Will organize a unicorn themed party, what is your daughter's dream? Yeah. The playful world, fairy tales and fables are coming with everything today in this universe. Nothing more expected than also invading the children's parties.

Thanks to the high demand, the supply of possibilities has also become infinite. So, you will now know some special ideas to make the party.

Unicorn Theme Party Ideas


The table decoration has no limits. It's worth abusing your little one's favorite colors and daring creativity.

Unicorns go back to the fairy and gnome universe, so you can start playing around, creating a magical and colorful setting. Flowers and Provencal-style furniture are also welcome as they make the table look more delicate and romantic.

Table decorated with Unicorn theme. (Credit: Create Arts & More)


How about a touch of glamor? Think of rainbows, pots of gold and… gold! Look what a simple and beautiful idea a poster board with the silhouette of a unicorn with a bath of golden glitter.

You can be responsible for making this wonderful item that will be the highlight of a children's birthday decoration.

Glitter cannot be left out of the decoration. (Credit: Agate Invitations)


If the goal is color and joy, never dispense with balloons. They give movement and life to any kids party decor.

Your unicorn party can have its own rainbow. Not bad! And the best news of all is that it is very simple to provide this.

Learn how to make the main base of the bow and place one set on top of the other. Finish with a very charming white cloud.

Use the colored balloons to create a rainbow. (Credit: Maria's Stuff)


Of course we can not stop talking about the birthday cake, so long awaited by all. The cake is no longer just a party candy for years.

Now he is coveted, has a thousand and one different styles and even follows fashion trends! And if the party will be unicorns, try to get yourself a well-personalized cake to please the kids.

Ah! It's crucial that it is as tasty as it is beautiful, huh ?! Children don't care about very different flavors. They prefer the traditional ones, chocolate, brigadeiro, nest milk, dulce de leche and the like.

Such an amazing cake even makes it worth leaving! Take lots of pictures of the guests and their daughter around him first. It will be a success.

Unicorn themed birthday cake. (Credit: The Owl Mother)

Labels and Toppers

Labels and toppers are the most practical way to customize the candy table.

You can stick stickers on party favors, boxes, cans, tubes, juice bottles and whatever else you define.

Toppers are a great tip for candy and topiary trays. You stick some of them around the table and the effect is very special.

You can even find these items on the internet and for free to download! The same goes for birthday invitations, surprise box templates and other children's party items.

A good option to customize the candies. (Credit: Making Our Party)

+ Inspiring tips for decorating unicorn-themed party

A picture is worth a thousand words! Check out inspiring photos from unicorn themed decoration for birthday:

Unicorn themed party cake.

Did you like the inspirations for the unicorn-themed party? Give your daughter a magical celebration!


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