TO Festa Mundo de Bita It is perfect to celebrate or anniversary of a criança com idade between 1 and 4 years. With certainty or small anniversariant, I will adore the ideology of ter personagens da animação illustrating festinha. Veja dicas to mount a Uma decoração thematic incrível.

A animação "Mundo de Bita" is conquering the crianças of all or Brazil. In foi maid pernambucano hair Chaps Melo in 2011, that, at the time, I did not find bonuses to train Sua filha. Depois Fazer Sucesso muito na Internet, chegou animação à é televisão and atualmente hair Discovery Kids transmitted.

Or "Mundo Bita" arouses or interests the children's audience because it brings together several happy and fun music. O main personagem of history and Bita, a charismatic gordinho who uses cartola and tem um grande bigode. Together with Dan, Tito e Lila, he lives many adventures.

Assim as "A Galinha Pintadinha", a animação "Mundo Bita" é uma produção totally national. Or public-alvo é crianças em idade preschool.

Ideias to decorate festa Mundo de Bita

O Casa e Festa garimpou na internet some ideas of decoration for anniversary Mundo de Bita. Check:

1 – Cartolas as centerpiece

Bita, main personagem da animação, uses a cartola preta. How about transforming this accessory in the centerpiece? Tie um balão com gás hélio in each cartola and você terá um super criativo enfeite.

2 – Chalkboard

To deixar to decoração da festa com um ar ainda mais original, bet no Chalkboard. A lousa can be the floor plan of the main table. Experience personalization with the large two personagents and with the anniversaries. Or result fica incrível.

A festa Mundo de Bita will cheer up meninos and meninas. (Photo: Divulgação)

3 – Muitas cores

O World of Bita and a very cheerful and colorful animation, for this reason I have no way of using a variety of things to decorate. Value the tons by means of figures of animals, pipes, flowers and personagens.

4 – Bolus

Or bolus inspired by the "Mundo de Bita" animation can be truly true. Na imagem abaixo, we have a fake model with three standards, capable of deixing to the main table of the anniversary muito more beautiful and fun.

5 – Colorful trays

Do you not know where you are going to do the twelve and the lembrancinhas? Then bet on colorful trays. Use and abuse models nas cores amarelo, azul e vermelho. Inspire-se na imagem abaixo.

6 – Stand out for os personagens

Na time to ride to table with theme Mundo de Bita, try to place the personagens da animação em destaque. Use Bita, Dan, Tito e Lila bonecos to return to decoração mais interesting to the olhos das crianças.

7 – Colorful Balões

There are some items that can not be used as a children's birthday, as is the case with two colorful balloons. You can assemble a painel with these ornaments, or inflate them with the hélio, so that you acquire or "floating effect".

8 – Thematic Doces

Cupcakes, chocolate lollipops and chocolate are just a few options of doces with Bita e os Animais theme. Use your criatividade for fazer guloseimas inspired by children's animations.

9 – Objects that remind children

Some objects that fazem part gives infância, such as madeira cavalinho, ball, urso de pelúcia e pipa, são bem-vindos na decoração da Festa Mundo de Bita. You can place these items at the bottom of the main table.

10 – Cata-ventos e flores

Use colorful flowers to decorate the most cheerful and delicate decorations. It is also worth betting on tastings in different cores.

11 – Lembrancinhas

There are numerous possibilities of lembrancinhas Mundo de Bita. Among the options, it is worth highlighting the potency of glass with twelve of leite. Each package is carefully decorated with a bal na na tampa. Bigode Bita in EVA also has a cheap and fun option to pamper your little guests.

12 – Bigode

O bigode grande e laranja é um two itens that most stood out in Bita's appearance. Therefore, I found ways to use na decoração, as shown by imagem abaixo.

13 – Céu, nuvens e pipas

An interesting form of compor or fundo of the main table and betting on a blue bem-blue, decorated with new felt branches and colorful pipes. This cenario will be nice in the photos of the anniversary.

And there? Or what do you think of decorating ideas at Festa Mundo de Bita? Are you afraid of someone? Deixe um comment.


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