Tropical flowers, as the name implies, are common species in the tropics. They are generally exotic in appearance, cheerful, colorful and sometimes with different textures. They are flowers that do well when exposed to the outdoors and are beautiful to decorate gardens and compose floral arrangements for rooms and special events. Meet some of these flowers and bring joy to your home!

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1. Alpine

Ideal for tropical landscapes, alpines have beautiful flowers with colors that vary from red to pink, and may even be white. The flower does not stand up well to cold and low humidity, requiring frequent watering and places with mild temperatures.

Alpine plants need to be planted in deep soils and rich in organic matter. It can be combined with other species of larger sizes, as it requires cultivation in half shade.

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2. Astromelia

The best time to plant this flower is spring. The species thrives very well in full sun or half shade. However, it is important to avoid extreme heat and it must be irrigated daily.

Astromelia blooms fast, so it is not appropriate to have other plants close by, so as not to harm them. Its most common colors are red, white, pink, yellow and lilac, and may have spots on the inner petals.

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3. Bird of paradise

Also known as strelicia, the flower is wind resistant and can be exposed outdoors to beautify various houses and establishments. With its exotic shape and colors, it draws attention in any decor, especially at weddings.

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It should be planted in slightly acidic soil and watered twice a week. If pollinated, the bird-of-paradise flower generates dry fruits and full of seeds.


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4. Emperor canes

This is a flower widely used in ornamental interior arrangements, but it also works to compose garden landscaping due to its long, robust and conical appearance.

Its cultivation is easy and adapts to different regions of the country, blooming all year round, especially between September and February. Planting is recommended before the rainy season begins.

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5. Cyclamen

Cyclamen flowers can be grown during the winter, especially indoors, in half shade, and can bloom all year round with the proper care.

It can be found in shades of pink, salmon, red, white and even bicolor. It is widely used to brighten environments and give gifts to loved ones, transmitting good feelings. But beware: it can be toxic to pets.


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6. Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum gives flowers all year round and can reach 1 meter in height. Majestic, its coloring can be quite diverse, including colors such as: white, pink, yellow, orange, bronze, lilac, red, purple and blue.

The best ideal planting season is in late summer and early fall, and it blooms during the coldest periods. Chrysanthemum flowers do well with heat and lots of light, unlike those mentioned so far.

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7. Hibiscus

This simple plant blooms quickly and has abundant flowering. It is not a recommended species for indoor environments, although it needs little space. It is essential to be in a well-lit, humid and warm place, however, without being in direct sunlight all day.

Beautiful for decorating gardens and special events that demand colorful and cheerful details, such as weddings and birthdays.

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8. Orchid

The famous orchids need to be planted in a space with enough light during their flowering. Its color may vary according to the luminosity: bottle-green leaves for low light; yellow when there is exaggeration.

It generally blooms once a year, and it is widely used as an ornamental element. It is also a great gift option for loved ones, representing sincere feelings, success and tranquility.

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9. Spring

Climbing plant famous for Japanese bonsai decoration, this species must receive regular pruning to create a rounded crown. Its colors range from pure white to bright red, varying in tone and shape of the petals.

The seedlings must be planted in mixed soil and stay in places that receive sun all day. Watering takes place only when the soil dries out superficially. The Japanese species can handle the Brazilian winter well, so don’t worry when the temperature drops.

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10. Protea

This flower is very successful with landscapers and can be used both in gardens and in floral arrangements and modern bridal bouquets. The species remains beautiful even after drying, maintaining its vigorous structure and can be combined with other dry elements for an elegant decoration.

Its colors vary from white to red and light pink, with a silvery shine – this being one of its most admired variations. The seedling loves full sun and thrives well on poor and preferably acidic soils. Because it doesn’t like water very much, its irrigation does not require specific care: just water it once a week.

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The variety of formats, textures and coloring of tropical flowers is great, catering to all tastes and interests of decoration – from a more exotic arrangement to a modern and differentiated one. How about adopting one of these at your house or at your party?

And if you liked these flowers, enjoy and invest in flower decoration for a more cheerful environment.


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