by Gabriela Naomi

On 08.09.21

Looking for a different and full of personality cake for your birthday party? So, you need to bet on the cactus cake! This plant is the darling of many people, because besides being charming, it represents resistance, strength and resilience. In other words, it is perfect for closing and starting new cycles. Here are some ideas and tutorials for this cake to include in your party.

30 photos of cactus cake that ooze joy and delicacy

Check out the best cake decorations in the cactus theme below for you to choose your favorite:

1. The cactus cake is a real charm

Dani Moraes

2. This plant symbolizes resistance and overcoming

Deborah Sweets

3. Because it is able to survive adverse situations

Dea Pinto Cake Designer

4. Therefore, many people choose cactus cake for birthdays

Liliam Patricia

5. So, it’s a way to end one cycle and start another

Gil’s Enchanted Cakes

6. Cactus cake with cake top is the most common

Contains Sweetie Love

7. Some stationery items faithfully represent the theme

Sweet Artisan

8. Why not include some decorated cookies?

Ana Slompo

9. Represent different types of cacti to be complete

Cibele Suassuna Cakes

10. And of course, don’t forget the flowers for a special charm

Hey Sweet Gourmet

11. The green cactus cake is the most common


12. It is possible to mix different shades of color

Cakes of Fe

13. To get a single result

Neuma’s cakes

14. Another color worth investing in is pink

hapa cupcakes

15. The hue creates a great contrast to the green

Ambrosia Cakes

16. In this pastel option, the cake was simple and delicate

Sweet Corner JP

17. Already a complete pink cactus cake overflows cuteness

Mom’s Cake Workshop

18. But it is possible to play with other colors in the decoration

jack with art

19. How about a yellow cake?

Giselle Oliveira Artes Cake

20. Color is synonymous with tranquility and optimism

Ingrid Gortz

21. If you prefer, bet on a minimalist blue cake. It’s so cute!


22. The cactus cake with whipped cream allows for infinite decorations


23. It is possible to create a beautiful beak job

Chef Mari Javarez

24. And represent the cacti beautifully

Samara Felix Sweets

25. It is even worth reproducing a cactus cake with succulents

Mirian Ericeira

26. Don’t forget the fake sand to complete the cake

Custom Cakes By Nancy

27. Bet on a more relaxed cake to surprise

Meringue Bakery Shop

28. Or choose more traditional decor


29. The cactus cake oozes creativity

ADOCEI – Handmade Confectionery

30. And it’s perfect for celebrating the new age!

loli dulce

See how this cake is beautiful and versatile? You can unleash your creativity when decorating. And speaking of decoration, see below how to bake a cake at home.

how to make cactus cake

Check out some tutorials below for you to learn how to decorate your cake like a pro:

Easy cactus cake with whipped cream

The whipped cream is popular at parties, as it is easy to work with and is super tasty. Check out how to decorate the cake using this ingredient in the video. The tutorial is very easy to play at home and is great for beginners in the confectionery world, so be sure to check it out!

simple cactus cake

Another easy decoration option, but very charming for you to try at home. In this video you’ll learn how to smoothly transition colors from the whipped cream like a pro. To finish the cake, add some cacti confectioned with your own whipped cream and you’re done! Watch the video and check out the details.

Cactus-shaped cake

Want to surprise your guests? Bet on a cactus-shaped cake! Although it looks complicated, the decoration is much simpler than you might think. The secret is to carve the cake well and then apply the whipped cream using the spout. Press play to check the step by step.

Pink cactus cake with green

The color pink with green has no mistake and they go great with this theme! See in the video how to use these shades in decoration. Also, learn to give a beautiful velvety finish to the cake, work with the spout and decorate with the toppers. The result is amazing!

Cactus cake with cactuses

This video is full of confectionery techniques! In it you will learn how to make the cachepot effect, work with dyes and create all the decorations just using whipped cream. This is a great time for you to unleash your creativity and decorate your cake just the way you want!

This cake is cute, colorful and suits all ages! If you want more lovely ideas, also check out these sunflower cake options to bring more light to the new age.