With delicate colors and very cute characters, the cake Monsters SA is the ideal model for those looking to mix fun and, at the same time, graceful elements. We have separated very different models for each type of event, ranging from the simplest to the most incremental. See below:

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30 photos of cake Monsters SA full of cheerful colors and fun characters

Check below the selection we made to inspire you to use this model in your celebration. Note the tones of the colors used and also how to include the characters. You will be surprised by the results.

1. Full of cheerful colors

Silvana Damasceno

2. Always in delicate tones, like candy color

Nanda Sweet Shop

3. The cake Monsters SA is very popular for children’s celebrations

Lollipop Arts

4. Both for the characters that make the little ones happy

JR Casinha dos Doces

5. As for the grace of the theme

Festive Confectionery

6. Bringing the fun Mike and Sully

Love Cake

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7. Or the charming Boo

Cake Girl

8. The characters please boys and girls

Oliver Arts

9. Making parties even happier

Sofisticato Eventos

10. Personalize using the birthday boy’s name

Girl sigh

11. And the age you are doing

Atelier Balla

12. And for intermediates

Taty Rocha Confectionery

13. The number of months celebrated

Gran Papel

14. You can only use the favorite character

Roselly Cakes

15. Or more than one

Momos Bake

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16. To further enjoy the top and coverage

Laisla Morais

17. Be round and taller

Pati Sweetness

18. Or lower and square

Bel’s Recipes

19. You can vary the size of the cake

Prescribing with Jana

20. And the type of coverage

Andressa Santos Cake Design

21. Opting for the blackmail

Ana Almeida Cakes

22. Which usually has paper details to decorate

Cakes by Lari

23. Or the American portfolio

Ana Harmuch Event Design

24. Which have modeled characters

I love candies

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25. Be a simpler model

Sônia Gomes – Divino Ateliê

26. Or more incremented

Frou Frou Holidays

27. Values ​​the quality of coverage

Laíse Lopes Cakes

28. And the elements that will be used

Whill Confectionery Cakes

29. Ensuring an amazing cake

Kharina Linhares

30. For the celebration of a special day

Larissa Lazzarini

In this cake, you can use all the characters in the drawing or choose your favorite. And it is also possible to include personalized details, such as name and age of the birthday boy. Enjoy all the coverage and whimsical decor.

How to Make Cake Monsters SA

The tutorials below bring different techniques and forms of finishing, from simpler models to those that require a little more technique. Choose your cake model and learn how to get your hands dirty!

Simple blackmail cake

This is for sure the simplest tutorial you will see here in the article. The technique used in this video basically consists of spatulating the cover until it is very smooth. In the end, just include beautiful paper toppers and that’s it!

Cake with furry effect

This cake features two decorating techniques on the same floor as the cake. Notice the detail of the spots that are previously made using a toothpick to facilitate when applying with the nozzle for the desired effect.

Boo cake

This tutorial shows how to make two colors meet in the middle of the cake. Using lighter shades, this model is perfect for celebrating little ones’ birthdays or anniversaries!

Spattered cake with paper toppers

Learn how to make the cake icing effect using a spatula in a very simple way. Pay attention to how to start applying the icing, according to the tips of the cake designer.

This model is very popular to celebrate children’s parties. If you are looking for a cake for mesversário, we also have great alternatives, with delicate colors and cute characters.