By Mariana Jati

On March 18, 2001

Superman’s cake is perfect for hero fans of all ages, birthday celebrations, Father’s Day or the birthday of that incredible man you love. Check out the super ideas we’ve selected for you, plus beautiful cake tops and videos for you to have a cake as powerful as the man of steel:

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100 photos of Superman cake

His first appearance in the comics was in 1938, and since then Superman has been stealing hearts from people of all ages and remains relevant to the present day. Whether inspired by comic books, movies, cartoons or even as a loving title for those you love, a cake by this character is a great idea:

1. Balloon cake + shine = pure love

alê icing

2. The Superman cake is common in mesversários

sweetnesses of ju

3. As in the celebrations of parents

gourmet brigadeiro

4. For nothing is better than loving the supermen in your life

marilu gourmet confectionery

5. Whatever your superhero’s age

mr. cake

6. A big cake like this is ideal for a full party

thamy thay

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7. But smaller celebrations don’t go unnoticed

thamires costa cakes

8. For a super duo

sea ​​honey

9. How about giving a variety and bet on a little black dress?

golden sweets and treats

10. This cake will surely be your guests’ kryptonite

sugary tiers

11. The bright blue will steal your heart

alessandra magalhães

12. A simple decoration for those who prefer not to dare

yasmin gazola

13. The strong colors resemble the look of the comics

cocoa bean

14. To celebrate in style

siba sweet

15. The stars give a very cute touch

pretty penny’s bakery

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16. A sober and versatile color combination

aline magalhães confectionery

17. Some people prefer a more modern decor

cake Surabaya & Bali

18. But for the little ones, a more playful aesthetic is indicated

mr. cake

19. And the Superman baby cake is quite successful

cristina cakes

20. American paste modeling is a good option

confectionery pie house

21. You can also join paper toppers to modeling

cake & cook

22. The final effect is incredible!


23. The tall cake is a trend in confectionery

mouth watering

24. Golden details add a special charm

jussara laureano

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25. Why not be inspired by the aesthetics of comics?

cake boutique

26. Blue and red are always present colors

mm’s confectionery

27. The classic Superman transformation scene turned into a cake

sweet grocery store

28. The most traditional colors are blue, red and yellow

Maritza lara

29. But nothing stops you from daring with a black and gold cake

bruna rett

30. How can you not love?

thays santos cakes and pastries

31. The American paste is a versatile option

playing cake making

32. Paper toppers are cheap and easy to make

caio ribeiro cakes

33. However, you can even use action figures to decorate


34. For a big party choose a two-story Superman cake

karina bunny

35. Details make all the difference

gel delights

36. Superman baby is a hit with the mesversarians

confectionery renata ax

37. Perfect for those who like a modern cake

clara dolce

38. The cutest Clark Kent you’ve ever seen

happy day

39. The American paste yields super powerful decorations

Chris Araujo

40. And gains extra charm when used with paper tops

bee’s cakes

41. Simplicity is captivating

delights at home

42. Your guests will love this kryptonite cake

Hannah Ensink

43. Confectioned cookies decorate delicately

ligia colauto

44. Pure elegance

lih bakery

45. There is no better color combination

natka piecze

46. ​​The spatulated effect is widely used in confectionery

unique cakes boutique

47. This cake will delight any fan of the man of steel

andrea’s bakery

48. There is no age limit for having a Superman cake

confectionery ellen fleury

49. An edible work of art

talita balan confectionery

50. A little sparkle always gives it an extra charm

isa gourmet

51. Perfect for cheering a comic book fan

bruna Duarte cake designer

52. Your super dad deserves such a tribute

tamara borba confectionery

53. Paper toppers transform the cake

there delicious

54. This Superman cake is childish in the right measure

aline santos

55. Scrapcake is a very strong trend

mili santiago

56. The side covered with acetate is a differential

sweet moment

57. And the technique looks amazing even on bigger cakes

sweetness brigadeiros and sweets

58. However, there are those who prefer a more traditional look

bake heist

59. It really hurts to cut, isn’t it?

francys arcia

60. Monochrome decor can be elegant

Leticia borguezan

61. Or even fun depending on the color used

black confectionery owner

62. A super cake for a super party

food factory

63. It doesn’t take much to have an amazing cake

camila passion sweets

64. The combination of black and gold is a sure hit

b of cake

65. This Superman square cake is very traditional

sweet Dreams

66. But who doesn’t like something new?


67. Bet on paper toppers when decorating

zeni patisserie

68. This type of cake topper is great for those who want to spend little

lollipop arts

69. But still having a beautiful cake at the party

brigadeiria da bella

70. The most desired at the candy table

people’s patisserie

71. Every celebration will be better with this cake

I love mesh

72. The theme can also be passed on to other sweets

tingling patisserie

73. There will be nothing left of that Superman cake in a blackmail

cake sweets

74. You can combine several confectionery techniques on the same cake

divine gourmet sweets

75. Full of passionate details

sticky fig

76. Aren’t these cake tops cute?

sweet trickery

77. For lovers of American pasta

Debora Raquel cakes and sweets

78. The gradient effect enhances the decor

atelier sweet art

79. Which man would not love to receive such a treat?

jack bolzam

80. Be an imposing cake like that

tattoed bakers

81. Or full of simplicity and affection

mommy sweets

82. The Superman theme yields wonderful cakes


83. And that they will complete every celebration with mastery

leka’s cake designer

84. Because Superman is not an icon of comics for nothing

sweetness and treats

85. This cake will leave your guests drooling

mels and dels cakes

86. The naked cake always delights

bakery and confectionery geraldo

87. A lot of shine and hotness

Isadora belem candy

88. Such a beautiful cake is to leave anyone drooling

sweet maria

89. The balloons finish the decor perfectly

paper flower

90. Neutral tones look great on this theme

caroline confectionery

91. But the darling is really blue

emel ekim

92. The cutest models in the world!

alex alvino & wong yok

93. Confectionery wafers are here to stay

bruna letícia

94. Is there a cuter baby Superman cake?

sweet moon

95. You can bet on shine without fear

theo marine

96. Choose a pretty cake topper

atelier patricia luna

97. And be careful when choosing the decoration

the weet life 242

98. So you will have a perfect Superman cake

meire cakes

99. A cake that will make those who taste it nostalgic

bi confectionery

100. And it will remain in the memory of the superman of your life

honey bee bakery

There are so many incredible cake options that it’s hard to choose one, isn’t it? So, get inspired by these incredible cake tops, bet on the shine and rock the decoration of the chosen cake

How to Make a Superman Cake

If you like to venture out into the kitchen, or even make cakes to sell, this moment is yours! Check out the videos below and learn the step by step to create cakes that will remain in the memory of all your guests:

Superman cake tutorial with whipped cream

Want to learn how to bake a Superman cake with amazing techniques and lots of useful tips? Check out the video above to create beautiful cakes without any difficulty.

How to Make Superman Cake in American Paste

The American paste may even have your specific care and difficulties, but with this video you can be sure that your superpowered cake will be perfect!

Simple Superman cake with blackmail

If you are looking for a simple and easy to make decoration, this video is for you! In it you learn to decorate a cake with blackmail and the spatula technique. It is guaranteed success.

Superman Easy Pitangado Cake

The pitanga beak is a confectionery wildcard that yields wonderful jobs like the cake above. Check out the video to learn how to decorate beautiful cakes like this and that even dispense with the use of cake toppers.

Now just put on your superhero uniform and start organizing your celebration! If you love comic book heroes, also check out the beautiful Wonder Woman cake ideas we’ve selected for you!