I will organize uma anniversary party flamingo theme, but do not know where começar? Then try to start the preparations for the decoration of the event. This theme values ​​a figure of a migratory bird, but it can also incorporate other elements, such as the case of abacaxi. Confide perfect ideas of how to decorate!

Depois do Tema Unicorn invade the decoration area of ​​festivities, chegou instead of flamingo will become a new trend. This bird cor-de-rosa deixa qualquer composição com um ar mais elegant e, ao mesmo tempo, uncontracted. Sem falar that acrescenta um touch retrô à proposta da festa. Or theme Flamingo é, sem dúvidas, a perfect idea to decorate 15 year anniversary.

Ideias for Festa de Aniversário Flamingo Theme

O Casa e Festa garimpou na internet as melhores ideias para decorar or anniversário com theme Flamingo. Trust and be inspired:

1 – Combination of flamingo and abacaxi

Assim how it happens na havaiana party, or anniversary with Flamingo theme can incorporate tropicais elements. Uma dica é combine this bird with the figure of abacaxi. Or animal and fruit podem, including determining the principal factors of the festa, or seja, pink and love it.

2 – Custom canudos

Every detail is all different. Therefore, experience decorating your hair with a silhueta by um flamingo. To make this ornament, use cor-de-rosa and glitter paper.

3 – Decorated transparent flakes

You can customize the plastic flakes, using a technical technique we can use. Desenhe or flamingo em uma folha of adesivo pink paper. Depois, it is only correctly to cut out the center of each flake.

4 – Blue-turquoise

Em looking for a third party to buy a pallet? Entista invista no Turquoise. Apart from bringing joy to the environments, this is also synonymous with requirements and luxuries.

5 – Cordão de luzes

When decorating or founding the main table, experiment to complement decoração com balões using um cordão de luzes. This is a vai deixar or visual en feite va festa com um ar mais modern, intimate and young.

6 – Flowers and folhas

Uma festa de anniversário theme flamingo pede a valorização of elements of nature, as is the case of flowers and folhas. Valorize or tropicalism and you will not regret it.

7 – Pink, green and dourado

A pink palette, love it and turquoise blue, not the only option for a party. Outras combinações de cores são bem-vindas, as in the case two tons of sober rose, green and dourado.

8 – Flamingo toppers

These decorative elements can be found in places of artisans for festivities and not Elo 7. Use the toppers to shave the docinhos and deixe a decoração ainda mais inspiring.

9 – Centerpiece

He doesn't know how to decorate two guests table? Then bet nesse creative and elegant start. For fazer em casa, you will need transparent glass pots, flowers, Sicilian limes and small replicas of the cor-de-rosa bird.

10 – Bolus chique

Or bolo é or protagonist of the main table, by isso I can not speak of fora da decoração flamingo for festa. Escolha um thematic model of verdade ou fictício.

11 – Luminária letreiro

Já ouviu falar da luminária letreiro? Pois saiba that she can gain space in the decoration of the anniversary. Or large differential and the possibility of trocar as letters of place and form sentences.

12 – Flamingo e melancia

Does festa flamingo e abacaxi seem very interesting? Simple: tropical fruit troque pela melancia. A combination of these elements allows you to work quietly with the pink and green cores.

13 – Festa na piscina

Or theme of festa flamingo é perfeito for uma comemoração ao ar livre, na piscina. A wild bird may appear only in water jugs, jugs and canes, but also boias that we invite you to enjoy.

14 – Minimalist

To raise a minimalist composition, let’s say “less é mais”. Use two tons of rose and um pouco de dourado to decorate or anniversaries.

15 – Glass filters with lemonade

Monte uma bench with Madeira de demolição. Depois, place on the three transparent glass filters, in order to serve lemonade to the invited years. Other elements can complement decoração do móvel, such as um abacaxi dourado and flower shoots.

16 – Balões

To raise a composição com balões, it is the goal of interspersing bexigas with folhas e flores de verdade.

17 – Biscoitos

Do you know or what will be good for the guests? Then substitute traditional brigadeiros for thematic biscoitos. Each exemplar values ​​the figure of um flamingo.

18 – Metallic Letters

I balões com letters format estão com tudo na decoração. Experience buying exemplar na cor dourado to escrever or nome do anniversariante ou a idade na parede.

19 – Big flamingos

Do not limit yourself to small flamingo replicas. Experience using peças grandes na decoração, as shown in the image abaixo.

20 – Caixa acrylic with confetti

With acrylic caixinhas with confectionery, nas cores amarelo e rosa, it represents a good opção de lembrancinha com theme Flamingo. Surpreenda os seus invited as this mime not fim da festa.

21 – Abacaxi glass

Olha or Abacaxi de Novo! Nesse context, a fruit foi used to raise a cute centerpiece. A polpa foi removed and from its place às colorful flowers.

22 – Themed Cupcakes

Sobrou espaço na main table? Don't worry. Você can invest numa tray with several themed cupcakes. That idea and guaranteed success among children, youth and adults.

23 – Lembrancinhas na escada

Do you not know how you have lembrancinhas na festa de anniversário? Muito simple: use a madeira scale.

24 – Luminárias de papel e pompom colmeia

A creative and different way of decorating a party and betting on paper luminary in different colors. Ao backhar these enfeites hair chão, or visual of the fabulous physical environment.

25 – Folhas tropicais

Ace folhas da planta costola-de-adão I have to see the theme "Flamingo", which highlights a proposal of tropicalism. I found creative ways to use this natural element na decoração da festa.

26 – Listed ou Chevron

Em looking for a stamp that combines theme? Then bet on listras ou no Chevron (also known as ziguezague). You are interested in ficam nas cores preto e branco.

27 – Macarons

I macarons não são barely flabby and flavorful. He also contributed to the decoration of an anniversary party. Trust imagem to follow and be inspired by thematic documents.

28 – Almofadas

Escolha um cantinho da festa to mount um lounge, ou seja, um rest space and talk. Decorate or atmosphere with almofadas of flamingo, folhagens e listras.

29 – Sandwiches

Olha only charme esses little sanduíches of alleged and complained. Each um deles foi decorated with a delicate flamingo.

30 – Rosa e branco

Em looking for a clean and elegant decoration? Go here here: combine or cor-de-rosa com or branco. Or result will be a delicate, romantic and feminine festa.

Gostou das ideias for anniversary party flamingo theme? Do you have any suggestions? Deixe um comment.


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