Football is a national passion, so why not create a cake using this sport as a theme? Perfect for those who love to play ball or are purple fans of any team, the football theme cake is a hit with different ages. Check out the incredible inspirations we selected before choosing the cake of your celebration!

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108 football themed cake pictures that will make your fans happy

From the most classic models to the most modern alternatives, the football themed cake is a sure bet to brighten up any sports fan’s day. Check out amazing ideas!

1. Nothing represents football as well as the ball

rôof confectionery

2. And that element can appear in different ways

jack vasconcelos cakes

3. The ball can be a paper ornament

sammuel olliver

4. Or even edible, like decorated cookies

alex alvino & wong yok

5. The perfect cake for a sports debutante

mrs Ana

6. For those who love the World Cup, this cake is a great option

vanilla cake studio

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7. The soccer field cake was once a mandatory item at parties

angels cakes

8. Your football theme cake can take the colors of our selection

maria ant

9. Or an elegant combination of black and white

Claudia helena

10. A paper football top makes all the difference

kld cakes

11. Gold gives a sophisticated touch to the cake

cibelly sampaio

12. Being a simple theme, you can dare in the aesthetics of the cake

alex alvino & wong yok

13. And give him the look of the party in question

sweet divo

14. And, above all, the personality of the birthday boy

cris andrade

15. Bet on paper decorations

homemade love

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16. They transform any simple cake

mayara cakes

17. Beautiful gradient work is also a good idea

Ana’s sweet delight

18. You can use your team’s heart colors

jack cakes

19. Or invest in a more modern decor

tenderness in pieces

20. How about using decorated cookies as a cake topper?

madame gateau handmade sweets

21. Just like sport, the football theme cake has no age limit

soraya laurel

22. And it pleases from little ones to adults

sugar marys

23. How could it be different, right?

drika gourmet sweets

24. Passion for sport is also not dependent on gender

luciane frate cake designer

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25. It doesn’t take much to have fun, whether it’s watching…

gina cakes

26. Or participating with the ball at the feet

Monica Aleixo

27. The cakes in this theme usually have a green color

atelier silvania cadet

28. Be it in the whole cake or in detail

marise diniz

29. But nothing stops you from having a pink cake

atelier my sweet boutique

30. Or any other color you want

Sabrina saldanha

31. How about a cake topper from your favorite player?

sweet caramel

32. The options are endless!

delights of lu

33. The American paste is always a good alternative

art & cupcake

34. And it provides beautiful decorations

atelier balla

35. You can still use it to produce details

nanda sweets

36. Which will make your cake even more amazing

art in cake decor

37. To make the candy table all themed

sugar art

38. The tall cake has been gaining space at parties

sweet girls

39. Decorated acetate decorates and protects the naked cake

ant owner

40. A cake from the Brazilian team to liven up any moment

Adriana benevides

41. There are many inspirations for decorating with whipped cream

Erika sant anna cake designer

42. Of the simplest alternatives

elisa coimbra

43. Even the most full of details

iti malia

44. Whipped cream and chantininho are delicious options

sweet jujube

45. And the most used when confectioning

Kelly cake

46. ​​Gold makes everything more elegant, doesn’t it?

lys ladies

47. You can use it in detail, if you prefer

tunin confectionery

48. The result is incredible!

sweet and savory livini

49. For those who like something not traditional

cris real

50. The cake top makes all the difference

Carla Tavares cakes and sweets

51. Simple and supermodern

golden thallyta

52. Your guests will love it!

marcia cakes

53. Perfect for a themed and cute table

art’s suzi

54. Who said that delicacy doesn’t match sport?

vr cakes

55. You can refer your favorite player

kelviane pompeu

56. Be it famous or not

atelier sheyla severo

57. You can’t beat the cuteness of this mesversary cake

layered art

58. Simplicity can be a great option

my sweet side

59. Combining pink and green is an amazing idea

debora mansur

60. Mix types of decoration without fear

edinha bliss

61. You can invest in a more modern approach

angelica munck

62. And even minimalist, like this

sweet black sweet

63. A football theme cake is full of color

tamires menezes

64. And you can have details like these golden splashes

deisiane silva confectionery

65. What little football fan wouldn’t love this cake?

Rachel meurer

66. A themed cake without becoming childish

sugar marys

67. The ball that all the guests will want to catch

domenica mattos confectionery

68. A small cake full of details

sweet moon

69. Football is not just about balls, is it?

karina serra atalla

70. There’s no way not to love

candy in the box

71. To gift your player from the heart

aline cakes

72. How about betting on different colors?

Jacque Goncalves

73. Or, who knows, in a couple of cakes?

girl sweets

74. Classic decorations are like that for a reason

bellart confectionery

75. But it’s always good to explore new ideas

Roberta veras

76. And creating new and different cakes

dhay kings artistic cakes

77. The spatulated effect is the darling of the confectioners

yammy handmade delights

78. Here, the texture highlighted the brightness

sanara nunes

79. Button football also has its fans

kátia honda

80. A playful cake for the little ones

sugar art

81. Attention to detail is important in confectionery


82. Use and abuse your team’s colors

nina cake confectionery

83. The perfect cake for a double player

more cakes

84. Your guests will be drooling!

Love in pieces

85. The World Cup is a hit even on the cake

art sucré

86. And the naked cake is always in fashion

we eat

87. There is no better soccer field than this one


88. Combining black and gold is always a good choice

sweet ana

89. Paper toppers are an inexpensive decoration option


90. And add a special touch to any cake

delicate brigadeiria

91. The encounter of the modern with the playful

luiza confectionery

92. It doesn’t take much for a football theme cake

brigadier mania

93. This golden ball is even better than the prize


94. Football is a very versatile topic

the cake

95. What different types of cakes can provide

le gust malu

96. From the most playful options

katia quintanilha

97. Even the most modern alternatives

le gust malu

98. For sure, there is one that will please you

enchanted paper

99. Or whoever is going to receive this cake

amour sucré

100. Simplicity always delights


101. The perfect children’s cake for a minimalist party

super party aline

102. To celebrate in style

ant chica

103. If you like a different cake, this is a good choice

Lee Guimaraes

104. A little sparkle always goes well, doesn’t it?

cakes by ilca

105. The more thematic, the better!

party kit

106. In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of cake

sweet nanda

107. The most important thing is to celebrate with those you love

michelle cristina cakes

108. And enjoy the sweet moments of life!

valentina dolce

There is an option for all tastes, right? Then take the opportunity to learn how to create a cake on the theme of football for your next celebration with the tutorials we have selected for you!

How to Make a Soccer Theme Cake

Do you want to venture into the bakery and give gifts to those you love? So this is your moment! We have selected 4 tutorials that will teach you how to bake cakes on the football theme for any player or fan to not defect. Check out:

Simple cake on football theme

For those who like a cake with simple decoration, this is the right video. In it, you learn to bake a beautiful cake on the football theme using the spattered technique, which is just a charm! To complete, bet on paper toppers.

How to Make Soccer Ball Cake with American Paste

The candy table will look amazing with this soccer ball cake! It may even seem difficult to prepare, but with the step by step taught in the video above, you can be sure that it will be a success.

How to Make Soccer Field Cake

A great acquaintance of children’s birthdays, the football field-shaped cake was an indispensable item at parties a few decades ago. Learn the step by step to confection this classic with Isaac’s video!

Football shirt-shaped cake

For those who prefer a different cake, why not bet on a beautiful model that imitates the shirt of the Brazilian team? The perfect cake to complete the candy table of sport fanatics!

Now that you’ve chosen the cake that will drive the crowd crazy, take the time to be enchanted by these incredible cake topper ideas!