THE Miraculous Ladybug has everything to be successful among children. The theme is usually chosen by girls, aged between 4 and 9 years. Check out incredible decorating ideas to put into practice on the children's birthday.

Miraculous is an animated series that is popular with children. He tells the story of Marinette, a cheerful girl who turns into the heroine Ladybug to save the city of Paris from a mysterious villain. The young woman has a secret crush on Adrien, who also becomes the hero Cat Noir.

Miraculous Ladybug Party Decoration Ideas

Casa e Festa panned incredible ideas of Miraculous Party Decoration. Check out:

1 – Decorated main table

The main table is the highlight of the Miraculous Ladybug party. It should be decorated with elements in black and red, a palette that has everything to do with the design. It is also interesting to bet on characters' dolls, personalized packaging, decorative letters, flower arrangements, among other items that reinforce the theme's proposal.

Photo: Reproduction / Milene Langa

2 – Ladybug Panel

Is the birthday girl in love with the superheroine Ladybug? So value the image of this character when assembling the panel.

3 – Edible treats

You can order edible treats inspired by the Miraculous design, such as popcakes, decorated cookies, chocolates and many other delicacies. Remember to value the characters and colors of the party.

4 – Themed cupcakes

Cupcakes are individual cookies that are popular with children. You can order some units to decorate the main table and, at the end of the party, present the guests. A good suggestion are ladybug cupcakes.

5 – Themed cake

The center of the main table deserves to be decorated with a themed cake. It is possible to order a delicacy made with American paste or a scenic cake.

6 – Eiffel Tower

The adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir take place in Paris, so there is nothing better than valuing the elements that resemble the French capital. Try to decorate strategic points of the party with copies of the Eiffel Tower, France's main tourist spot.

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7 – Dolls of the characters

The characters' dolls are found for sale in the main toy stores. It is also possible to bet on pieces of resin and styrofoam to make the main table more themed than ever.

8 – Picture frame with the characters

It is not always possible to decorate the main table with dolls of the characters. In this case, it is worth betting on a picture frame with images of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Look for pieces with worked frames or with a romantic proposal.

9 – Balloons with dust

Ladybug's costume is inspired by a ladybug. To enhance this component of the story, how about decorating the children's birthday with dust balloons? Inflate each stamped balloon with helium gas and set up a super stylish centerpiece, as shown in the image below.

10 – Romantic / vintage elements

Paris is one of the most romantic and sophisticated cities in the world, so it is worth valuing romanticism in decoration. Try working with Provencal furniture, old books and DIY Manson Jars.

11 – Vases with pellets

Boxwood is a shrub plant with green foliage, widely used in decorating birthday parties. It can be placed in vases or cachepots to ornament around the main table.

12 – Souvenirs

There are many options for Ladybug souvenirs, such as tiaras with ladybug antennae and jars decorated with poás or cat paws.

13 – Red flowers

Use your creativity and good taste to make arrangements with red flowers. These ornaments make the main table look more romantic and sophisticated.

14 – Subtle references to the ladybug

A red vase decorated with black polka dots resembles the figure of the ladybug. You can also bet on molds and packaging with this type of print.

15 – English Wall

The English wall is a perfect option to compose the background of the main table. It is made with artificial leaves and makes any birthday decoration look more charming.

Photo: Reproduction / Milene Langa

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