The Baby Shark cake brings energetic colors, dancing sharks and a lot of joy to the children’s party. Just reading the title of the article made you want to sing the famous children’s song, right? So, get ready to check out creative templates for decorating the candy and watch the best tutorials for making it at home!

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100 Baby Shark Cake Photos to Inspire You

Check out ideas to decorate your Baby Shark cake with several elements: it has fake cake, with marble icing, whipped cream, American paste and even LED lights! The party will be even more incredible with these inspirations. It is worth taking a look:

1. Baby Shark cake is cheerful

Karina Serra

2. Full of colors and details of the seabed


3. Like sand made from edible bran

Dream Bakes

4. And algae and corals with American paste

Daniele Storel

5. You can do the decoration with EVA

The Mad Batter

6. Assemble a fake Baby Shark cake

Monica Mello Cake Designer

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7. And abuse the pearls and decorative elements

Studio 180c

8. One idea is to make a very tall cake

caked and baked

9. And fill it with glitter toppers

Chef Thaís Vieira

10. Can you represent the whole family

Begs Bakery

11. Even the mermaids, on a cake with pink accents

Lyndsays Cakery

12. Or the baby sharks themselves

La Casa Dolce

13. See the hidden crab and shell

Something Sweet Cakes

14. Here, a golden topper brightening up everything

Manchester Cakes

15. How about a blue Baby Shark cake?

Mimis Bakery

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16. Can be basic, and with your own designs

Deepa Mathan

17. Or super decorated, even with balloons

Peri Bakes

18. This one, for example, is for those who want to impress

Cakes And Party Gladys

19. Children love drawings with sea animals

Cakes And Cream

20. After all, who doesn’t feel peace when diving in the sea?


21. Even strips of laminated paper can help complete the decor


22. You can also bet on wallpapers that match the cake

Marilu Sweet Shop

23. And model the characters with sugar clay

Wink By Erica

24. The differentials of the cake can be due to the pink glitter

Maria West UK

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25. Or small golden starfish

