By Naomi Tanaka

On August 17, 21

A birthday party or any other celebration deserves to be full of joy and fun, so the rainbow cake is a great choice! This cake is colorful and surprises everyone with different super-creative decorations that ooze cuteness. Here are the best rainbow cake ideas and tutorials for you to choose your own.

50 rainbow cake pictures that are full of cuteness and lots of colors

With colorful proposals, rich in details or even minimalist, the rainbow cake will make your party more cheerful and very tasty. See, below, different models to inspire you to choose your favorite cake:

1. The rainbow cake is a real explosion of color

teak sweets

2. It will make the party atmosphere more joyful

Juliana Merli Cakes and Sweets

3. And it will win over both children and adults

Renata Machado Confectionery

4. This colorful cake can mean several things

Fernandes Gourmet

5. It can welcome the rainbow baby

Cici Honey Candy

6. Can represent diversity and freedom in love

Fou Pour Le Sucre

7. Or the feeling of hope and renewal

Miriam Barbosa

8. Regardless of the reason for your choice

Lila Cakes

9. This cake is the right bet for those looking to impact the guests

Ana Dietze Confectionery

10. Of course, it’s also worth choosing it just for its aesthetics

Careful – Artistic Cakes

11. The rainbow cake with whipped cream is the most popular

my grandmother did

12. Because this ingredient with a few drops of dye is impactful

blackberry sweets

13. It’s super easy to work

Lilo Bakery Cake

14. It is possible to create a beautiful spout job

di chocolate confectionery

15. Or leave the cake simple and with a flawless finish!

Rayana Medeiros Workshop

16. A cool idea is to bake a rainbow cake inside

Vagner Furioto

17. The colored layers bring a special touch

Gislaine Ricci

18. And leave the cake cutting time full of surprises


19. The round rainbow cake can be basic

Larissa Lace

20. In classic colors, the cake is traditional

Ana Raquel

21. Other shades make the proposal more unique

Kingdom Sweet Confectionery

22. You can bet on pink

Sweet Fue – Roberta

23. The boho rainbow is chic and sophisticated

Ana Moreira

24. Blue is creates a beautiful contrast to the rainbow

Diana Lima

25. Just like the white

Carol Oliveira Confectionery

26. You can choose your favorite colors

Fernanda Luz Confeitaria

27. And if you can’t make up your mind, bet on colorful confections


28. Invest in Rainbow Cake with Cake Top for quick decorating

Mother of Bia Brigaderia

29. Paper toppers are more economical

Ana Pinheiro

30. And allow endless possibilities

Micaele Moraes Cakes

31. To get away from the traditional, make a cake topper with American paste

Gabriela Gigli

32. The result is cute and fun

girl’s finger

33. The important thing is for you to unleash your creativity

Maria Sousa

34. Include other elements to complete the decor

Lorena Matos

35. How about adding the birthday boy’s favorite characters?

Rafaela Marinho

36. Or some glitter details for a special shine

Deby Cake

37. Don’t be afraid to dare

Isabela Guarana

38. The ruffle cake looks beautiful in classic colors

Joaquim Cake Designer

39. If you like, decorate a deconstructed rainbow

Ana Moreira

40. Why not two cakes that complement each other?

Sei Patisserie

41. This proposal will surprise guests

Indira Arrioja

42. And it’s ideal for larger parties

Lilo Bakery Cake

43. Just like square rainbow cake

very sweet

44. Rainbow birthday cake is great for celebrating with friends

Marcella Calixto

45. Receiving the new age with style and joy

Silvia Melo

46. ​​And reflect on the past year

Denise Dlouhy

47. The rainbow cake will be the difference in your party

Paola Mello – Confectionery

48. Think carefully about every detail

Sharmila Cakes

49. Leave the guests in the clouds

Mica Confectionery

50. And enjoy the cake you’ve always dreamed of!

Ordering Confectionery Ideas

With so many amazing ideas, it’s almost impossible to decide which model to choose, isn’t it? Invest in the colors and details that you like and create a beautiful cake for your event!

how to make rainbow cake

If you want to participate in all the details and get your hands dirty, check out the tutorials below to learn how to bake a rainbow-themed cake:

rainbow cake inside

If you are just looking to make a simple cake, but at the same time very impressive, the rainbow cake inside is a great option! In the tutorial, you will learn how to color the dough with food coloring. Then, with the baked and cold pasta, just assemble your super-colored cake. Watch the video, it’s not to be missed!

rainbow cake with whipped cream

Here, you can see another simple option, but full of joy. Follow in the video how to create a beautiful decoration using the traditional whipped cream and the spout. Take advantage of the step-by-step instructions to learn several tips that will make it easier to decorate the cake and leave the final result in harmony.

rainbow cake with cake top

Cake toppers make decorating much easier and are perfect for those who want to save money. In this video, check out how to bake using the whipped cream to represent the sky and then complete the decoration with the cake topper. This option is simple and quick to make at home, in addition, it is very cute!

square rainbow cake

For those who don’t have many skills in the confectionery world, this video could be the perfect option! That’s because the baker Ivonete Rocha teaches you how to make a decoration in a square cake. In the tutorial, pastels were used, but you can get creative and use all the colors of the rainbow! Press play and check out all the details of the tutorial.

Colorful decor with American folder

If you want to go even further, this tutorial teaches you how to use American Paste to create a rainbow-themed cake. The step by step is very easy, just make several colored strips with the ingredient and at the end decorate as you like. Check out the video for more details on working with the American folder like a pro.

Now it’s just a matter of separating all the materials and setting off on an adventure in the confectionery world. Your rainbow cake is sure to be beautiful and tasty! How about complementing the party with a super cute decoration? Take the opportunity and check out ideas to set up a unicorn party.