By Hugo Tanaka

On April 30, 2001

Now United party needs to be memorable and remembered throughout life. Therefore, we selected 50 ideas to surprise any guest. In addition, we also selected some tutorials for you to decorate your own party. Follow.

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50 Now United party photos to please any Uniter

We’ve selected beautiful Now United themed party ideas for you to make yours. Then, see the varied, colorful and super creative decorations that represent the love for the band. Just look:

1. A party should look like someone who has a birthday

Life Always in Party

2. Therefore, reflecting your tastes is always a great idea

Life Always in Party

3. For this, a simple party can be done on the cart

Olga Bastos

4. Or have a beautiful panel for beautiful photos

Adriana Leal

5. The bladders can match the colors of Now United

Emporium Provençal Decorations

6. In addition, neon colors match the theme a lot


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7. Personalize the panel with the birthday boy’s name

Paula Bomfim

8. Decorate in pastel tones for something calmer

Emporium Provençal Decorations

9. The important thing is to abuse the colors!

Danilo Decorations

10. To complement the decor

Jerry Party

11. Bet on flowers and plants

Carlos Junior

12. So your decoration gets a special touch

Gillane Mélo

13. It’s funny, isn’t it?

Leggal Party

14. Your party can be full of details and lots of color

Vanessa medeiros

15. Or even a more minimalist decor with white

Emporium Provençal Decorations

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16. But black can also highlight the colors of the party

Jaime Balloons

17. If the space is small, use the rack as a decoration

Marcela Polly

18. Use different sideboards to enhance the sweets

Catiane Jappe

19. And don’t skimp on the details

Party bow

20. Because they make a difference

Will Bettencourt

21. To eternalize this incredible moment

Adriana Vinhas – Petit Pompom

22. The choice of the panel is very important

Adriana Vinhas – Petit Pompom

23. It is possible to unite different trends

Jo Decor

24. And unleash creativity

Cris Rezende Party

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25. So you can take beautiful pictures

Creative Concept

26. Another tip is to use balloons

ADC Kids

27. They give a special charm to any decor

Sweet Honey Decoracoes

28. In addition to making it much more fun

Up Pampering

29. In this theme balloons are the perfect choice!

Colorê BSB Parties

30. Even a simple Now United party will be remembered forever

BOYS & GIRLS Embarrassment

31. It is also legal to represent all members of the band

Nina Rentals

32. So beyond the colors

Catiane Jappe

33. Place the countries of each member of the band

Paulo Simões Parties

34. Or thumbnails of your favorite members

Tayná Canesso

35. Include elements related to music such as musical notes

Sweet Honey Decoracoes

36. If the party is night, invest in lighting

Palhares party decoration

37. But if you prefer, the party can be in a corner of your home

Gueu Decora / Parties

38. Or even outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about space


39. It’s important to think about your playlist to play at the party

Bia Belinha

40. Of course you will select your favorite songs from the band

Bia Belinha

41. This is sure to make the event more fun

Magic Locations and Decorations

42. Have you already chosen your favorite decoration?


43. Unleash creativity to create incredible elements


44. Like this photo corner with the members


45. Choose each guest’s souvenirs fondly

Bamboleoou Parties

46. ​​So they will remember that occasion forever

Rebeca Bassalo Parties

47. With so many wonderful ideas

Thiana Linhares

48. Your Now United party will be unforgettable

Tamires Orilio Decor

49. Because the decor will be full of personality


50. And it will represent all your love for the band!

Kamila Barreira Parties

All of these decorations can be adapted for your party. In addition, it is also possible to learn how to make your own decoration with the theme United Now.

How to throw a Now United party

Decorating a party with this theme is not difficult. Therefore, we have selected three videos for you to learn how to set up a party at home. In this way, check out the chosen videos:

How to decorate a Now United party

This video explains how to decorate a Now United theme party. Note that it is not complicated to set up a party like this. In addition, all the motives of the band’s identity are present in all the decoration.

Cheap Now United Party

If the budget is small, it does not mean that your party will have to be postponed. Therefore, Rafaela Cleithy gives tips on how to decorate your party while spending little. Thus, all elements will be rich in details and ideal for a house party.

Now United Party Favors

Making a souvenir for the guests shows how important they are to you. So, see in the video how different gifts with the theme of Now United. This way, you will please the guests and still spend little.

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