by Gabriela Naomi

On 08.05.21

The first year of marriage is full of new experiences, many challenges and, of course, full of love, so it deserves to be celebrated. For this, bet on the paper wedding cake to make the moment more beautiful, themed and very tasty. Check out the exciting options for this cake and find out how to make it at home.

40 pictures of paper wedding cake that lavish a lot of love

Here are some super-creative paper wedding cake ideals that will make your celebration super-romantic and delicious:

1. The paper wedding cake is passionate

kingdom chocolate

2. Because it marks a special moment beyond

Rosângela Rodrigues

3. The first year of marriage

Fragola Sweets

4. In other words, 365 days challenges and new experiences

Maria Souza

5. That’s why the date must be celebrated

Fabi Melo

6. The paper wedding cake can be simple

Fabi’s delights

7. White is more common and guarantees a classic style

Karol Cakes

8. You can add other elements

Delight Factories

9. A little gold is very elegant

Yave sweets

10. Look how charming this option is

Luciana Costa

11. Simple and sophisticated

No Confectionery

12. If you prefer, you can play even more with decorating

Estela Cakes

13. And make a decorated paper wedding cake

Sweets & Treats

14. Bet on many hearts

Lari’s Cakes

15. To represent love in style

Creative Affective Cake

16. In addition to being easy to do, it’s cute

Araújo Confectionery

17. Why not include natural flowers?

Cocoa Mom

18. Flowers make any decoration more romantic

Fragola Sweets

19. And make the cake happier

Renato Souza Cakes

20. But if you are looking for cheaper options

Cocoa sweets

21. The paper wedding cake with cake top is the best option

sweet art

22. Represent yourself and your love with birds

Andreza Galrão

23. This way the decoration is more fun

Chef Kah

24. Impossible not to fall in love, isn’t it?

Aline Cakes

25. A tip is to use whipped cream to complete the cake

Rayane Aguiar Cake Love

26. Because in addition to being tasty, it leaves a great finish

Rays Sweets

27. The spatulate effect is impeccable

Rayane Baptist

28. And it even allows you to innovate in decoration

Nai’s candy

29. Another tip is to use the whipped cream to give it a special flavor

Mayla Cakes

30. After all, who doesn’t love a delicious cake with a cute decoration?

Pretty Moça Confectionery

31. But both whipped cream and whipped cream are easy to work with

Roberta Cakes

32. And they create beautiful effects with the pastry tip

Karrina Oliveira Cakes

33. If you prefer, also use the American paste

Bruno Teixeira

34. It’s even worth representing the couple’s favorite movie

Confectionery saucer

35. Choosing a favorite cake is almost a mission impossible

Nayara Fanzi

36. So pay attention to the details

Andreza Maciel

37. To create a super creative cake

Maman Confiserie

38. What a lot of love

Candy Sisters

39. And symbolize your union

Daiane Lima

40. I’m sure celebrating the date will be very special!

Mary Cakes

These options are exciting, aren’t they? Now, how about learning how to bake a paper wedding cake at home? Read on to check out the tutorials!

How to Bake a Paper Wedding Cake

Decorating your own cake is great to make everything your own and will even help you save a lot! Below, see paper wedding cake tutorials for you to bake like a professional equal:

romantic paper wedding cake

Surprise your partner and your guests with a beautiful blended romantic wave cake. This cake is great for those looking for a simple decoration, but with a touch of color. Watch the video to learn how to dye and work with whipped cream.

Paper wedding cake with natural flowers

Natural flowers give a special charm to the cake, so how about learning to use them? Press play to see how to bake using the whipped cream and flowers. The result will definitely be amazing!

Simple paper wedding cake with a cake topper

Cake tops are great for decorating quickly and cheaply. In this video, you will learn how to distribute the decorations in a harmonic way. Also, see how to spread the whipped cream like a professional confectioner. It’s unmissable!

How to make paper wedding cake from scratch

Are you new to confectionery, but want to bake your own cake at home? Then this video is for you! In the tutorial you will learn how to make a cake from scratch. That’s right, from the dough, to the filling and decoration. Watch the video and write down all the details!

With these tips and ideas, your first wedding anniversary celebration will be unforgettable! If you want more options, see beautiful options of cake with flowers to make the date more joyful and romantic.