Marilu Sweet Shop

26. Do you want more delicacy than that?

Moree Cake Co

27. And the best thing you can do at home

Tatiana Zago

28. If you don’t have EVA, use plain paper


29. And, as a topper, it’s even worth a children’s toy

The Sugar Sifter

30. Parties are too cute with the Baby Shark cake!

Marilu Sweet Shop

31. Even with grandpa and grandma shark

Atelier Fujii

32. The water adventure gets even better


33. The shape of the cake can be a surfboard

Manuela Abelleira

34. And all marine animals can be there

Cakes and Cream

35. Besides, of course, the famous baby sharks

Dulce Proyectoco

36. Who knew a shark could be so cute, right?

Yuliyas Cakery

37. There’s even the yellow Baby Shark

Alyssa´s Cakery

38. Do you prefer a cake with only 1 floor

Cheecas Cakes and More

39. Or very tall, with 3 floors?

Socorro Gouveia Cakes

40. With shades of pink

Amanda Lanches

41. Or blue the color of the sea?

Bia Brandao Cakes

42. You can also mix the two colors


43. And putting together a super creative cake

Flavia Fontes Cakes

44. Little shark toppers are beautiful

Noivinha Cake

45. And completing them with the birthday boy’s name is a good idea

Fernanda Justo

46. ​​You can put the name on the bottom of the cake

Di Chocolate Confeitaria

47. Or in the topper, with a squid adornment

Fernandes Gourmet

48. You decide

Andreia Itacaramby

49. There are people who prefer to personalize the candy

Nessa Cakes Confectionery

50. Leaving you with the face of the person to be honored

Candy Sweet

51. Others simply prefer a touch of sophistication

Atelier The Cake

52. Or joy

Bia Brandao Cakes

53. And even make a great celebration of the

Daiane Lima

54. It’s impossible not to remember the song when you see the cake, isn’t it?

Fernanda Justo Sweet Shop

55. There are the sugar balls that simulate the bubbles

Beauty at the Biscuit Table

56. Shark’s little friends

Noble Confectioner

57. Algae, shells, starfish and crabs

Rejane Santos

58. And, of course, Baby Shark sharks


59. Even seahorses enter the dance

Mother of Bia Brigadeiria

60. And who said adults can’t have their own Baby Shark cake?


61. Can be in a rectangular shape

Jack Lima

62. Or round, full of elements

Sweet Confectionery

63. By the sharks’ faces, they’re all singing

Sweet Cream

64. Happy to celebrate little Matteo’s mesversary

Fernanda Sweet Shop

65. With a song that rejoices so much

Dolce Glace

66. And it marks the childhood of the little ones

Mother of Bia Brigadeiria

67. And also for adults, isn’t it?

Cake by Lu

68. The delicacy of the cake made with American paste

Thaís Costa Decorated Cakes

69. And even though it is fake, this cake looks delicious

Juliana Souza

70. How about Mr. Lula to embrace the whole top?

Mariana Vincenzi

71. It takes a lot of technique to make the whipped cream smooth

Sweet Ana Gourmet

72. To make it even more striking, what do you think about using lights?

Cake Diva

73. Here, the decor is the real home of sharks under the sea

John Nunes

74. And Laura’s doll was beautiful as a topper

Mr. Confectionery Cake

75. Many sparkles for the blue immensity of that sea!

Cake by Lu

76. Look at the whole family made of biscuit

Kerley Brodbeck

77. And this shark with a bow?


78. Cupcakes to complement are perfect

Sweet Delight

79. You can even make the sea waves

Taty Pena Cakes

80. How about mixing blue with yellow?

Sweet Temptations

81. On a 3-story cake, you need a strong foundation

Aunt Jo

82. Straightening and mounting must be done with care

Brisa Cake Design

83. So that every detail turns out wonderful

Lalak Craft Shop

84. The candle and the decorative elements stand out

Pollyanna Cakes

85. Making everything even more colorful and happy

Cake by Lu

86. Matching the party sweets

Personalized Sweets

87. And with the birthday theme itself

Sweet Delight

88. The whole class will have fun

Cake by Lu

89. And delight in a beautiful cake

Tatiana Zago

90. And incredible!


91. Some techniques require more effort

Di Chocolate Confeitaria

92. But they are worth it in the end

Caroline Elciene

93. For the child’s joy at seeing the cake

Atelier Bruna Bentes

94. All worked with ornaments and pearls

Delicia Sweeties

95. And with your name and age stamped

Lalak Craft Shop

96. It will thrill everyone

Mika’s Charms

97. And make you want to sail on the sea

Luna’s Delights

98. Be the cake simple and elegant

Sweetnesses of Ju

99. Or overworked, almost ornamental

Nina’s sweets

100. The important thing is to make your loved one happy!

Kellen Reis

Did you like it? After choosing your favorite idea, just get in touch with your trusted bakery or buy the ingredients and materials to make at home. The birthday will be a joy just with the Baby Shark cake!

How to Make Baby Shark Cake

If you like to put your touch of love on the birthday for a loved one, nothing better than baking and decorating the sweets at home, right? Below, we have separated the best tutorials for you to choose and bake the Baby Shark cake without needing the help of a professional confectioner. Check it out:

Baby Shark cake with whipped cream

For those who like to work with whipped cream nozzles or are starting at the bakery, this is the ideal step by step. With a detailed explanation, Deia teaches how to make ripples of whipped cream and make the Baby Shark cake even more incredible. Watch it!

Baby Shark pink cake with topper

With a buttery dough and a round cake, Mari teaches the techniques to smooth the candy and decorate it with pink and blue whipped cream. In the end, she even gives tips on how to place and make toppers by cell phone.

Baby Shark Cake

Want to make a basic cake and only for the most intimate guests? Here, Lidiane teaches how to decorate the candy that is 25cm in diameter and serves 30 people. She uses whipped cream with blue dye and teaches the ripple technique for the entire cake. The result is beautiful, check it out!

Rectangular Baby Shark cake with rice paper

How about learning the step by step of how to assemble the cake base to receive the application of rice paper? Then, you can also follow the decoration with whipped cream in this rectangular cake. Give play to watch!

Baby Shark Cachepot Cake

Here Lorena teaches the cachepô technique to make a 20cm x 10cm cake, filled with chocolate and covered with a little blackie. Learn various tips for working with spatulas, whipped cream nozzles and airbrush. It’s worth watching!

The Baby Shark cake really brings all the fun of the shark song. And if you need help preparing the rest of the party, check out our simple birthday decorating tips. With creativity, you will still be able to save a lot!


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