By Mariana Jati

On May 30, 21

There’s nothing like a cake in the theme Grays Anatomy for fans of this hugely successful series, isn’t it? Started in 2005, the series has 17 seasons released so far, and accumulates awards, fans and appearances by renowned actors and actresses. If you love watching Meredith Grey’s life, you’ll fall in love with these cakes!

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50 heart-stopping photos of Grey’s Anatomy Cake

Grey’s Anatomy, known in Brazil as Grey’s Anatomy, is an enormously successful North American medical series. The series follows the lives of Meredith Gray and other doctors, residents and nurses at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Check below ideas for cakes inspired by the series that will surely delight any fan:

1. Grays Anatomy is a series with a legion of fans

Yvonne Pies & Cupcakes

2. And each one has their favorite characters


3. So there’s nothing better than celebrating this love

beautiful gourmet sweets

4. Be with a less obvious cake

luli bakery

5. Or with a cake with all the best Grays Anatomy has to offer

kyvia kykes

6. You can decorate the cake with quotes from the series

amy’s cookie co. and bakery

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7. Or opt for something that portrays your favorite pair

sweet white & cakes

8. Anatomical representations are welcome

very sweet

9. Just like this cake that resembles a hospital uniform

shanese millet

10. Seattle Skyline Makes an Incredible Cake

Agus Fontenla

11. Medical materials complete the decoration

mama’s gourmet

12. Meredith and Cristina are fan favorites of the series

divine party concept

13. The duo adorns several cakes in this theme

jujube cakes

14. Not even the messiah cakes escape

samira souza

15. Perfect for parents who are fans of the medical series

choco art’s studio

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16. How about this Grey’s Anatomy cake in American paste?

studio making candy

17. You can also combine American paste and whipped cream

esthephany cakes

18. A cake full of amazing details

brownie pastry

19. Red is often used in this theme

love + flavor

20. Just like the blue and white

vegan pastry lotus luna

21. For a doctor, no defect

gladness days

22. Stripes add extra charm

isa gourmet

23. Paper toppers make it all the more amazing

le gateau pastry

24. Can you not love?


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25. For those looking for something more “realistic”

sweet by edinir lana

26. The American paste yields fantastic modeling

studio humm

27. Like this mini operating room

beloved pastry shop

28. Or this stethoscope

sibari pastry and deli

29. Models can also appear in other candies

silva small

30. Completely passionate

az sweet boutique bakehouse

31. Gold is great for giving that charm

shanda’s cakes

32. The more characters the better!

that’s peterson

33. Bet on scrapcake for a very different cake

le gust malu

34. This is an easy way to decorate a Grey’s Anatomy cake


35. Besides being very economical

sweets of idria

36. For those who don’t do without a little black dress

drip desserts

37. A right color combination

carol alves cakes

38. The doctor’s coat cannot be missing

katy’s cake

39. A delicacy only

sweet peace

40. For an all-themed candy table

monica silva decorated cakes

41. Enchanting simplicity

love in confections

42. Red is very present

sweets of the go

43. Even if in small details

godmother’s sweets

44. A touch of shine is always welcome

father cake

45. The blue confections highlight the cake

saint gourmet

46. ​​For those who dream of a fun Grey’s Anatomy cake

paucaroline cupcakes

47. A minimalist and elegant option

delight andrade

48. Paper toppers are great for completing decorations

aline souza

49. Whatever style you choose for your cake

caramel pastry shop

50. It will definitely be as memorable as the series!

honeybee cake with

Choosing a model from the above ideas is as difficult as deciding on your favorite Greys Anatomy episode, isn’t it? While you’re thinking, take the opportunity to see how you can bake your own cake!

How to Make Grey’s Anatomy Cake

It’s a beautiful day for baking, so check out the amazing tutorials below that will help you prepare your dream cake:

Simple Grays Anatomy Cake

If you are not very familiar with the confectionery, bet on a simpler decoration cake. In the video above you learn how to bake easily and elegantly.

How to Decorate Grays Anatomy Cake with Whipped Cream

The whipped cream won as many hearts as McDreamy! Learn how to bake a very fluffy cake using the technique.

Grays Anatomy Theme Cake with Rice Paper

Rice paper is a fun and easy alternative to decorating any cake, so it continues to be a hit. In this video you will learn step by step how to bake a beautiful cake using the technique.

How to Decorate Grays Anatomy Cake with Zig Zag Icing

Zig zag frosting yields amazing decorated cakes, and in this video you’ll learn how to recreate this cute technique to make your cake the perfect Grey’s Anatomy theme.

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