When adolescence arrives, the children's characters are in the past and new subjects start to arouse interest. The party decoration for young people has different references, such as series, trends, styles and even technology.

Decorating ideas for youth party

We have selected some beautiful ideas to inspire party decoration for young people. Check out:

1 – Round panel

Round panel

Among the many decoration trends that take over the parties, we cannot forget the round panel. This background is usually composed of a round MDF board, decorated with digital printing, paper or fabric.

2 – Deconstructed balloon arch

Deconstructed balloon arch

The round panel asks for another decorative element: the deconstructed balloon arch. Unlike the traditional arch, this structure has an organic, asymmetrical and curved design. In addition, you can count on complementary elements in the décor, such as real leaves and paper flowers.

3 – Mini table

Mini table

The mini table is a great option for those who do not want to use a large table full of details in the decoration. It is compatible with small spaces and even uses furniture from the house itself.

4 – Instagram Glam

Instagram Glam Party

Teenagers spend 24 hours connected to social networks, especially Instagram. How about turning this habit into a party theme? The decor calls for a cake with the Instagram symbol, camera lens brownies and photo mural at the bottom of the main table.

5 – Boho Style

Boho Style Party

This theme is interesting because it allows you to organize an outdoor party, with cushions on the floor and a pallet table to accommodate the guests. The décor is due to the arrangements with succulents.

6 – Super Bowl

Super Bowl themed party

The Super Bowl, a football championship, turned into a fever among teenagers. Use this inspiration to create an unforgettable birthday party.

7 – Neon Pastel

Neon Pastel Party

The neon party is a trend among young people, with its modern, vibrant and cheerful colors. A suggestion to do differently in 2020 is to adopt the theme “Neon Pastel”, which focuses on soft and fun tones.

8 – Outdoor cinema

Outside cinema

If the teenager wants to organize a quieter meeting with friends, the tip is to transform the backyard of the house into an open-air cinema. The decor can have a beautiful illuminated sign, as well as buckets of popcorn and comfortable accommodations.

9 – Pool party

Pool party

THE pool party, also known as the pool party, has become a sensation among teenagers. She asks for a relaxed, cheerful, refreshing and summery look. Elements such as different fruits and buoys cannot be missing from the decor.

10 – Camp

Camp themed party

Those who enjoy camping will like the idea of ​​participating in a party with this theme. The rustic-style decor can count on checkered tablecloth, foliage, tents, wooden slices and marshmallows. It is a good party decoration tip for young evangelicals.

11 – Stranger Things

Stranger Things Themed Party

There are many ideas for party decoration for young people, such as the event inspired by the Stranger Things series. The decor has lights on the wall and elements that rescue the 80s.

12 – Emoji

Emoji themed party

Young people use WhatsApp frequently to communicate. How about organizing a party inspired by emojis?

13 – Pajama party

Boho slumber party

This pajama party got a charming decoration to celebrate the 16 years of the birthday girl, with tents, cushions and plaques that complement the boho style.

14 – Tropical with glamor

Tropical party with glamor

Is the hostess of the event the type who loves sparkle? Then the “tropical with glamor” theme is perfect to inspire the decor. The project has many foliage and golden elements.

15 – Ice cream

Ice Cream Themed Party

In the summer season, it is worthwhile to organize a party with an “Ice cream” theme to gather friends. The tip is to set up a very colorful table full of goodies.

16 – Beach

Beach themed party

Surfboards, flip flops, guitar, van … the beach climate can take shape in any outdoor environment. Teenagers will enjoy the party especially if there is a pool in the space.

17 – Flamingo

Flamingo themed party

The flamingo yields an incredible party decoration, with many pink elements and tropical elements.

18 – Llamas

Llamas themed party

The theme "Llamas" will yield a beautiful party decoration for young people, with the right to many colorful pompoms, cacti and elements that rescue the atmosphere of the Andes mountain range.

19 –Travel

Travel themed party

Traveling is one of the young people's favorite pastimes. Who never dreamed of visiting several different places during adolescence? The theme "Travel" allows you to use various elements in the decoration, such as maps, luggage, globe, airplane and replicas of monuments from different cities.

20 –Holi

Holi inspired party decor

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, is all about the young spirit.

21 – Cacti and succulents

Cacti and succulents in party decoration

The cacti and succulents serve as inspiration to make an incredible party. The real plants have a guaranteed place at the main table, next to cupcakes, cookies and many other themed sweets.

22 – Chanel

Chanel themed youth party

The Chanel themed party will please girls who are interested in fashion and style. The event combines the colors black, white, gold and pink in a sophisticated way, in addition to enhancing the symbol of the French brand. It’s a good topic suggestion for 15th birthday party.

23 – Panda

Panda themed party

Panda serves as inspiration to organize an unforgettable party, decorated in black and white colors.

24 – Galaxy

Galaxy Themed Party

Among the many creative ideas for decorating youth parties, we must not forget the theme “Galaxy”. Its main reference is space, so the decorative elements combine the colors purple and blue. In some cases, there are elements that glow in the dark.

25 – Parisian market

Party inspired by the Parisian market

The Paris theme has gained new molds: now people are being inspired by the Parisian market. The party gains more delicacy with flowers, caresses and aluminum vases.

What did you think of the ideas? Do you have other suggestions in mind? Leave a comment.


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