The ideas for carnival decoration are creative, modern and seek to capture the mood of revelry in every way. The decorative elements that enhance the date range from the garland on the front door to the sandwiches served to guests. Every detail usually makes a difference.

Carnival is a real explosion of colors, joy and good humor, so it is important that the decoration of the party reflects this. Themed ornaments can share space with the furniture in the house or even decorate a party room, with creativity and good taste.

Centerpiece with carnival mask

Carnival decoration ideas

To enter the carnival atmosphere, we selected some ideas for carnival decoration. Check out:

1 – Abuse of colors

Colorful composition

Carnival calls for a colorful and cheerful decoration. If you are hosting a party at home, try pouring water into clear glass vases and then dye with dyes. Add white flowers and align the ornaments to decorate any corner of the house.

You can also prepare a dinner table in the carnival mood, tying each cloth napkin with a carnival mask.

2 – Pending ornaments

Pending carnival ornaments with colorful ribbons

The ceiling also needs to be in a carnival mood, so bet on a composition with hanging ornaments. Set up an adornment with colored ribbons and also use pompoms in different colors to decorate the room.

3 – Carnival drinks

Carnival drinks

Surprise your guests with carnival drinks. Use straws decorated with tags to make the drinks look themed. Each tag, in turn, can have a colored print or a mask carnival mask.

4 – Carnival wreath

Carnival wreath

The front door of the house can be decorated with a carnival wreath. To assemble this ornament, you will need two masks, feathers, feathers and sequins. The result is charming.

5 – Decorated outdoor environment

BBB11 carnival decoration.

If the carnival party takes place outside the house, then be inspired by this decoration that was used in Big Brother Brasil 11. The giant masks and streamers are outstanding ornaments. On the floor, there are colored puffs and pillows that make the environment more welcoming and cheerful.

6 – Carnival table decoration

Colorful table decoration made with paper

Don't you know how to make a table decoration for the carnival? Then see the image above. The idea uses only colored paper and barbecue sticks to make flowers with vibrant colors. Finalize the arrangement by betting on a transparent container.

7 – Chocolate confetti

Chocolate confetti in ice cream cones

If the carnival party is intended to liven up the children, then separate small colored buckets and fill them with chocolate confetti. The candies combine perfectly with the carnival and promise to delight the little revelers.

8 – Table of sweets

A delicious table of carnival sweets.

THE children's carnival party asks for a decorated candy table. You can bet on chocolates with colorful packaging or even a transparent container filled with jelly beans. In the center of the table, create an ornament with colored feathers and a glamorous carnival mask.

9 – Giant confetti

Giant confetti in the decoration of the house.

Use colored cardboard to make giant confetti. Then, stick them on a white wall and leave some stray on the floor of the house. This is a way of invoking the party atmosphere.

10 – Savory table

Salty table for carnival party

The carnival party at home must have a table of tasty snacks. Breads with pâté, fruits and small boats are just some of the many options. Decorate with some colorful sparkling globes and confetti.

11 – Carnival anniversary

Carnival themed birthday party.

Those who have a birthday in February can celebrate with a carnival party at home. The theme invokes many vibrant colors, masks, sequins, feathers and feathers. When decorating, bet on a neat confectionery.

12 – Paper garland with globe shape

Globe shaped paper garland

Globe-shaped paper garlands are great for composing hanging decorations. They leave the atmosphere happy and festive.

13 – Carnival bottles

Decorated bottles for carnival

Another interesting idea to decorate the house at the carnival is to bet on colored bottles and decorated with carnival masks. These ornaments are extravagant and therefore combine with the atmosphere of revelry.

14 – Balloon Arch

Arch of balloons for the carnival.

The entrance to the carnival party can be decorated with a beautiful balloon arch. Choose your favorite colors and try to include inflatable masks in the composition.

15 – Themed snacks

Carnival snacks.

In the image above we have a delicious option of themed snack, all decorated with edible glitter. The delicacy is as cheerful and colorful as the carnival.

16 – Colorful candies

Colorful candies

Sweets with colorful confectionery and decorated with frevo parasols. Surely the guests will love this cheerful and fun idea.

