By Mariana Jati

On 07.02.21

The LGBT+ community loves using the colors of their flags to show pride in being who they are, so why not use them in cake decorating? Each letter in the acronym represents a group: L for lesbians, G for gays, B for bisexuals, T for transsexuals and the + covers various other genders and sexualities. See how to use your flag colors:

50 LGBT+ cake photos to celebrate pride all year long

Nothing better than using and abusing your personality, your tastes and your essence when decorating, and of course the cakes would not be left out, right? The options are as diverse and colorful as the LGBT community itself. Check out:

1. The rainbow is a great symbol of the LGBT+ community

chef mari javez

2. He was the inspiration for the creation of the famous flag in 1978

heather won

3. Created by Gilbert Baker, each color has a meaning

bit bandito

4. Its vibrant tones yield amazing decorations


5. Which will certainly make any celebration happier

good brownie

6. If you want something less flashy, bet on the colored dough

confectionery pastry

7. An explosion of color!

the baking papi

8. The naked cake makes the dough stand out beautifully

pizzotti gastronomy

9. With paper toppers everything is better

camila brook

10. Decorating with cookies is a delicious option

zoe’s kitchen creations

11. The black background makes the colors even more prominent

kat hick creations

12. With a little shine it gets even better

damask glycya

13. A discreet and charming idea

little old bakehouse

14. Impossible not to fall in love

baby sugar confectionery

15. Sugar crystals for a different look


16. Love is always love

paul and pearl

17. Colors for any celebration

ant cakes

18. Paper toppers are a great option

victor oliver cakes

19. The rainbow of the LGBT+ flag may be the most common

Joshua Luciano

20. But several other flags of the acronym shine on the cakes

paula coutinho

21. Like the lesbian flag


22. For the cutest frog on the swamp

geisa gabriela

23. The colors of the trans flag make fantastic cakes

saphire character

24. Besides being super delicate decorations

big sweets

25. And full of charm

princesses & the cake

26. The neutral gender crowd could not be left out

forty four

27. This cake even mimics the rock effect!

lizzie’s world of cakes

28. A fun and contemporary idea

ruby and pearls cake art

29. To warm the heart of any bisexual person

is butter(cream) a carb?

30. Simple yet full of personality

thay polydoro

31. In this cake even the candles match!


32. A LGBT+ cake can have many styles

Kek’s bakes

33. Can be modern and with a mix of trends

josh grieman

34. Or even super delicate and discreet

mei mei

35. Like this beautiful wedding cake

lurian silva

36. The drip cake is a charm only

sweet joy

37. Secret and passionate colors

ck king

38. Paper toppers are inexpensive and decorate beautifully

Dona Maria cakes

39. But you can choose to decorate with American paste too

beni gateau

40. Brightness never hurts!

drico cakes

41. The golden confections give an extra dose of beauty

Luciana cakes

42. For those who love showing their colors to the world

with love, brigadier

43. The sweetest rainbow

lili’s cookies

44. Your LGBT+ cake can be all in pastel shades

savory sweets bakery

45. Or a very bright color

beautiful petit

46. ​​Isn’t this scrap cake cute?

confectionery poem

47. Perfect for those who love a different decor

cakes by gene

48. Whatever the colors of your flag

cris pauluk

49. You’re sure to find a LGBT+ cake that’s perfect for you

clotilde cakes and sweets

50. And so keep showing all your pride in being who you are

cakes by gene

Impossible not to be enchanted by at least one of these ideas, isn’t it? Then take the opportunity to learn how to make beautiful cakes with the tutorials below:

How to bake LGBT+ cake

If you like to get your hands dirty when producing your party, this moment is all yours! Follow the tutorials below and see how you can bake LGBT+ cakes that will make any celebration more amazing:

How to decorate LGBT cake with one spout

This is for those who want a decoration that is easy to make, without ceasing to be quite colorful! Check out the step-by-step steps in the video above to bake a rainbow cake using just a icing nozzle and lots of color.

LGBT Cake Tutorial with Top

Afraid of jumping into the colors of the rainbow and making a mistake when decorating your cake? So be sure to watch the tutorial above and learn how to blend colors perfectly!

DIY colorful LGBT cake inside

For lovers of a simpler cake decoration, nothing better than guaranteeing the colors of the flag in the dough. It may sound complicated, but with the video above you will see how simple the process of preparing this cake is.

How to Bake LGBT+ Square Cake

The square cake is a classic for birthday parties and certainly couldn’t be left out of the theme. In the video above, you learn how to bake a very colorful and easy-to-make cake, using whipped cream.

How to make delicate LGBT+ cake

If you are looking for a more delicate and discreet decoration for your cake, this video will be perfect. In it you will learn step-by-step how to make a confectioned cake full of charm and super easy!

Now just choose the cake that suits you best and throw yourself in the colors! Also take the time to check out simple birthday decor ideas to help you complete your celebration.