This theme promises to be a big highlight at birthday parties. Whether for children, adults or even 15 year celebration, the Tie Dye party is guaranteed success. Bringing a multicolored theme, there is no way to get bored that day.

You can even use this idea for a mesversary! If you don’t like so many colors, another option is to combine two shades, like pink and blue. You can also use the pastel colors, being: pink, yellow, lilac and mint green. Now, learn more about this topic.

The Tie Dye Party

If you are curious to know, Tie Dye literally means “tie and dye”. This theme is part of this ancient technique from cultures such as Asia and Africa. To make the effect, just attach the fabric and apply the paint.

This format is also closely related to the hippie movement, which lends elements to this party. We 60’s and 70 the handmade arts, like this one, started to be popular. Thus, Tie Dye became very well known among fans and supporters.

The highlight of this style is the combination of colors, in general, very vibrant and cheerful. With a relaxed and jovial air, this party theme delights several people, regardless of age.

The theme is so dear that it was even used on the 11th birthday of Rafa Justus, daughter of businessman Roberto Justus and Ticiane Pinheiro. So, learn to do the technique to have this idea in your celebration too.

How to do the Tie Dye technique

The practice is very simple to do and also yields good fun. You can use it to dye the birthday boy’s clothes, or do a workshop during the party with the children. Just choose a white blouse or sock. Here’s how to do it!


  • String or elastic to attach;
  • Blouse, sock or fabric to dye;
  • Water spray;
  • Fabric paint (must be diluted with water).

Way of doing

To do this technique you just need to follow the steps below. The ideal is to wait 48 hours for complete drying, according to the time and environment.

  • Take the fabric to be dyed and wet it until it is moist;
  • Once this is done, wrap the piece in a spiral shape or as desired;
  • Secure the piece with the elastic or string;
  • Dissolve the fabric paint in water. The more diluted, the clearer it will become;
  • Pour the paint the way you prefer, making several combinations;
  • Do not leave any blank parts on your fabric;
  • After finishing, put it in a plastic bag and put it to dry in the sun;
  • Ready! Your Tie Dye piece can now be used after it dries.

Check out this video tutorial with several ideas for making Tie Dye t-shirts at home, or during the party.

Now that you’ve learned more about how to make Tie Dye, check out these shapes for decorating your party.

30 Tie Dye Party Decoration Ideas

In addition to using the theme on the birthday boy’s clothes, or as a joke at the party, there are many options to apply this idea. You can also use:

  • Balloon panel colorful;
  • Tie Dye style sweets;
  • Mixed color candles;
  • Cupcakes with the Tie Dye technique;
  • Multicolored pennants;
  • Peace and Love Symbol;
  • Cake Topper with various colors;
  • Hippie van;
  • Marbled cake;
  • Tie Dye style panel;
  • Rainbow lollipops;
  • Cake with colorful filling.

Now follow these ideas in practice for you to be inspired and have an unforgettable Tie Dye party.

1- It’s a great theme for children’s party

Tie Dye Theme Party

Photo: Instagram / inspiresuafesta

2- The circular panel is widely used

The circular panel is a trend that remains firm and strong

Photo: Pinterest

3- Enjoy elements of hippie culture

Elements of hippie culture can be harnessed

Photo: Enjoei

4- This souvenir idea is a grace

Tie Dye Party Favors

Photo: Pinterest

5- Make a gradient of balloons

A beautiful gradient with balloons

Photo: Pinterest

6- Use the idea also in the party cookies

Tie dye cookies

Photo: The Magnolia Mamas

7- This inspiration is very happy

Vivid colors make the party merry

Photo: Catch My Party

8- Your panel can be rectangular

Rectangular panel with tie dye effect

Photo: Cars, Chaos and Coffee

9- Tip for celebrating outdoors

A charming outdoor party

Photo: Cupcakes and Papes Lanterns

10- Your cupcakes can follow the trend

Tie Dye Cupcakes

Photo: Kate Takes The Cakes

11- Have a cake with the symbols of Peace and Love

Cake with peace and love symbol

Photo: Catch My Party

12- Use pastel colors to be different

Pastel tones are welcome at the Tie Dye party

Photo: Pinterest

13- Inspiration from Rafa Justus party

Rafa Justus Party

Photo: Jetss

14- Paint the white balloons with various colors

White balloons painted in various colors

Photo: FairyTale Moments

15- This Tie Dye cake idea is amazing

Tie Dye Cake

Photo: Reddit

16- You don’t need to use too many colors

Many colors can be used in decoration

Photo: Pinterest

17- Abuse of the idea in the sweets

Use colorful candies in the party decoration

Photo: Cupcakes and Papes Lanterns

18- Take the opportunity to use multicolored elements

Multicolored elements are welcome

Photo: Chalk and Chocolate

19- This cake topper format is great

Tie Dye Cake Topper

Photo: Cake Central

20- Use a small space creatively

Mini table Tie Dye

Photo: Instagram / myfestidea

21- The filling of the cake can surprise

The colorful filling of the cake will surprise guests

Photo: Kitchen Fun With my 3 Sons

22- This inspiration is beautiful

Cheerful and colorful inspiration from the Tie Dye theme

Photo: Art of Creating

23- Decorate with Tie Dye T-shirts

Party Tie Dye T-Shirts

Photo: Seaesta Surf

24- The trend may be in more subtle colors

Party decorated with more subtle colors

Photo: Instagram / entrenafesta

25- Your cake may have a gradient of shades

Cake with gradient shades

Photo: Sweetness of Beca

26- Or even be rectangular

Rectangular tie dye cake

Photo: Cake Central

27- Young people love this party style too

Tie Dye Party for Young People

Photo: Pinterest

28- Children enjoy the theme a lot

Tie Dye party for a 10 year old girl

Photo: People

29- Spice up with flowers and butterflies

Flowers and butterflies enhance the decor

Photo: Pinterest

30- Also use lights to decorate

Lights make colors more vibrant

Photo: Pinterest

31 – Cake with colorful effect by Rafa Justus

Cake with colorful effect by Rafa Justus

Photo: Instagram / @ ticipinheiro

32 – Chairs decorated for the Tie Dye party

Decorated chairs for the Tie Dye party

Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

33 – Small, colorful cake with natural flowers

Small, colorful cake with natural flowers

Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

34 – A decoration with guitar and English wall

Decorated with guitar and English wall

Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

35 – Guest tables lined with colorful towels

Guest tables lined with colorful towels

Photo: Pinterest

36 – Pot cake with colored layers

Pot cake with colorful layers

Photo: Brit + Co

37 – How about filling letters with colorful confectionery?

How about filling letters with colorful sprinkles?

Photo: Tie Dye Your Summer

38 – Modern deconstructed arch has balloons with different sizes

Modern deconstructed arch has balloons with different sizes

Photo: Instagram / justdecorsorocaba

39 – Colorful huts are perfect for a slumber party

Colorful huts are perfect for a slumber party

Photo: Find Local Businesses

After seeing these incredible ideas for Tie Dye Party, for sure, you already felt like making yours, right? So, separate the best inspirations and start preparing this unforgettable day.

If you’re already organizing your celebration, you’ll love to know how to calculate amount of food for children’s party.