Anyone who is a mother of a preteen must already be aware of a new fever: the band Now United. The group, formed by a musical reality show, conquered a legion of fans and has already set trends in the area of ​​party decoration.

Before checking out inspirations to decorate the anniversary, it is important to know a little about the history of Now United. The pop group was formed in 2017, having members from different nationalities. One of the members is the Brazilian Any Gabrielly Rolim Soares.

The current formation of Now United has members from several countries, such as the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, China, Canada, USA, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Russia and Senegal.

The Now United theme is particularly popular with girls, aged between 8 and 12 years old.

Creative ideas to decorate the Now United party

Casa e Festa panned out some ideas to inspire the Now United themed party. Check out:

1 – Colorful donuts

Colorful donuts

Photo: Pop Sugar

Donuts are popular with young people, especially when decorated with different color toppings. It is a tasty suggestion that at the same time contributes to the decor of the party.

2 – Deconstructed balloon arch

Deconstructed balloon arch

Photo: Instagram / @ scrapbookmania

We have already taught here how to do deconstructed balloon arch. And to invoke the Now United theme, you must bet on an organic structure with different colors (light pink, dark pink, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange and red).

3 – Objects related to music

Music-related objects

Photo: Instagram / @ scrapbookmania

All objects that are related to music are welcome at the main table, as is the case with the record player and the violin. They share space in the decor with colorful candies and flower arrangements.

4 – Travel objects

Travel objects

Photo: Instagram / @ scrapbookmania

The party can also be decorated with travel items, such as the globe, suitcases and camera. These items are related to the reality show that brings together musicians from all over the world.

5 – Small and colorful cake

Small and colorful cake

Photo: Instagram / @ scrapbookmania

This small cake was decorated with musical notes on the sides. At the top, we have the name of the birthday girl and some colorful natural flowers.

6 – Chocolate lollipops

Chocolate lollipops

Photo: Instagram / docedomfestas

These chocolate lollipops are inspired by the band that conquered the world. A good souvenir idea to surprise guests.

7 – Balloons under the table

Balloons under the table

Photo: Instagram / loredecorelocacao

The colored balloons can be placed in different places of the party, including under the main table.

8 – Rainbow pot cake

Rainbow pot cake

Photo: baJillian Recipes

The layers of colored dough are interspersed with a creamy white filling. A practical idea, easy to serve and that matches the theme of the party.

9 – Balloons hanging from chairs

Balloons hanging from chairs

Photo: Instagram / festejaratelie

Colorful helium balloons were used to decorate the guests’ chairs.

10 – Pajama party


Photo: Instagram / cabanasfestadopijama

The Now United themed slumber party is a good reason to gather friends, set up tents in the living room and celebrate the birthday.

11 – Themed cupcakes

Themed cupcakes

Photo: Instagram / cida_miyasaki

The individual cookies were decorated with American paste. Stars and headphones are elements that speak well with the theme.

12 – Flags of countries

Flags of countries in party decoration

Photo: Instagram / eli_festas_e_personalizados

In the pop group Now United, each member comes from a different country. For this reason it is essential to include country flags in the decoration of the birthday party.

13 – Flags on the cake

Flags on the cake

Photo: Instagram / dimilla_confeitaria

Country flags can also decorate the top of the cake. A simple, creative solution that looks amazing on photos.

14 – Double-decker cake

Double-decker cake

Photo: Instagram / misscake.bc

A beautiful cake with two floors and a colorful heart on top.

15 – Arrangement with colorful flowers

Arrangement with colorful flowers

Photo: Instagram / lanny_eventos

THE mini table won a vase with colorful roses.

16 – Real guitar

Real guitar in party decoration

Photo: Instagram / syllmara_machado

A real guitar, painted purple, was used to integrate the decoration of the party.

17 – Candy Colors

Now United party with soft colors

Photo: Instagram / artesdaana

The decoration was made with a variety of colors, but bet on soft and delicate tones.

