Will organize a flamingo theme birthday party, but don’t know where to start? Then try to start the preparations by decorating the event. This theme values ​​the figure of a migratory bird, but it can also incorporate other elements, such as pineapples. Check out perfect ideas on how to decorate!

After the theme unicorn invading the party decoration area, it’s time for the flamingo to become a trend. This pink bird makes any composition look more elegant and, at the same time, relaxed. Not to mention that it adds a retro touch to the party proposal. The Flamingo theme is undoubtedly a perfect idea to decorate 15th birthday.

Flamingo Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Casa e Festa searched the internet for the best ideas to decorate the birthday with a Flamingo theme. Check it out and get inspired:

1 – Combination of flamingo and pineapple

As in the case of Hawaiian party, the Flamingo-themed birthday can incorporate tropical elements. One tip is to combine this bird with the figure of the pineapple. The animal and the fruit can even determine the main colors of the party, that is, pink and yellow.

2 – Personalized straws

Every detail makes all the difference. So, try decorating straws with the silhouette of a flamingo. To make this adornment, use pink paper and glitter.

3 – Decorated transparent cups

You can customize plastic cups using the same technique used on straws. Draw the flamingo on a sheet of pink adhesive paper. Then, just cut it correctly with scissors and paste in the center of each glass.

4 – Turquoise

In search of a third color to compose the palette? So invest in turquoise. In addition to bringing joy to the environments, this tone is also synonymous with refinement and luxury.

5 – String of lights

When decorating the bottom of the main table, try to complement the decoration with balloons using a string of lights. This ornament will make the party look more modern, intimate and young.

6 – Flowers and leaves

A flamingo-themed birthday party calls for the appreciation of elements of nature, such as flowers and leaves. Value tropicalism and you will not regret it.

7 – Pink, green and gold

The pink, yellow and turquoise blue palette is not the only option for the party. Other color combinations are welcome, as is the case with sober shades of pink, green and gold.

8 – Flamingo Toppers

These decorative elements can be found at party supply stores and Elo 7. Use toppers to decorate the sweets and make the decor even more inspiring.

9 – Centerpiece

Don’t know how to decorate the guest table? So bet on this creative and elegant arrangement. To make it at home, you will need clear glass jars, flowers, lemons and small replicas of the pink bird.

10 – Fancy cake

The cake is the protagonist of the main table, so you can’t miss out on the flamingo party decorations. Choose a real or fictional thematic model.

11 – Sign lamp

Have you heard of the sign lamp? Well know that it can gain space in the decoration of the birthday party. The big difference is the possibility to change the letters of the place and form sentences.

12 – Flamingo and watermelon

Doesn’t the flamingo and pineapple party look very interesting? Simple: exchange tropical fruit for watermelon. The combination of these two elements allows you to work with the colors pink and green in the decoration.

13 – Pool party

The flamingo party theme is perfect for an outdoor celebration by the pool. The wild bird can appear not only in water bottles, jars and straws, but also in buoys that entertain guests.

14 – Minimalist

To create a minimalist composition, remember that “less is more”. Use two shades of pink and a little gold to decorate the birthday.

15 – Glass filters with lemonade

Set up a bench with demolition wood. Then, place three transparent glass filters on top of it in order to serve lemonade to the guests. Other elements can complement the furniture’s decor, such as a golden pineapple and flower arrangements.

16 – Balloons

When creating a balloon composition, remember to mix the bladders with real leaves and flowers.

17 – Cookies

Don’t know what will serve the guests? Then replace the traditional brigadeiros with themed cookies. Each specimen values ​​the figure of a flamingo.

18 – Metallic letters

The balloons with the format of letters have everything in the decoration. Try to buy copies in golden color to write the name of the birthday boy or age on the wall.

19 – Large flamingos

Don’t limit yourself to small flamingo replicas. Try using large pieces in the decoration, as shown in the images below.

20 – Acrylic box with confectionery

The acrylic boxes with confectionery, in yellow and pink colors, represent a great option of Flamingo theme party. Surprise your guests with this treat at the end of the party.

21 – Pineapple vase

Look at the pineapple again! In this context, the fruit was used to create a beautiful centerpiece. The pulp was removed and replaced by the colorful flowers.

22 – Themed cupcakes

Is there room left on the main table? Do not worry. You can invest in a tray with several themed cupcakes. This idea is guaranteed success among children, youth and adults.

23 – Souvenirs on the stairs

Don’t you know how to arrange the favors at the birthday party? Very simple: use a wooden ladder.

24 – Hive paper and pompom lamps

A very creative and different way to decorate the party is betting on paper lamps and honeycombs in different colors. When you spread these ornaments on the floor, the look of the environment is fabulous.

25 – Tropical leaves

At adam rib plant leaves have everything to do with the “Flamingo” theme, as they highlight a proposal of tropicalism. Find creative ways to use this natural element in the party decoration.

26 – Striped or Chevron

In search of a print that matches the theme? Then bet on the stripes or Chevron (also known as zigzag). Both patterns are interesting in black and white.

27 – Macarons

Macarons are not only cute and tasty. They also contribute to the decoration of a birthday party. Check out the image below and get inspired by the themed sweets.

28 – Pillows

Choose a corner of the party to set up a lounge, that is, a space for rest and conversation. Decorate the room with flamingo cushions, foliage and stripes.

29 – Sandwiches

Look at the charm of these small ham and cheese sandwiches. Each was decorated with a delicate flamingo.

30 – Pink and white

In search of a clean and elegant decoration? So here’s a tip: combine pink with white. The result will be a delicate, romantic and feminine party.

Did you like the flamingo birthday party ideas? Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment.


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