THE Bita World Party It is perfect for celebrating the birthday of a child aged 1 to 4 years. Surely the little birthday girl will love the idea of ​​having the animation characters illustrating the party. See tips for putting together an amazing themed decor.

The animation “Mundo de Bita” is conquering children from all over Brazil. Em was created by Pernambuco Chaps Melo in 2011, who, at the time, could not find good designs to entertain his daughter. After being very successful on the internet, the animation has hit television and is currently broadcast by Discovery Kids.

“Mundo Bita” arouses the interest of children because it brings together many happy and fun songs. The main character in the story is Bita, a charismatic chubby man wearing a top hat and having a big mustache. Along with Dan, Tito and Lila, he lives many adventures.

Like “The Chicken Pintadinha”, the animation “Mundo Bita” is a totally national production. The target audience is preschool children.

Ideas to decorate Bita's World party

Casa e Festa has mined some internet decoration ideas for Mundo de Bita's birthday. Check out:

1 – Top hats as table center

Bita, the main character in the animation, wears a black top hat. How about turning this accessory into a centerpiece? Tie a helium balloon to each top hat and you'll have a super creative ornament.

2 – Chalkboard

To make the party decor look even more original, bet on the Chalkboard. The blackboard can be the background of the main table. Try customizing it with large character designs and the birthday boy's name. The result will be amazing.

The World of Bita party will cheer boys and girls. (Photo: Disclosure)

3 – Many colors

Bita's World is a very lively and colorful animation, so don't be afraid to use a variety of colors to decorate the party. Value the tones through animal figures, kites, flowers and characters.

4 – Cake

The cake inspired by the animation “Mundo de Bita” can be real or scenic. In the image below, we have a fake three-story model that can make the birthday main table much more beautiful and fun.

5 – Colored Trays

Don't know where to get the candy and the souvenirs? Then bet on the colored trays. Use and abuse templates in yellow, blue and red. Get inspired by the image below.

6 – Highlight for the characters

In time to assemble the Bita World themed table, try to highlight the animation characters. Use Bita, Dan, Tito and Lila dolls to make the decoration more interesting for children.

7 – Colorful Balloons

There are some items that cannot be left out of children's birthday, such as colorful balloons. You can assemble a panel with these ornaments or even inflate them with helium gas so that they get the “floating effect”.

8 – Themed Sweets

Cupcakes, chocolate lollipops and chocolates are just a few Bita and Animal themed candy options. Use your creativity to make goodies inspired by children's animation.

9 – Objects that refer to childhood

Some objects that are part of childhood, such as wooden horse, ball, teddy bear and kite, are welcome in the decoration of the Bita World Party. You can place these items at the bottom of the main table.

10 – Pinwheels and flowers

Use colorful flower arrangements to make your birthday decoration more cheerful and delicate. It is also worth betting on pinwheels in different colors.

11 – Party Favors

There are countless possibilities for Bita World souvenirs. Among the options, it is worth mentioning the glass jars with dulce de leche. Each package is carefully decorated with a balloon in the lid. The Bita EVA mustache is also a fun and inexpensive pampering option for gifting little guests.

12 – Mustache

The large orange mustache is one of the most outstanding items in Bita's appearance. So find ways to use it for decoration, as shown in the image below.

13 – Sky, clouds and kites

A very interesting way to compose the background of the main table is to bet on a very blue sky, decorated with white felt clouds and colorful kites. This scenario will look beautiful on the birthday photos.

What's up? What did you think of the decoration ideas of the Mundo de Bita Party? Got any more tips? Leave a comment.


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