Do you want to surprise your friends with an incredible party to celebrate your onomastics? Do you want to become a great host? In this post we show you ideas to decorate adult birthdays, so that the evening does not leave anyone indifferent and is a complete success.

Decorate adult birthday

decorate adult birthday - blow candles
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Decorating birthday parties for children is not the same as for adults, the materials and themes are different. To get an original and fun celebration, you have to take into account some details that I describe below.

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How to organize it

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decorate adult birthday - organization
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  • It is essential to decorate adult birthdays, take into account the preferences and tastes of the honoree. From there the decoration and the style of the celebration will be raised.
  • Know the approximate age of the attendees It will be helpful to choose music, theme and games.
  • Organize different activities It will make the party more entertaining and fun.
  • One option that is fashionable are thematic celebrations.
  • The place where it will be held is an important decision. if it is going to be in a restaurant or local or at the home of the person who turns years old. It has to be a place that has enough capacity to gather all attendees. Communication is also important for commuting, and those who have drunk too much do not have to take the car.

The invitations

decorate adult birthday - invitations
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If you want to decorate adult birthdays in a special way you can not miss the invitations. A detail that everyone will like: friends, family, coworkers. Very useful for all attendees to know the time, place and how to attend (theme parties). It is a quick way to congregate them, you can send them by mail, mail, by hand …

You must include in the invitation: name of the honoree, date, time, confirmation of attendance (to book in advance). If a specific theme is celebrated, specify it. The design of the invitations has to be related to the theme of the party.


decorate adult birthday - photocall
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They are rabid today in any celebration, weddings, birthdays, theme parties ... It is a very fun resource that gives a lot of play to have fun and have an unforgettable memory.

You can do it yourself and look like a palm like the celebrities at the big events. It is necessary to have a space to mount the photocall and have to have good lighting so that the photographs come out well.

For the background you can print images and paste them repeatedly on a paper on the wall. Another colorful ideas is place tissue paper pom poms, They are very easy to do. Get accessories and joke items to decorate adult birthdays, such as big hats, mustaches, glasses …

Theme parties

decorate adult birthday - theme parties
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They are a trend and give a lot of play when it comes to decorating adult birthdays. Choose a theme that is pleasing to all attendees, so you have to take into account ages and preferences. Themed parties based on ancient times (medieval, Roman …) usually work very well. You can opt for other themes such as movies, the 60s, 70s … If you want the party to be a total success, the menu has to be related to the theme of the celebration.


decorate adult birthday - costume party
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These types of parties are very fun and easy to organize for adult birthdays. The costumes are the absolute protagonists. The decoration is very important to achieve an appropriate setting. If the theme goes from the 70s, getting a disco ball will look great. Music is another important factor, create a Spotify list where everyone brings a song they like best.


decorate adult birthday - surprise party
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You can not miss the surprise birthday parties. The indispensable requirement is to keep the secret to surprise the birthday boy. Decorate the place and then take it with some excuse and without you noticing and Sopresaaaa!

The decoration

decorate adult birthday - decoration
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It will depend on the theme, space and ages of the attendees.

  • Use balloons, light garlands, pennants in appropriate colors for the theme of the party.
  • An original idea is print images of the attendees or the birthday boy and paste them into party hats.
  • Place and paste photos of friends and family on the wall or panel forming the number of years you turn.
  • For a formal and elegant decoration decant for more elaborate garlands and ornaments in gold or silver.

The menu: free buffet

decorate adult birthday - the menu
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The banquets of this system are practical and functional for this type of celebration. Place a large table to serve food and drink. For starters you can opt for cold entrees, followed by a number of main dishes prepared. What you can not miss is the birthday cake. It offers variety so that everyone is happy.

Games and activities

decorate adult birthday - karaoke
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So that the party does not decline prepare fun games and entertainment in which the interaction of the guests is necessary. In addition there will surely be people who do not know each other and it is a good one to encourage conversation. You can choose between guessing movies or characters, karaoke, dance contests …

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What do you think of these ideas to decorate adult birthdays? I hope it helps you to plan your big day.

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