17 – Carnival Cupcakes

Carnival cupcakes

A suggestion of a carnival souvenir that everyone will love: cupcakes with colorful confectionery and decorated with masks.

18 – Thematic cups

Themed cups

How about getting in the mood for the party with a special toast? This bowl was specially decorated for the carnival, with colorful sprinkles attached to the edges.

19 – Carnival cookies

Carnival cookies

Mask-shaped cookies decorated with colored sugar. These delights are perfect for composing the decoration of the main table.

20 – Feathered bottles

Feather bottles

Don't know how to decorate the guests' table? Bet on bottles painted with metallized paint and decorated with colorful feathers.

21 – Carnival straws

Carnival straws

To make a perfect carnival decoration, you need to think about every detail. How about customizing paper straws with colorful pompoms? This item will make the drinks charming.

22 – Colored tulle skirt

Colorful tulle skirt

Pieces of tulle, in different colors, were used to compose the decoration of the main table.

23 – Carnival cake

Carnival cake

Masks, streamers and confetti appear in the decoration of the carnival cake. The top gained graceful pink feathers.

24 – Perforated paper and lollipop

Perforated paper and lollipop

A suggestion that combines with simple carnival decorations: perforated papers on the guests' table, along with colorful elements, as is the case with the large, round lollipop.

25 – Colorful polka dot curtain

Colorful polka dot curtain

Colored balls, made with EVA, were used to set up a cheerful and fun curtain for the party.

26 – Frevo parasols

Frevo parasols

To enhance the carnival atmosphere, open frevo parasols adorn the bottom of the main table. Strong and cheerful colors stand out in the decor.

27 – Panel with Pierrô and Colombina

Panel with Pierrô and Colombina

The idea is to make a panel with two popular carnival characters: Pierrô and Colombina.

28 – Shiny donuts

Bright donuts

Donuts decorated with edible glitter promise to make the main table look more carnival-like.

29 – Oil drums and wooden spool

Oil drums and wooden spool

Oil drums painted in blue and red serve as a support for the cake and sweets, as well as a wooden spool pinched with yellow. A good tip to replace the traditional table at a birthday party.

30 – Tropical arrangements

Tropical arrangement for carnival decoration

The tropical arrangements match the carnival decor, as is the case with this pineapple with colorful flowers.

31 -Cake pops colorful and with glitter

Colorful and glittery cake pops

The party can be inspired by a street carnival or a masquerade, it doesn't matter. Just be sure to use lots of colors in the decoration, as is the case with these charming and fun sweets.

32 – Pastels

Carnival decoration with pastel colors

Don't like cool colors? The tip is to decorate the carnival party with pastel colors. Get inspired by characters in costume to make the panel.

33 – Box with recycled confetti

Box with recycled confetti

Make the party more lively and sustainable: give each guest a box with recycled confetti.

34 – Sweets with tambourines

Sweets with tambourines

Is the carioca carnival your biggest inspiration? Then decorate the sweets with small tambourines made with American paste.

35 – Carnival tags

Carnival tags

Tags of sun, mask, guitar and other symbols of the carnival adorn the forms of the sweets. It is a very easy idea to do and it does not weigh in the budget.

36 – Mobile

Carnival mobile

There are many carnival ornaments that you can make at home to decorate the party, as is the case with this mobile carnival.

37 – Adornment with molds

Adornment with molds

The colorful and graceful candy molds serve as a basis for making charming hanging ornaments. This same adornment can be reused in festa junina decoration.

38 – Carnival mix

Carnival mix

Paper flowers, pinwheels, real flowers, cotton candy, masks and other colorful elements appear in the composition.

39 – Tubetes

Carnival Tubs

If you are going to set up a carnival ball for the children, bet on the tubes with colorful confectionery as souvenirs. Each package can be decorated with streamer and mask.

40 – Transparent balloon with confetti

Transparent balloon with confetti

Giant transparent balloon with confetti inside: a modern and relaxed suggestion for the decor.

The carnival decoration is cheerful, fun and super colorful. Here are the step by step of some DIY ideas to do at home:

Enjoy the ideas for carnival decoration and organize an unforgettable party.


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