By Hugo Tanaka

On May 31, 2001

The Ben 10 Cake will transform your birthday party. After all, if Ben has an Omnitrix to turn several creatures, that character’s cake can make your event much more fun. In this way, see sensational ideas for a Ben 10 cake and how to make one at home. Check out.

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50 pictures of Ben 10 cake a party full of adventure and aliens

The focus of a birthday party is the cake. How about representing your favorite drawing? So check out some Ben 10 cake options. After all, the most famous boy and watch on TV is always in fashion with kids. Just look:

1. Do you need to make a Ben 10 cake?

Alê Sabor e Arte

2. This character is famous among children

Andreza Galrão

3. The color green is very common in this theme

Andreza Galrão

4. Place the main characters on the cake topper

Andreza Galrão

5. It is also possible to make a Ben 10 cake with icing

Raquel Pelegrino Cake’s

6. Also, abuse the green tones

Andreza Galrão

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7. Don’t forget to put the main transformations

Laertte de Santana

8. However, Ben 10 alone already guarantees the party

Raquel Pelegrino Cake’s

9. After all, he is the star of the cake


10. He has been successful for over 10 years

Cakes in chantininho

11. With Ben 10, your party will be unforgettable

Confectionery Gift Girl

12. And it will be time for the birthday boy

Tata Cakes

13. Don’t forget the sweets

Fernanda Jatobá

14. However, minimalist decor is sensational

Cakes and Sweets – Araraquara

15. Naked cake is a classic


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16. The glitter was made for those who want to shine


17. A cake with floors will be the center of the party

Maria Glaucia

18. The Ben 10 round cake is very versatile


19. With him the possibilities are almost endless


20. After all, this format is beautiful

roberta arrudabolos

21. Now let’s talk about Ben 10 square cake?

Ari sweets

22. With this format it is easy to make beautiful decorations.

JA Cakes and Sweets

23. Because it is possible to put several characters at the top

Miria Analia

24. And practically reproduce a scene from the drawing

Delhy Sweets

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25. In addition, your way of baking can be innovative

Renata Coelho

26. It is possible to make a Ben 10 cake with rice paper

Ronilza Bolos ®

27. To personalize the top in style

Cida Araujo

28. And eternalize your favorite scene

Day Cakes

29. The square cake is almost a part of Brazilian festivals

Aline Freitas Confectionery

30. In addition, each slice will have a lot of history involved

Kelly Confectioner

31. But what about the Ben 10 cake with American paste?

Kellyville Dulces 3D

32. This technique is multipurpose

Art Sucré | Myrella Brandão

33. Because with it creativity gains wings

Nega Cakes

34. For example, reproducing Ben himself on his cake

Kerley Brodbeck

35. And put it in any position

Fernanda Jatobá

36. In addition, you can abuse the details

Vinicius de Farias

37. And have a perfect finish

Paty´s Cakes Confeitaria

38. The colors in the American paste are more vivid

Monica cake studio

39. How about recreating a perfect Omnitrix?

Karina Sweet Cakes

40. Of course, green could not be missing

SofiBella Delicias

41. Ben 10’s cake is very colorful

Taste Of Cloud cakes

42. And rich in detail

Nay Carvalho

43. The gradient is very sophisticated


44. So abuse the green tones in the coverage


45. Because, with so many transformations, it is impossible to choose just one

Cakes and Sweets Magali Lages

46. ​​This design never goes out of style

Rosa Cake

47. That is, it is a success among the kids

Coelho’s Candy

48. Your party will be very lively

Jessica Follmann

49. Because with Ben 10 the adventure is guaranteed

Denise Almeida

50. And your birthday will be an unforgettable event!

Sun Cakes Votuporanga

With so many great ideas, it makes you want to make your own cake, right? That way, see how to confit yours. Thus, no alien force will be needed in this transformation.

How to make Ben 10 cake

The birthday is a special date for anyone. So, how about making the cake for the next party? Check out the following videos that will help you decorate your cake and make this special moment eternal. Follow:

Ben 10 cake spatula

Everyone loves a smooth and perfect decoration, right? For this reason, Samara Culinária explains how to make a spatula decoration for a Ben 10 cake. In this way, she gives several tips for a perfect finish.

Whipped cream topping on Ben 10 cake

The channel Ines Teles Arte em Chantilly tells how it is possible to use whipped cream in a cake. In this case, the theme is Ben 10. Also, learn how to use photo paper wrapped in plastic film to improvise rice paper. It is worth checking!

Ben 10 square cake

The square cake is a classic at Brazilian parties. So why not decorate it with the Ben 10 theme? Watch the video and see how you can get incredible coverage using mixed whipped cream. Thus, your cake will have a flawless finish!

How to apply rice paper

Rice paper is a great idea for those who want practicality when making a cake. However, it is not simple to apply it. See in the video how to make the application on your cake simply and quickly.

Ben 10 is a character who has been successful with children for a long time. It is already possible to say that it is a classic. Also, see Hot Wheels cake ideas, another theme that the maid loves and is still very successful.