by Hugo Tanaka

On 07.05.21

The afternoon cake is all about a tropical or poolside birthday party. This theme has been gaining more and more space at parties, because who doesn’t like the sun, friends and the beach? Below, see photos and tutorials with this theme to rock your party.

30 pictures of late afternoon cake that are pure joy

The afternoon cake combines with the beach, tropical climate, swimming pool and good music. In other words, it’s perfect for any birthday person who can’t do without a day of fun with friends. So, check out the following cake decorations with this theme:

1. The late afternoon cake oozes joy

Mericia’s Gourmet

2. After all, this theme is all about the beach and the sunset

Xuxus Sweets

3. Decor can be minimalist

Jessica Saucer

4. Or very colorful and vibrant

Fernanda Maron

5. The 2-story afternoon cake helps show the joy of the theme

Sweet love

6. Edible sand brings the beach closer

Milla Pereira

7. Of course, you can’t miss the toppers in the afternoon cake

Cris Real Confectionery and Courses

8. This theme may reflect the likes of the person being honored

lydhia bakery

9. Include flowers to make it more tropical

Duster candy store

10. The decoration objects must also exude joy

Deah’s sweets

11. Warm colors can represent the sunset

Akalan Andrade

12. And the gradient is perfect for this representation


13. The afternoon cake with whipped cream is very easy to decorate

aliny cakes confectionery

14. And allows you to apply various decoration techniques

grab cakes

15. The pink afternoon cake is a charm on its own

Olivia Soares

16. The rosy tone can be softer

Gourmet Mendonça

17. Or can be combined with other colors

Jose Cakes

18. This color goes well even in a simple afternoon cake

Cherry Owner | Confectionery

19. The cake reminds you of summer regardless of the time of year

Divine’s Sweets

20. As in this beautiful option

sweet art

21. Don’t forget the gold to make the cake stand out

marilu candy store

22. And guarantee that special charm

Fernanda Justo

23. An important tip is not to forget to include the sun

Maricota Truffles&Cia

24. After all, a self-respecting afternoon needs a lot of sun

Cris Royal Confectionery

25. But of course other elements help to complement the cake

Andreza Galrão

26. Like flowers and sunglasses

Renata Machado Confectionery

27. Who doesn’t like good drinks by the pool?

Aline Cristina Confectioner

28. Your cake in the afternoon theme needs to be unique

Lolly Cakes

29. With a stylish and personalized decoration

Milena Oliveira

30. This way your party will be full of joy and fun!


How many wonderful ideas, isn’t it? These cake templates make it easy to decide how your next party will be. How about making your own model? See the following topic on how to create a beautiful decoration.

How to make a cake in the afternoon

Baking your own cake can be a very rewarding task. Check out some tutorials below to learn how to bake a cake with a special theme like the afternoon:

Two-story afternoon cake

A cake decorated in the theme of your party is good. But an afternoon cake with two floors is even better. Watch the video to learn how to bake a cake like this with a detailed prayer!

Cake with a 3D effect in the afternoon theme

One of the effects that has everything to do with the late night theme is the 3D coverage. This frosting makes the cake beautiful and very tasty. To learn how to make this decoration, see Mari’s Mundo Doce channel video.

Afternoon decoration with airbrush

One way to represent the sunset is to use the airbrush to paint. Check out how to use this utensil in the video to make your cake finish very professional.

How to make edible sand

A common decor element in the late-afternoon theme is fake sand. Then, follow the Letícia Sweet Cake channel tutorial how to make fake cake sand using powdered milk and chocolate. It is worth checking!

This cake is all good, isn’t it? This theme is all about beach, pool and lots of fun. Enjoy and see these tropical party decor options to complete your party in style.