by Hugo Tanaka

On 06.16.21

Sweetie’s cake is a more than special theme for a party. After all, this character is one of the most charismatic characters in the fantastic animation The Powerpuff Girls. So, see 40 sensational decorating ideas and also learn how to make your own cake. Check out!

40 Docinho cake pictures to save your day

Everyone wants a very special birthday. Is not it? Therefore, there is nothing better than having a party with a theme that pleases the honored person. The Docinho fest is a very special theme. So, we selected 40 amazing ideas from this Sweetie cake to please the entire population of Townsville.

1. Do you know Sweetie?

Comes! It is sweet!

2. She is one of the three Powerpuff Girls

Julio Cakes

3. In addition, she has a striking personality.

Martins Sugarcake

4. For example, she is the most stressed out of the three sisters

Bruna Lasmar

5. That’s why the Stressed Sweetie Cake is a good idea

Deia cakes and sweets

6. It can be a joke with the birthday person’s personality

Sweets of Go

7. Docinho is also known for its colors

Sweets of Go

8. Of course, green is the main one

girl cake’s

9. However, black is always present too

Mercia Martins

10. The colors sum up this character well

Donna Sucree

11. Sweetie’s drip cake is very beautiful


12. Docinho’s cake with cake top is complete

Dona Laura candy store

13. So, don’t forget to use several poses from Sweetie

Martian Thais

14. And the speech bubbles that sum up the birthday girl well

Wanray’s food bike

15. Don’t forget Sweetie’s cupcakes too

ᴘᴇᴘᴇʟɪɴᴇ ᴅᴇʟɪᴠᴇʀʏ

16. Let’s talk more about Sweetie’s dripcake?

Vanessa Alves

17. This technique is done with ganache on top of the cake

Vanessa Alves

18. The effect of overflowing drops is wonderful

Priscilla Romao

19. The success of Docinho’s drip cake is guaranteed

Ray’s candy store

20. After all, how not to fall in love with this cake?

Cake Meire

21. The ganache contrasts with the Docinho colors

Candy store

22. The top of the cake is also highlighted

Lu Candy

23. In addition, you can innovate in the color of the drip


24. Docinho’s cake with whipped cream is a classic

coast cakes

25. Don’t forget about the sparkles in the decor

confectionery love

26. The gradient makes the cake amazing

Two sisters!

27. After all, whipped cream is very versatile

Fernanda Miranda

28. With it, it is possible to reach different shades of green


29. Or whatever color the birthday girl chooses

𝑴𝒂𝒏𝒖 | confectionery

30. Sweetie Kitkat’s cake is simple and accurate

Gege Cakes

31. With this cake, even the Crazy Monkey will want to come to the party

𝐌𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐚 ‘𝐬

32. Such an iconic character deserves no less

Dig’s Parties

33. Naked cake is always a classic

Delights from Miin

34. Remember to play with the birthday girl’s name in the decoration

Bia’s sweets

35. Thus, the honoree will always be the center of the party

Mercia Martins

36. Pastels are also amazing

Meyreli Limeira

37. Vivid colors increase contrast and enhance

Meyreli Limeira

38. Sweetie’s square cake is a great idea

Sheila Cakes

39. In your day, the brighter the better

little bit sweet_cris

40. After all, this cake will have everything good

Debhora Carvalho

How many wonderful ideas. Is not it? This way, it is impossible not to want to get your hands dirty and make your own cake. So, watch the selected videos!

How to make Sweetie’s cake

How about making your own cake? After all, cooking is a way to relax and still prepare your cake your way. So, learn new techniques and see infallible tips to decorate your Sweetie’s cake. Check out!

How to make a Stressed Sweetie Cake

The Mundo Doce da Mari channel teaches how to bake a cake for the Powerpuff Girls. Specifically, from Docinho estressadinha. For this, the baker uses shades of green and makes a gradient using a spatula. In addition, the decorator also gives tips on how to make the chocolate drip.

Sweetie Cake Gradient

Baking a cake with a spatula and whipped cream is not always easy. That’s why Ketlen’s Bolos channel made a video teaching how to decorate Sweetie’s cake with whipped cream. The bowl gives several tips on how to use the icing spatula. In addition, she also talks about how to make corners and a flawless gradient.

sweetie drip cake

The drip cake decoration has gained more space every day. Therefore, mastering this technique is important. Especially if the cake in question is for a special occasion. In this way, the Ateliê Doce Lidiane Oliveira channel teaches how to decorate a cake with the drip cake technique. In addition, in the video, the baker gives several tips on how to get the decoration right.

Animation themed cakes are always the stars of any party. Also, animations from the 2000s tend to please from the month before and without age limits. So, check out SpongeBob’s cake too.