By Mariana Jati

On 11.04.21

Princess Jasmine, introduced to the world in the 1992 “Aladdin” animation, wins hearts with her strong and sweet way and even turned into a birthday cake theme! If you love this Disney movie and its helpless princess, check out the photos and cake tutorials from Jasmine that we’ve selected for your party:

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40 photos of Princess Jasmine cake that will take you to an ideal world

Sweet, strong and full of personality, Princess Jasmine is a favorite of girls of all ages. Be enchanted by the beauty of the inspirations below and decide which one best suits your celebration!

1. A cake as delicate as the character


2. For a princess-worthy party

muxy’s cake

3. The most used colors are the shades of blue and purple

just parties

4. Gold also appears in great detail

blessed love

5. And it gives the touch of royalty necessary for a princess

atelier balla decorated cakes

6. A Jasmine cake can be big and full of details

di.versions children’s parties

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7. Or something more minimalist

stella medeiros

8. It just can’t be too bright


9. And a good deal of cuteness, of course!

Gabriel ribeiro cake designer

10. How about a more playful approach to the theme?

mamibi kitchen

11. You can decorate the cake with cookies

nil’s cake

12. Or bet on the good old paper topper

black candy

13. Because it is a cheap alternative when decorating cakes

Fernanda fair

14. And beautifully finish any style of cake you choose

oh crumbs!

15. The American paste is always present

milla pereira

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16. Brightness can’t be missing!

zchef confectionery and kitchen

17. The delicacy in the shape of a balloon cake

adriele cakes

18. Isn’t this Princess Jasmine square cake a charm?

delights of dinha

19. Golden lace makes all the difference

silvana muniz cake design

20. The castle and the crown complete the decoration very well

Gabriel ribeiro cake designer

21. The cake duo is a fun option for large parties

sweets from heaven

22. Rice paper is still present and present in the confectionery

sugar hands

23. For those who can’t make it, send mini-cakes!

sweetology cakes & desserts

24. The paint effect is a big trend

caramel sweet design

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25. And it makes really cute cakes like this!

little cupcakes

26. A Jasmine cake for those who love details

lyka’s sweet creations

27. To commemorate the owner of the palace

la docica

28. The spatulated effect is enthralling

ellis cakes

29. The more decorated, the better!

the baking box

30. Flowers and butterflies go well with the theme

dri sweets

31. An incredible combination of strong colors

arlete sweets and cakes

32. To celebrate the mesversary well

candy sweet

33. Aladdin also appears next to Jasmine in the cakes

Fernanda jatobá

34. And the princess’ pets are also present

agda cardoso

35. Like Rajah, your fellow tiger

juh brigaderia

36. Neither Genius and Abu will miss this party

shiraz cake

37. You can’t help but be enchanted

art of love studio

38. Regardless of the model and style chosen

richeli cake’s shop

39. Your Jasmine cake will make you travel without a magic carpet


40. And it will certainly remain in the memory of all the guests!

the cake factory

Charming, isn’t it? If you enjoy getting your hands dirty, literally, check out the tutorials below and learn how to make amazing cakes with Princess Jasmine as the theme.

How to Make Princess Jasmine Cake

For those who want independence, confection for fun or work with it: there is a Jasmine cake tutorial perfect for you and your need! Just look:

Jasmine cake with paper topper

Beautiful colors, brightness and a lot of charm await you in this video. With it, you will learn how to bake a super-delicate cake by Princess Jasmine that, for sure, everyone will love!

How to Make Princess Jasmine Cake in a Chantininho

The little boy won hearts and his space in the Brazilian confectionery, combining practicality and flavor. Learn how to bake a beautiful two-story cake with Princess Jasmine as the theme and the little boy as the star.

Princess Jasmine cake tutorial with milk paste

A good alternative to the use of American paste, milk paste also turns into fantastic models that make a difference in any cake. Learn, in the video above, how to make a two-story cake from Jasmine with milk paste.

Princess Jasmine’s cake will certainly complete your celebration with a lot of charm! Before leaving on your magic carpet, check out more amazing ideas for a princess party.