18 – Lights and balloons

Lights and balloons in party decoration

Photo: Instagram / happyday.oficial

The combination of colorful balloons and lights is a good choice for the background of the main table.

19 – Colorful flags

Colorful flags decorate the slumber party

Photo: Instagram / cantoprovencal

THE sleepover Now United asks for colorful flags.

20 – Disco globe and microphone

Disco Globe and Headphone

Photo: Instagram / peadecor

All objects that refer to music and dance are welcome to the party, as is the case with the disco globe and microphone.

21 – Microphone on the cake

Microphone on the cake

Photo: Instagram / peadecor

Two-story cake decorated with colored balls. At the top, there is a beautiful pink microphone.

22 – Tonel

Now United theme tonel

Photo: Instagram / decor.efesta

When the main table is small, the decorated cask is welcome to display sweets and ornaments.

23 – Complete main table

Now United themed table

Photo: Instagram / ashdecoracoes

A cheerful, colorful decoration with many references to the musical group.

24 – Cart

The cart replaces the classic table

Photo: Instagram / lauralins_blogueirakids

A simple and sophisticated setting, where the traditional table was replaced by a cart.

25 – Balloons within the number

Balloons inside the number

Photo: Instagram / vivianelembrato

The birthday of the birthday girl was personalized with colorful balloons. A good idea to decorate the entrance to the party.

26 – Minimalist decor

Minimalist decor

Photo: Instagram / amaislindafesta

A beautiful, practical and sophisticated idea.

27 – Colorful tents

Colorful tents

Photo: Instagram / villadascabanas

To have a party at home, it’s worth having colorful huts. Complete the decoration with lights and flags.

28 – Macarons

Macarons Now United

Photo: Instagram / adrianamacarons

This box of macarons is a perfect treat for Now United fans.

29 – Outdoors

Now United outdoor party

Photo: Instagram / lele_festaseeventos

The party scene was set up in an outdoor setting. It can be a backyard, a farm or a farm.

30 – Checkered floor

Checkered floor refers to a dance floor

Photo: Instagram / lualmeida520

The checkered floor, in black and white colors, refers to a dance floor. Not to mention that the contrast with the colored elements is incredible.

31 – Black panel

The black panel highlights the colorful elements

Photo: Instagram / nanicoseventos

The round panel can be black to contrast with the colored elements.

32 – Korean heart

The Korean heart cannot be missing from the decoration

Photo: Instagram / celebrartt

The Korean heart symbol is all about the theme of the party. So use it to make ornaments, candies and souvenirs.

33 – Neon lights

Neon lights on the main party table

Photo: Instagram / decordreamsmacae

Neon lights can form decorative elements to decorate the main table. Pre-teens love this effect.

34 – Helium balloons and colored ribbons

Helium balloons and colorful ribbons

Photo: Instagram / mundo.encantado

The combination of helium balloons and colored ribbons brings the look of the main table in line with the theme of the party.

35 – Wall with photos

Mural with photos of the group Now United

Photo: Instagram / cria_e_comemore

How about organizing a mural with photos of the group members? Both the birthday girl and the guests will love the idea.

36 – Colored panel

Colored panel made with disposable plates

Photo: Instagram / renattinhage

A different and easy-to-make panel: you just need to paint disposable plates in the colors of the musical group.

37 – Cake topper with balloons

Cake topper with balloons

Photo: Instagram / elainejardimfestas

Small transparent balloons with colorful confetti adorn the top of the cake.

38 -Thematic mini table

Thematic mini table

Photo: Pra Gente Miúda Creations

Thematic mini table – a simple idea for those who are going to celebrate their birthday.

39 – Flag tags

Flags tags

Photo: Instagram / sonhos.em.festa

The flags of the countries are present in the sweets at the birthday party.

40 – Illuminated letter

Illuminated letter

Photo: Instagram / ateliecinthilante

The initial of the birthday girl’s name leaves the decoration of the main table with more life and personality.

Other birthday themes please the pre-teens, such as the Galaxy Party.