Special moments can gain even more meaning with a heart cake. This format is always associated with deep emotions and conveys the best feelings. Check out ideas and tutorials for making a heart cake and declaring all your love!

55 heart cakes that are passionate

In any style, the heart cake conveys a lot of affection and is full of love, check out ideas:

1. The most traditional color is red


2. But there is no shortage of ideas for decorating the heart cake


3. Fruits are a good suggestion.

mnami by Lucy

4. Flowers give a special charm.


5. And you can make everything sweeter


6. Can you innovate with a geometric shape


7. Brighten someone's day with colorful confectionery

Francielle Campana

8. Surprise with delicious chocolate icing

mnami by Lucy

9. Or delight very gently


10. Choose your favorite flavors

Panda Cake

11. The heart cake with strawberries is exciting

Jaqueline Ergolico Cakes

12. It may look simpler

Herika Marques

13. Or a very neat look

Panda Cake

14. That will make many sighs!

Olya Mazur

15. Heart Cake is Perfect for Weddings

Marcela Soares

16. Even more decorated with beautiful roses

Jan's Sweetness

17. Be Icing Flowers

Nati Gentle Brigadiers

18. Made with American Paste

Sweet Addiction

19. And even real roses


20. Surely love is in the air


21. A perfect cake to celebrate a special date

Romi’s Torten – Cake Design

22. Or someone you love so much!

Herika Marques

23. Berries are very welcome.

Stephanie knorzer

24. And form a delicious combination of flavors


25. Even more when accompanied by chocolates


26. Red velvet is a perfect choice.

Panadero Brazil

27. Just like the two loves cake

Marcela Soares

28. You can combine themes

Sablée Pâtisserie

29. Wear a beautiful mirrored cover


30. And ensure a wonderful result


31. Can choose from multiple layers

Wilton Cake Decorating

32. Decorate with more hearts

Inku Cakes

33. Or with beautiful and delicate roses


34. And for the finishing touch, a ribbon!

ana banana brigaderia

35. Impossible not to fall in love

Fathima MJ

36. Make your statement on the cake

Larissa Correa

37. Show All Your Feeling


38. And impress your love

Mag ConFeitos with Love

39. A beautiful romantic surprise

Vanilla Pastry and Waffleria

40. Even with a small heart cake


41. Garnish with fruits


42. Or with a lot of chocolate

Ritika’s Bake Studio

43. Melting with a cover

Wilton Cake Decorating

44. If you wish you can use other colors.

Olga Noskova

45. Make a very romantic decoration

Inku Cakes

46. ​​Or create a beautiful icing texture

Mirian Crepaldi Faustino

47. Use creativity to express your feelings.

Fabiana Oliveira

48. Heart Cake Fits Many Occasions

mnami by Lucy

49. How to give a loved one a gift

Mirian Crepaldi Faustino

50. Celebrate a birthday

Marina Moucachen Workshop

51. And be present at engagements and weddings


52. Too Many Options for You to Fall in Love

Marcela Soares

53. Of course, also delight

Marcela Soares

54. The important thing is to celebrate love

Alice Gomes

55. In all its forms!


So many ideas for you to celebrate, choose a model and express all your affection to someone special!

How to make heart cake

To turn any moment into something unique and further demonstrate your affection, you can learn how to make a heart cake, see the tutorials:

How to assemble a perfect heart cake

Learn a very practical technique for assembling a heart cake using only a round shape. Make the dough you prefer, then just measure and make the cuts indicated on the video to ensure the perfect shape! Also follow a wonderful suggestion of decoration with icing nozzles.

Heart Cake for Valentine's Day

Here, you will find out how to make a heart cake using a rectangular shape. Take a step-by-step to make a chocolate batter, a strawberry filling, and a simple yet enticing decoration suggestion. A beautiful option to surprise your love.

Two-story heart cake

A great love also deserves a great cake! Learn how to make a two story heart cake. The preparation is easy and you only need to bake a cake in a large rectangular shape. Cut the dough with a mold, use your favorite stuffing and make a wonderful decoration with roses.

In any case, show all your love. Enjoy and see also decorating ideas for Valentine's Day and make a beautiful surprise for those you love!


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