn't this EVA and crepe table centerpiece beautiful?

Oh, Liva

60. Combine with the tableware!

Adriana Jimenez Floral Studio

It is very important that the centerpiece matches the decoration of the party, whether for a theme or a color palette. Now that you've been inspired by so many ideas, check out where you can buy yours!

6 table center options to buy

Are you on the run, but you don't want to give up a beautiful centerpiece? Smoothly! We select stores that you can buy yours right now!

  1. Centerpiece with trio of balls, in Magazine Luiza
  2. Corrugated table center with foot, in Submarino
  3. Boho centerpiece, in Camicado
  4. Rosé wire centerpiece at Lojas Americanas
  5. Glass table center at Shoptime
  6. Rustic centerpiece, at Tok & Stok

Difficult to choose the most beautiful, isn't it? Remember to always combine the decorative item with the rest of the table decoration to create a harmonic and even more beautiful composition! And, speaking of that, how about checking out beautiful ideas and tips for an amazing table set?


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