A delicious combination of colors, flavors and possibilities: it is difficult for someone not to fall in love with the gradient cake. Cool or discreet, round or square, with theme or neutral, he is the darling of birthday parties, engagement and more. Want to check out inspirations and ways to do at home? Continue reading this post!

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40 photos of gradient cake that will win your heart

The gradient cake is democratic: it goes well in male and female, adult and children’s parties. The cool thing is that there are countless possibilities. Be enchanted:

1. It is no accident that the gradient cake has been increasingly successful

Be Sweet

2. After all, he looks amazing

Ilma Dantas

3. And allows decorations beyond creative

Ludimila Costa

4. With all possible colors

Andreza Galrão

5. And for the most diverse occasions

Michele Cakes

6. The pink gradient cake is a darling on birthdays

Angela Cardozo

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7. It can be all in shades of pink

Sweetnesses of Bia

8. Or combine with different colors

Thay Mel Cakes

9. Look what a wonderful idea!

Michella Raissa

10. Pink and square gradient cake: mouth-watering

Delights of Bá

11. The red gradient cake sighs

Thayana Gabriela

12. Especially because it is a very eye-catching color

Delights of Becaa

13. And what about the red and white gradient cake?

Agatha Confectionery

14. Love at first sight!

Docibel Cakes

15. Inspiration of colored gradient cake

Vera Silva

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16. Realize that a metallic touch is always welcome

Dany Serrate

17. It is very chic!

Paloma Melo

18. If it’s glamor you’re looking for, choose the all golden cake

Julliana Merli

19. Isn’t it beautiful?

Dimaria Sweetnesses

20. The color change can be quite subtle


21. Or more evident

Tasty Sweets

22. Can be a smooth gradient cake

Adriana Andrade

23. Which is very sophisticated

Alessandra Torres

24. But it can also be worked on decoration

Jake’s Cakes Studio

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25. How about this gradient cake with blackmail?

Capricho Cake

26. Decorated with great care!

Gran Delizie

27. Another work of art: spatula gradient cake

Gourmet Sweetness

28. Here, the gradient starts in the middle of the cake

Aline Sants

29. Another beautiful technique: the watercolor gradient

Nath Cakes

30. For an extra touch, coverage

Rose Gomes

31. Abuse pastel tones for a delicate cake

Helena Party

32. Or use sober tones for an elegant cake

Liló Bread

33. And strong colors for a children’s cake

Tati Cakes

34. Yes, your cake can also be themed

Leticia Gonçalves

35. Could be a gradient birthday cake

Jubhaz Manaus

36. Of mesversário

Micá Confectionery

37. For a christening

Sweet Love Cake

38. Or for a graduation

Isa Cakes

39. The important thing is to find a cake that you like

Kytutes d’Genny

40. And be delighted!

Carol Silva Confectionery

See how sweet ideas abound? In the next topic, follow tips for making your cake at home!

How to make gradient cake

Now that you’ve checked out beautiful gradient cake suggestions, it’s time to get your hands dirty – and on the spatula. Watch the tutorials below and turn your kitchen into a pastry shop!

How to make gradient in blackmail

Before going out to make your degredê cake, it is important to carefully prepare the colors that will be used. In the video above, learn how to make different shades of pink in the chantininho.

Female gradient cake

More than a cake, Lidiane Oliveira’s creation is so neat that it looks like a work of art. Pay attention to the details of this tutorial and try making this delight at home!

Gradient cake using glitter

If you think a little sparkle never hurts, you will love this delicate and simple cake with glitter. Just click on the video and check out the tutorial with all the explanations!

Beautiful gradient cake with rosettes

Do you have a skillet with a pastry nozzle? It’s time to level up and learn how to make rosettes. The gradient cake is too beautiful with this decoration! Play in the video to not miss any guidance.

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