When it comes to children’s parties, there are themes that come out and come back to fashion. And one that is very popular again is the bee cake. With cute dolls, bees, flowers and honey, it is a delicate idea for birthdays and anniversaries. Check out inspirations and see how to do it!

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50 bee cake photos that will sweeten your celebrations

The universe of bees can be much wider than you think. Be enchanted by these options that are a complete sweetness:

1. The bee cake is a hit at children’s parties

Araújo Gourmet

2. In different styles and formats

Maria Tereza Loula

3. From the simple bee cake

Nanda Confeitaria

4. Even the most elaborate

Fernanda Luz

5. It could be a round bee cake


6. And with multiple floors

Brenda Cakes

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7. But the square bee cake is also a good choice

Donna Gula

8. Yellow is usually the main color of this candy

Marilia Lima

9. With blank details

Geisi’s delights

10. Or in black

Imperial Confectionery

11. But other ideas are very welcome

Risca Ricca

12. As in this model that combines different textures

Evy’s Bonaceti

13. And in this cake with a touch of green

Tai Calmon

14. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tatiane Caixeta

15. Here, brown predominates

Sabrina Souza

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16. How about a golden touch?

A&B Sweet Dream

17. A mouthwatering option!

Ana Luiza Cakes

18. This cake usually has a little girl figure

Patrícia Moura

19. What can be made of American paste

Goc Bep Nho

20. Or with toppers


21. The style of the doll may change according to the birthday girl

Simone Pies and Cakes

22. This baby version is cute

Claudia Gomes

23. Other cool items for decoration are flowers

Kelli Costa

24. Especially daisies

Read Silva

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25. And sunflowers

Luana de Souza

26. Fences also help to give an idea of ​​garden

Annalu sweets

27. Jars of honey are all about the theme

Isabene Paixão

28. Just like hives

Atelier Mimos e Fofuras

29. And, of course, bees cannot be missing

Sweet Art

30. Many bees!

Lia Doce Therapy

31. Bee cake for mesversário: beautiful inspiration!

Jorginho Cake

32. The top can indicate how many months the child is completing

Sweet Cakes

33. It can be a tiny cake, just for the family

Grazi Zinato

34. The important thing is not to let the date go blank

Vanesca Salgados

35. The bee cake with a cake topper can have names

Miss Sweets

36. And beautiful ornaments

Meire Nunes

37. The bee paste cake is not left out

Ana Letícia Moreno

38. Both on the icing on the cake

Ana Carolina Sousa

39. How much in your decoration

Solde Queiroz Cakes

40. The cake can be made with different techniques

Love in pieces

41. Can be stenciled

Grasi Morais

42. A beautiful spatial work

Aline Oliveira

43. Or ruffles made with whipped cream

Vanusa Dutra

44. In this cake, the light colors bring delicacy

Nandalle Avelar

45. While this one is pure joy

Natti sweets

46. ​​Could be a dripped cake

Mirlla Azevedo

47. But naked cake also matches the theme

Evelyn Sousa

48. The truth is that there is no shortage of bee cake options

Ci Alencar

49. Now, just choose your favorite version

Sheila Lemes

50. And make your party a sweet moment!

Paula Brandão

One more cute option than the other, isn’t it? The kids will love this cake with bees!

How to make bee cake

It’s time to get your hands dirty and prepare your beautiful bee cake at home. For that, see the tutorials below!

Bee cake without whipped cream

Looking for non-whipped cream cake ideas? This tutorial here is very interesting: it uses colored marshmallow and has a spatulated work on the sides.

Easy bee cake: step by step

Do you want to make a bee cake that is simple to make? Then this tutorial is perfect for you: with easy technique and well explained. Check out!

Bee cake with syrup and beehive

Similar to a tree trunk, with hive details and a beautiful honey syrup, this cake requires attention to every detail. However, the result is very nice. It’s worth playing the video!

The kids will love to participate in the making of these delights, you can be sure. And if there are more options for children’s parties you are looking for, be sure to check out inspiration from the classic Little Red Riding Hood cake!