Children's party treats are highly anticipated. Everyone likes to receive something that reminds them of that special day that is the child's birthday. But how to choose the best 3 year birthday party favors, for example?

The birthday of younger children has a playful and delicate air. The baby becomes “good guy”, but a lot of cuteness is still expected from the table decoration to the souvenirs. Check out tips.

Amazing 3rd Birthday Party Favor Ideas

1 – Crayons

Credit: Instagram Playback Giselle Bonardi

Children's birthday need to stimulate the creativity of the little ones. A really cool tip are kits with coloring pencils. They are cute and very useful souvenirs.

2 – Crab Can

At a sea-themed party, the crab-shaped candy cane souvenirs will be a real hit.

See how easy it is to customize the treat that will be delivered to guests in a very fun way.

Credit: Laluba Holidays / Link 7

3 – Colorful spoon brigadeiro

Look how funny this brigadeiro spoon bow and all! The balls on top are all colored and make the sweetie much more interesting and flashy.

Colors and confectionery are all about kid's party. We don't even have to mention chocolate…

Credit: Cash Out

4 – Homemade cookies

Outdoor children's party? During the day and with a beautiful sun outside? The order of the time is a celebration with a picnic and a rustic table of sweets.

A tasty and charming suggestion is to make little glass jars with homemade cookies.

Credit: M Woman

5 – Coloring Kit

You can arrange coloring kits for kids. And what comes in each bag? Crayons and little book to paint.

Undoubtedly, it is a souvenir thought with great affection for the little friends present on this very special day.

Credit: Pinterest

6 – Candy Muggle

Are you going to have a party with a very feminine theme? A beautiful souvenir is the little bag made with a layer of tulle or other material that values ​​the treat by covering a candy.

The wrapping should be personalized with the theme chosen to decorate the candy table well until the delivery of the souvenirs.

Credit: Play Pinterest / Link 7

7 – Snow White Mirror

A simple can becomes the most famous mirror of fairy tales. You can stuff it with red confetti or candies of the same color. The red tone resembles the apple and the whole magical story of Snow White.

Girls will love to play with this gift after the sweets are gone. It's always nice to think of a little gift that is exciting for the little party guests.

Credit: Play Pinterest / Link 7

And there's a plethora of possibilities for 3-year birthday party favors. Just use your imagination to figure out how to bring the party theme to the treat that will be taken home. Share the tips!


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